Apr 25, 2008
hey buddies,

finally i got to blog about my new friends..new school...

i'm pretty not use to the teaching methods..

Hopefully i can understand wat's the teachers nagging about mid year exams.

Tp is such a small place.

Not much to explore..

Not much friends there too...

If u're in tp, msg me at 92321928 for lunch!

My classmates are very friendly...except some, i still feel the cold atmosphere when i sit beside them..

But this is just the first week la...i will know them more xD

Hopefully soon =X

As i say, i'm considered the bon tank cum late coming queen in class!!

My classmates, most of them younger than me, seems so guai..

I first day lec late,second orientation bo tank, first week tutorial late...

Argh, can't stand myself...

Thanks to my new friend jiamin..

she helped me lots =DD

I knew lots of new people in tp ...

Like terrence,shiling, zi hu, and so on...

They are also very very very nice people!!!

At last, i still miss sec school friends lots lots!!

Love you guys xD

I will keep updating my blog.. if i got the chance to go school's com lab


My class: 1H08

Come Come find me la~