Sep 5, 2012
Haiz, recently addicted to SBS drama "To the beautiful you"..
Though it's just a simple silly high school romance drama with really low ratings, I really enjoy watching it!
Maybe I don't have 童年 secondary school life sucks like hell :P
I really think that my previous life should be playboy or bad boy that's now I'm suffering~~
Nobody like me esp guys and they don't even approach me to talk in person..
Sometimes I really think, am I that bad or ugly that no one wanna talk to me :(
While watching this drama, the female character story sounds like my story...
Dislike by people in school...only difference is she's rich and I'm very poor!!
Haiz, I don't know how long more I'm staying in RWS..
I also when my fate will come..I really look forward to this day :D