Mar 19, 2009
I am back to update!
Cannot entirely blame me for not updating because I got 2 reasons :P
One is my lappy announced dead le. Second is busy find some job. life seems so dead like my lappy..stuck at home cum no $$ in pocket..
I want a new lappy..So tempted by tt pink fujitsu lappy offer!!
But how to earn $300 plus within such a short period of time man..
It's impossible unless I got loansharks ard me :S

Last sunday, I went to be a volunteer for NE surburban run..
At least earn $20 for 4 hrs of fun pouring water..
Actually me and jiamin supposed to be route marshals..But we are very late..
And I wanted to complain about tt stupid bus 62..drop me at some strange places in Sengkang..I walk like freaking long distance to the meeting venue la..
Worse still, we gotta change into tt T-shirt they give us. Thus we gotta queue up for tt freaking smelly toilet and step on the muddy ground..
But luckily, we are assigned a MORE EASY job..which is helper @ the drink station..
Damn good..because most of the work is done by the guys :P Our job is just to pour water under the shelter and feeding the mosquitoes!!!
I really enjoyed a lot in this event..because the guys are really funny..AND CHILDISH too. :X heehee..

A very ugly photo of me in the picture, maybe I really look tt ugly bah :P

Haiz, I got back my results's so bad~~ not even a 3 for GPA..I think there's something wrong with me liao..someone with part-time job can score better than me? sem I shall work part-time liao..because I see no difference..
I'm losing tt "never give up" spirit soon..:[ Sighs~

Who can cheer me up again?