May 30, 2011

Attention to all my friends:

I'm celebrating my sweet 21st birthday@ Royal Plaza on Scotts!

Meeting place:
Royal Plaza on Scotts lobby :D
Call me @ 92321928 and I will send my bodyguards to bring you up :P

Actual event will start at 7.00pm.
However, I will appreciate if best friends can come early and help me @ 2pm please!!
Cut cake: 10.00pm ♥

Dress Theme:
Pink, White, Purple and other soft colours..
No black, casual shorts and slipper. Please don't be extra, odd one there!

*You are allow to bring your partner/friends, however they must follow the dress code and bring presents! :P The more the merrier! Just let me know in advance*

Things to note:
For those haven't buy presents, I accept all Hongbao $$ *Money Hunger*
For those staying, please bring clothes and toothbrush :D
Take note there's a change of plan, my family will be coming and one room will be reserved for them. So, let's squeeze into one room :)

Those who must stayover:
1) Ningzhi 2) Peini

Those who invited to stayover:
1) Deniece 2) Shuqi 3) Jiamin
4)Others if you don't mind to squeeze, you're invited, Hahs >.<

Please be punctual and remember to bring your presents!!
I appreciate if you can reply my invitation via facebook,mobile or email!
See ya on 04 June this coming satuday :D :D :D


May 17, 2011
I feel very upset about job thesedays..
Despite reminding my head of dept I need a perm job,I feel that they don't have intention to let me stay..
I told her I need a perm job,she tells me no perm position in HR :-(
However one perm staff started worked last thurs and another coming next week!
It makes me feel so sad because the new girl is going to take over my place and I will become a useless junk in Touch Point..
I work so hard but I get nothing and low pay at work T-T
Why this kind of things always happen to me one?
No one will treasure you or even care about you..becos you are a temp..
Sad life I have to face..However, I will endure..
Becos of the good colleagues in Touch Point, free lunch and easy job..

Have plan the activities on the actual day of my 21st ;-)
We are going USS,the place where I always wanted to go but no money..
Everyone is so excited abt it esp mum and sis caroline..
First time visitor including me :-P
I wanted my birthday cake to be from nydc..
However who's going collect then??? Whole day USS...
Then dinner time will be my treat!! So look forward it :-)
Cannot imagine next week is my graduation,then following week will be birthday celebration?!
Everything is so fast ><

I will update again next time. Ciao^^

May 7, 2011
Hey I'm back to blogging,
I'm so busy in my own world these days!

It's a really great thing to start the month of May happily by watching a concert.
The eventful cum series of unfortunate events in the beginning of April is finally over!
This is my first time I went to a commercial concert with my own money which cost like $100plus.
Thanks to the government money that comes at the right time :D
But it's definitely worth it and I have lots of fun there too.
I'm super excited when it comes to ogling at handsome guys Hahs >.< The concert I went is 魅力4色男主角新加坡演唱会 Your Favourite Male Leads Live in SG. I really wanna see Kevin Cheng in person because he is super handsome in HKG dramas. Although, these guys are older than me..but I still like them becos of their charm, good acting and singing skills.. Mesmerize by their charms srsly at the autography session.. My heart beat super fast after I step down the stage >m<
I definitely made a good decision to watch more concerts cos it's really fun!!!
But money deplete even faster lah :P
(See my FB for more photos about the concert:

I'm indeed a shopaholic! $600 is gone now from my account, only left $2plus.
Kind of pathetic. But I'm still not enough of shopping srsly!
I regret I didn't buy that something something because it's last day of sales today and we won't see it anymore or very expensive.
Hope there's more of this kind of clearence sale so that I can settle birthday presents!

About my work,my comments le..
What has been happening already update u all le..
So lets skip this topic.

Coming soon events:
-Meet up with peini for jogging
-Mummy day
-Caroline sista birthday
-My graduation
-My 21st birthday :D

Btw, to close friends who read this blog, for your info you are invited to my birthday party @ Royal Plaza on Scotts.
I welcome all the hongbao $$ cos I cashless now HAHA.
And I may need invited people to buy some foodstuffs like POT LUCK, in the end we still need to smuggle into the hotel and so..
Need you all to do me a favour :DD
Will discuss again when the date is nearer.

Anyway, I just placed an order for the polaroid camo I always wanted!
I hope it will be reaching soon :D
So happy!!!

According to my horoscope of the month of May,I will meet my "prince charming"this month..So wish me luck..
Hahaha, I'm so random :P