Nov 28, 2008
Busy Busy two weeks and 2 days before the real holiday!
I feel like a walking zombie these days.
So damn if I didn't sleep for 1000years already xP
My schedule is VERY packed..
But I managed to get a kit kat on Wednesday!
I watched Chihuahua @downtown east with xiaowen..
It is quite an interesting movie with lots of cute images of doggys~
Then I came back home late, and do homework o_o
so $%^#@%#&#$ ~~
I'm awaiting for the HOLIDAY to come ^^
I wanna to go shopping and buy lots of Christmas presents for my family!
That's all I wanna to say until Christmas maybe?
Bye all~
Ho Ho Ho ^o^

Nov 10, 2008
I feel so stupid today..
come so damn early to school..
NO BCS Lecture!!
I wanna watch Madagascar 2 ^o^
It's so damn cute (esp. the penguin) *-*
Haiz sian, miss the Madagascar 1 yesterday...
Sacrifice for the Mr Bean rice balls...
Really Really oishi...


I LOVE TP BOOKSTORE! got 30% discount for all items~~
I spend lots like mad!!
I LoVin IT =D

(like an obasang :P wahahahaha)

Nov 3, 2008

Sianz, School School School..
Luckily I managed to finish my BCS homework on time..
I kinda dislike BCS lesson..
Because I hate keying so many data..
And tt teacher type so faster that I can't ketchup..
At the end of the lesson, i'm still very lost..
I really hate this feeling :(

Good news-
My mole-like pimple is gone!
So damn happy, next time cannot make fun of mole anymore 'x'..
But sometimes, I will still laugh when I walk past him

Anyway, tt's all for this entry..
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