May 29, 2006

Pretty little bride alike....

with who? time to guess....

hahaha..wait till my Prince charming come lor..



we have lots and lots of fun man...Although there's a big , deep hole in our pockets now, but i never had enjoy so much since this year...The clothes and shoes there are so cheap man, you can bargain the prices too...Wa, i think i'm the onli one in who enjoys shopping in this sale..becos when i talk about it...asking them whether we got go shopping during the weekends and you know what's the reply i get back...One says sarcastically, "Siao ar!! don't need $$ meh.." N other says "I rather go home and sleep!!"..i find it so irritating and boring to hear our brainless and sarcastic plenty of time to sleep man at home (i don't do homework at home or something)...i rather buy what i want now rather than wait until you really need a shoes, clothes or etc. Then you buy that thing you want at the actual price..Plus, who says chinatown is lousy??..OG and other fashion places sells the same quality items lor but at a cheaper price..i'm really provoked when i said that i went to chinatown to shop N they giggled and whispered that chinatown so "LowClass and a place for obasang onli"..i really cannot ta han this type of people..they can go & eat ELEPHANT shit le!! Anyway, i don't want to spoil my i don care so much le!!

I'm excited to get the SuperBand recording tickets!! i plan to send five mail to channel U so that i got more chance to get my tickets..i'm really looking forward to this whole event. In addition, i also wanna to support lucify and qi nobi because the music they produced are great... i think it's better to be there than watching Tv..However you can get more "HIGH" if you watch the LIVE telecast...Uh...but still unsure if i can get the tickets first so don't put so high hopes...hahahahahaha...YeaH, my birthday is around the maybe my next post will slightly takes a long time ( but my definition of long time is always 2, 3 days )

::: i' m not responsible if you don't like what i wrote about the sarcastic ::::

May 26, 2006

3 main criteria i look for

  1. humorous
  2. handsome/cute
  3. gentleman

most girls are the same bah? but for me, it's like tat =P.. And just a tip for guys if you wanna to woo girls...please show 2 things : initiative n sincerity..[ don't make girls feel bored with you ]...Me, i like guys who can joke with me becos i'm lame lame kind of person...if u r not handsome, u must be kawaii ba- depends...gentleman is a basic thing guys muz know.. but i can't find any in singapore..i bet those good n gentleman guys are facing girls esp. me hate silent (imagine those idiot guys can be speechless over the phone when u r waiting for him to talk...go to hell man..and most irritating is,he keep expecting u to find topic to chat..) come on man, girls are there to answer questions only..if you wanna chat with girls on phone or anything, please prepare a list of topics u wanna to ask in your memory box..don't make feel that u're boring such as staring at her n waiting for her to start talking or silent on phone..*pissed n turn off* if it happens on me, i will be annoyed and feels like slapping him 1000 is ok..but TOO talkative is intolerable..too talkative= nag like an old man..i met a guy b4 tat is extremely talkative..i keeps asking me questions (tat is good), but if i don't feel like answering tat question which is too personal..he will keeps on irritating you with tis question..however, i shut his mouth off and walk away with frustration..sometimes gemini me is a weirdo..i lost interest in things very quickly and wat does this symbolise?? for me to know, for u to guess!! xP

May 24, 2006
wat's kuek doing?..taking photo of me? =x
yoz jade brothers!

qi nobi =P

Xx-- terence--xX

May 23, 2006
Wa, today i am very sleepy. Maybe because i'm too high about the superband revival round yesterday. And most importantly, can see JADE again..( actuali i only wan to see terence n my sis wan to see xiao long=P )...But luckily, Lucify stilz wins in tis round...they'r great man!! i like their japanese style....( mixture of "paigia, ah beng" n "jokers" )'r sang the 'yiqizoubareally rocks to the core man!! But personally, i really like Terence man!!! he is the most handsome de guys in the superband... if he is my boyfriend, i will happy until siao kawaii! ...i'm also find samuel lau in qi nobi very kawaii..becos he blur blur de..rap also very nice..n guai guai de (very funny jiu dui le)..hmm..So if lucify and qi nobi gets into final two, i also don't know who to choose because both grp are very GOOD man xD After all, they'r actually very guai de--can see frm their faces, action and speech=D
Anyway, it's sad that JADE is out becos i cannot see my shuai ge anymore.. but i hope i can see him or speak to him one day xP...
or someone like "terence" so shuai de cum woo me...i think tat will be great!! But he is a bit too old for me...24 is actually young...sadly, wat's a difference in age...i will be like small little girl to him T-T !!!

May 21, 2006
i just don't understand...if you don't like wat i say then don't listen to it...because gemini me don't think before they talk!!! i'm just giving some suggestion and if you don't want to listen to it, fine..i am not asking "you" to lend old, ugly shoes to her, u know..that pair of shoes is i bought for her recently and she say it's nice...i ask "you" to lend her is being very good le..but the third party, that is my mum, scolded me for being "kaypo" wat's the problem here...i don't think that is wrong and if u don't want listen to my advise, don't listen lah..wat's the big deal!! and the third party argue with because of this tiny little thing....*pissed*...i really very very angry, fuming mad, boiling hot and a wave of futile rage swept over me. i dashed out of the room because i really find it A bit that all my fault?? i really don't know =(......haizzz T_T

May 20, 2006
i feel that i'm so slack recently...although i always stay at home, very guai..but i really hope someone can call me out...haizz...but end up i'm still at home every saturday and parents say i kept using computer..but i have no other entertainment ma!!even sometimes go msn, also no one call me...very sian leh!!suddenly think of my dream boi boi i hope he will appear as soon as possible..haha...dream long long lor xP

May 19, 2006
yeah..this is my updated blog with new blogskin!!
haizz..i have nothing to do after exam so i updated my blog
my exam result are very poor man..very great difference from last year and this cause me to be so sad..
stil got ppl can come to me and say "your sis den teach you meh?"
wat the ****..if everything my sister help tat mean i can't do anything myself is it? i'm quite annoyed by this, really..becos it sounds like i'm incapable to get any good grades w/o the help of my sister..i agree that my sister had helped me in some subjects like math, chem, ss..but she onli tell me wat to study for the rest of the subjects and i really study myself de!! sad to say, now everyone will thinks tat i get A2 for my combined science all because of my sister..i lost more confidence, ego and pride!! But anyway, i have to thanks my sista, also called my sen sei, because for some subjects even though she didn't teach me, she stay up with me until late at night about 3a.m ..sorry because i didn't really get any good grades(worse than last year)but i tried..thanks to all who teach me in my studies during tis period!

this is my updated blog and hope everyone will like it... hehehe xD