Feb 14, 2007
Annoying people :
Relationship btw me and them is strain. Conflicts remain unsettled. But i had always been trying to cool myself down when i faced them. Cold war is always ON until the day i do my O's and leave the school with good results! Maybe people will think that i'm unreasonable, ah lian, rude or whatever. But i always do things with reasons, their action and tone are horrible at the first place. So i must i give in? Anyway, it's over. And i don't want to waste my time on quarreling anymore. I just hope to leave this school with good results. By the way, getting good results or being a top student doesn't threaten anyone right! You write down all the things you learn on the exam paper, it's not that i purposely score very well and look down on those who score so badly. So people, you shall think before you talk and don't anyhow critisize! That's why big mouth gossipers doesn't score well! They should shut their mouth and concentrate more on studies.

Jokes :
This month i heard lots of crapping jokes. Porn ones and lame ones. But sometimes, these jokes can really lighten up your day.
Let me tell you some jokes i heard:
Tomato family walks on the road.
Tomato Papa thinks that tomato kid walk too slow.
++*So what do you think will happen?? *++
Tomato Papa smash his kid and shouted "KETCHUP" xD

Lame right? wahahaha..

Anna birthday
Feb 8, it's my sista birthday. We have swensten ice cream cake to eat!!! haha.. It's also a busy day running around -.- ~>tired

Valentine day
sad sad..i got st. john! The most saddest thing is to spend V day in that quiet and sickening st john room, facing four walls and doing nothing. I brought some sweets for my class. HaaHaa. I think everything will be as per normal cuz normally i will sleep after coming back from st john. So, there's no point celebrating right?

Studies and the release of O's on 9 Feb
Both happy and sad thing happened in the same time. I'm so happy to see peini again in school uniform. Miss her lots. It reminds me of the memories in the sch last year with her. Although i faced a lot of problems or sad circumstances during that time, i will never feel alone. She will always be at a certain corner in school for me. After she graduated, i actually got not much people to console me and understand me. The release of O's results is actually a sad thing for the N(a) students. A lot of N(a) students did not score well. We feel more pressurize at that moment. Can i score that good like stella and jiamin? The answer is obvious. It's not that i lost confidence in studies but i'm having difficulties to absorb things taught this year. I'm too lazy and busy to get things organise. Partly because i'm a bit distracted in st john. I find no means to go st john anymore. Sitting there, dazing for 3hours is tiring to me. Mentally torture. I hope i could quickly get away from this cca asap!! Making me moody every now and then =(

I'm going to sleep liao. Ciao guys. Happy chinese new year in advance!! Jia you Jia you in studies..