Sep 27, 2006
" I'm touched by the small lil encouragement you given me! thanks:) "

Today i have a great time playing captain ball! I really enjoy the game, running around as usual but this time, i teamed up with the sec 5 group instead because they got not enough players (malays fasting ma) We are really crazy, desperate to score. We won anyway & thanks Michelle for a great captain today!! I had a lot of fun playing with Jacintha, francesca and sabrina because they are always the main characters that makes me laugh the most xP including myself. Luckily, today wasn't bad..i didn't fall that much *hehehehe* There are some scenes recall which is really funny. "Sabrina kept hugging those people who is holding the ball !" wahaha (^O^) I'm one of them and i was surprised when someone hugging me from behind (playing cheat, wanna to snatch the ball) And i remembered that i was once hugging by a weird weird 帅哥 behind when i'm pri 6 during a captain ball game in school >>flashbacks: I was the defender of the team and that guy from next class came in to play with the girls. He is my opponent's captain thus naturally, i will stand in front of him to defend the ball. While the ball is approaching towards our direction, i felt sudden hug from behind and struggled, followed boy astonishing stares and glares by the girls in the game. Until now, i still don't know why he did that unexpectedly! But anyway, that's a lil secret of mine. CLUmsY spongey me~(º.º)~ kept failing to catch the bloody ball properly..waWah (>.<)
Back in class, during English lesson, we go through passenge B which we did last week. Samantha didn't bring her paper so i shared with her. I'm so embarrass to let her mark my paper becos she's a English pro! As we go through the ans with Mrs Ng, she marked so leniently. I'm really touched when she totalled up the score and i got 11 out of 20, she said, " will do it and go up 5N with us together ". Oh god, that lil encouragement really touches me. Thanks Samantha. I knowu clench the top in N-level position de! Good Lucks (ˆ‐ˆ)/* I teached Michelle and Lil* to do some POA question just now in class. I have not been doing POA this month and this is counted the first time bah..Rotting info is still kept in my brain about POA ..haizz ?However, goodbye to all. I'm getting tired!

Sep 26, 2006
"Stress is killing me slowly..Please don't pressurize me

Yesterday, it's the most stressful day this month. The piles of
homework i have to do seems to be endless. It's impossible to finish all in a day and nearly got mad when someone give a false alarm that English summary should be handed up after school. I didn't touch it at all thus i freak out and give up in doing it. I can't stand the stress from homework! Follow-up we are in the hall for assembly, Mr Chia told us about the criteria to pass 4N this year and there will be 1 day off N-level only!!
Omg, I already plan to work at that time and here comes the problem! The
mood totally change when the sentence popped out from Mr Chia's mouth: "You are must English otherwise you can get nowhere!!" Shit, i am going to break down if he continue (~~)..I really feel very scared and stress when i heard this. My greatest problem is ENGLISH and this subject can
end my whole future if i can't do well. I can't really guarantee 100% i can pass English. But after yesterday, i have already prepared for the worst. The most important thing is to do our best. I find it so weird when i told my classmates that i really worry about my N-level. They even say that i'm crapping. Can't i be worry? Although i scored well in prelims, N-level is a different thing. My teachers and classmates all believe that i will get top in academic for N-level, making me more and more stress! Argh, i really do not know..I started to eat again to vent out the stress and i wasn't sure when i'm going to stop. Switch mood: "i have done another blogskin b4 N-level again!" This time, i think simple suits me the best. People are here to read about us and i think it's best to remain simple and sweet. I'm very contended with this skin and i hope readers will like it too. Today is my only break because there is no school. I should look at the optimistic side and stop worry so much o(^­­­­­­­–^)o がんばて加油加油i will do my best \(^O^)/ I'm tired after doing so much homework. I go take a nap first. BYE <3 あなた

Sep 24, 2006

" Love is in the air again !"

Heyhey guys, it has been quite since i logged in here. Not forgetting this blog, now i'm here to tell you more...

Recently, my mood wasn't that good. Not because of anything, i just don't have the mood to laugh happily, chat a lot and logged in to msn or friendster. I'm sick in my previous post, but i'm better now, just that i still have some flu. I'm perfectly alright now! ~*Yipee*~ I don't know is it because my body gets too weak or i'm getting more more clumsy than ever, i fell twice in a week during PE. Gosh, leaving two unrecovered marks on both sad! I admitted i'm growing fatter and fatter (just like that movie: love at diet that sammi zheng) The most funniest scene is that yesterday, my sista caroline suddenly hugged me from behind because i had say something bad about her to my eldest sista in the kitchen. The next thing she said,"Oh my god, i feel like hugging a large water pipe!" We all burst into laughters. Yea, tat's how fat i am now =P. Yesterday, a lovely couple just emerge in my family! My eldest sista is attached again and her boyfriend has his own car! so cool free chauffeur xD My sista caroline also not too bad, got free movie to watch haunted apartment treated by a guy. Haunted apartment is really a good show recommended by my sista but i think i will not have the chance to watch it. YaYa, so what about me yesterday? As usual, rotting on my bed and keep eating snacks. And the result is stomach-ache in the early morning. That's why i wrote this post at 8am...haahaa^.^ N-level is in a week time! But i seems to be still slacking..I have a weird habit recently. When my exams is coming, i will wanna to change my blogskin again and that caused me to waste a lot of study time! And Here comes: "Ta ta, another blogskin, wahaha" Just to share a joke with my viewers:-)

老婆:老公,我漂不漂亮?(wife: deardear, am i pretty?)

老公:漂亮漂亮...( husband: pretty pretty..)

老婆:你说我漂亮,是不是因为你怕会伤害我?( wife: u say i'm pretty is it because u scare of hurting me?)

老公:不,我怕你伤害我! ( husband: no, because i'm scare u will hurt me!)

What a nice day to listen to my lame joke! Hope u will be laughing now..wahahahaha xP .. crawling off to do my homework..*BOOM*

Sep 17, 2006
Sickly and Sad thesedays!

Since friday, after Champion's night, i suddenly got a bad flu and a lil sore throat. I seem to be very healthy and happy in school but when i reached home, i felt cold and keep sneezing. I felt that my throat was too dry and pain as if it's going to bleed. I drank lots of water but there's no use. I can't breathe through nose. Thus, i breathe through my mouth. I could not sleep that well for the two nights because when i lay down on my bed, the muscus always flow into my throat and it's uncomfortable for me throughout the night. In addition, my nose is blocked, how can i sleep using my mouth to breathe? Yesterday, i slept at 5++ because i'm doing up my blogskin. And today, i woke up at 1 pm and feeling very sick. My fu**cking vulgar elder sister started grumbling that i buy lunch for them today. Wat the hell! you don't have legs to buy yourself and can't you see i'm sick? I'm not your filipino maid or watever. Even filipino maid gets break or $$ or care from their owner when they are sick. Am i worse than them? I'm very upset that moment. Throughout these few days, the care from my friends is lesser than expected. I just wanna them to simply say a"take care" or ask me whether i'm fine or not, is it very hard? Even Mr A. dunno i'm sick bah. He is too busy at work. Actually, i expected Mr M. to say something, but he didn't until today. At first, i'm quite disappointed and angry at them, after i heard those words from M, i feel extremely touched. Thanks to peini, francesca and M for your dearest concern! (*sobsob*) I will get well soon bah..

Sep 13, 2006

Pictures taken yesterday!
Having so much fun..We should not forget about taking photos! waha..My most favourite part of the day x) I simply loves photos and it completely changes my mood to SUPER DUPER HIBERACTIVE ..*bleah* Then after that, joker stick man will keep imitating the little man when he was acting like a baby: "wugargarwu"..::^laugh out my lungs~::..Sorry about ytd post xP because i'm half asleep when i'm blogging, i wrote a lot of chicken language that i myself don't even understand..heehee..Anyway, i edited it so take note of that!!
Today, in the library, i saw peini doing O's Emath homework..Acting clever, i go chup some questions and the answers are all wrong(according to the answer sheet..hahaha^o^..I suddenly find out that i'm so stupid! Actually, i'm just average in maths and i donno even know why the hack i can get P1 in emath for prelims..More and more stress when teachers pin high hopes on me..Plz, don't~~~ i just a lazy bum who don't know how to study and so on xD I just wanna to be free and easy, can means can, cannot means cannot! hmm, suddenly feels so tired when there's tonnes of homeworks waiting for me to do..(a bit exaggerate)..But anyway, please wish me all the best in my exams in oct..i desperately needs encouragement and becos of some lil rewards la..blah! i'm being the witch today..keeps on bullying ppl around me and being cruel to them..I enjoyed the ball games esp..running ard the whole hall and laughing madly at some funny actions we done..although it's a tough game, it's the teamwork between people that counts..I slipped on the floor more five times and it left me with some blisters on my right knee *ouch* it is still in pain now man! We are kind of like mad dogs when we saw the ball and collision btw me and other sec 5 gal always occurred..Luckily, my ribs are still intact otherwise..wahaha xP When we returned back to the class, the guys sprayed those strong cologne on themselves..Wah, i buay-tahan the smell man! is that wat u call ����ζ? hahaa..ok la, sorry for writing such a long essay..hope u are still awake, bye babies! Y(^-^)o

Sep 12, 2006
Happy Movie Day, i have gone to watch "little Man" although our dear Mr. A rejects my offer. Anyway, i still find some bunch of monkeys to watch with me..haha~~i'm one of the monkeys there! Crappy and Hitting that poor longish guy beside me and another gal for the whole day..At first, my mood wasn't that good because: 1. Both of them are late and let me wait for half an hour at amk mrt station. 2. Stupid stick man made me so angry until i kept nagging until we stepped into shaw hse cinema. 3. Both of them kept bullying me!! ..But after all, i'm still happy with the trip today *yipee* My pocket is empty now and i feel fatter then before (ate too much)..:*hee*:..
In school, i finally got the chance ytd to chat with peini. She is always busy and our schedule always clash with each other (she free, i nt free..i free, she nt free) sad..but it's nice to return back into the past =D and tat's the way man!! We suddenly chatting about jobs aft our national exams and planned wat to do after the chalet or etc.. however, i think that it's still a long journey to finish the exams and play xP
Study hard is not my style. Study smart will works more..Thus, i hoped everyone gets my message. But don't be like me, i don't even study at all ~wahah~ i don't touch books at home neither i like revision..still can go out when exams is coming =P But there's always someone, Mr A and Mr m, will keep nagging me to study! hehehe..u know who u r....
Arg i go sleep le xD very very tired! paisei BB

Sep 10, 2006
10 sept midnight is a sad moment for me suddenly~
The feeling of rejection is really bad until i cannot tahan and quickly got myself to sleep early before i really cry until my eyes swollen. No one wanna pei me now.. first time ask, first time kanna reject.. i feel so "buayby" suddenly! haizz..nvm, if anyone very bored can come and find me!

Sep 9, 2006
Wa..suddenly feel so booked!
feeling a lil bored something with the things to do and worst, when school reopens, i will be living in hell man. No shopping, no time, no freedom..I'm not sure whether will i study or not but i must do well this time,otherwise.. *kanna shoot to death by a lot of people* My life is now messy, confuse and blur..sometimes, i even feel lost, don't know wat to do! I hope there will be tat someone who really gives me tat determination i need to study. Haiz-.- i'm mentally tired le..My brain isn't working these days, same as my body..tat's why i kip growing fatter because my body refuses to do some exercise! i finally cleared my debts on thurday *yeah^^Y* and now, i'm saving up for the oncoming events in oct and etc...How i wish my N-level can ends today because i need the time for a job! i credit bank le and feels a bit paisei to let my sista treat me everytime..I DON"T WANT! left 3 weeks.. counting down now and everything will be soon over =)
Recount on wed- add on xD
I was waiting for a bus at 10.45 p.m and the bus stop was empty and quiet. Suddenly, there is a mid fifties man approached and asked me for direction. I told him already but he continues to ask me irrelevant things like my personal details n watever weird stuff and offered me a lift to a bus stop where there are more buses i can take. The most disgusting is he gave me his hp number and say "u can call me out for a coffee or watever..we can make friends ma" *vomit* ...then *peng* Keep giving me that lustful look which is totally disgusting to me. Luckily, i rejected him politely and managed to get rid of him before i vomit at him..faint xP When i abroad the bus, i opened my bag, crushed tat piece of paper w his contact no. without hesitation and throw it in the bus.. Stupid old man, so old still wanna to make fren w little gals. Disgraceful act and annoying!!! Wahahahaha..anyway, just a lil thing to share wif ya which i find it amusing and ridiculous ^o^ !

Sep 7, 2006
hey, today is a good plus a little bit of awkward day..
6 sept 2006
it's a day to celebrate Mr Justis' s belated bdae! Actually, i don't know why i'm there too with sabrina and liyana..Maybe i just wanna to have some fun becos staying at home is boring, thus, i followed them. But when i first reached the bishan park, i can't find where are they and i walked a long route around the park until i finally found a small lil playground where the celebration was held. When i reached there, i decided to play those thingy in the playground with the kids there. Having a lot of fun and realised something about sabrina, haha, it's a secret! Then, Mr Justis came, at around 6, with andy and awi. At first, i really don't know wat to say to them because i'm not a fan of soul =X but i find them really friendly esp awi.. i'm being the clown and photgrapher there for the whole day. i felt very awkward to chat with them and we also donno me too. However, i occupied my time by kip eating, drinking, being photographer, knowing more friends and "chup" into some conversation. Anyway, i still have a good time wif ya, dancing hunks and babes hur~ although sometimes i felt a bit left out, it's ok since i already prepare this thing to be happen. How i hoped i can attended lucify gathering! but it always clashes with my time slot and the next gathering is on my N-level exam period..too bad lor =P As i really donno whether shld i celebrate patrick's bdae or just wish him happy bdae? Arg~ (if i got money and time den maybe i will consider lor) heehee
5 sept 2006
haven't complete my story ytd becos i'm too tired to type anymore! i went to bugis after exams with my dear sista caroline.. It's great to shop with her because she always know how to find cheap and super nice clothes! we bought some clothes, like a black colour lacy short skirt and a very cosplay dress that costs only $10...WoW..On the way, i and my sister saw a really nice white pumps, very sweet and cute! But it's expensive and not worth the price, hence , we didn't buy. We also having a good meal and great to my eyes! wahaha..there's a lot of shuai ge in Bugis Street and the guys' clothes there are not bad too! maybe guys, next time you can make a trip to Bugis street for really nice clothes..yeah *twist*
Ah~~ i'm very super duper tired actually..feels like closing my eyes le! good bye to all xP

Sep 6, 2006
Exams over in this Month!
Lalala..2 exam paper done liao! yipee (although i know i'm doomed in these papers) hahaha..But to be optimistic, i'm still a happy spongey now! I'm the evil spongey ytd xP Here it goes....
YESTERDAY, we took your Social studies paper. Before that, we took MT listening in the morning and SS in the afternoon. I, being a super duper slacker, had only learned two topics. I risked my way through because it might not come out but i guess that it will come out and tell everyone: "I think country divided will come out..һ��Ҫ��4..." I donno why from that time onwards, everyone go focus on this topic. Wahaha.. But in the end when i saw the topics in the N-level paper, i "sei diao" and feel like fainting..None of the topics came out and the source based is bloody difficult to spot the answer! But i'm already prepared for the worst cause my SS is always that bad, in simpler terms, I ALWAYS FAILED MY SS PAPER !!! *tahaha~* I only feel a bit bad when i see them *peng* too..
Thus, i'm the evil yesterday =P...
For chinese on mon, it was 30% easy. I can't comment more about that because i didn't really study at all. What goes into my brain, comes out from my ears! So i'm not sure whether the result will be good or bad. hee=D
* Please don't wu hui hor, lalana..That person i say isn't him la. I got a net friend, injured his hands becos of fights or watever..den tat day he made me really angry..until i wanna explode le! Thus, i don't want to care him liao lor..That patrick is in Hollan becos i kicked him there le! U can find him there. Thus, why must i still talk about him la..hahaha ^o^...
Yah, that's the end of this post la..i'm going out today again! *weewee* sabrina.. a good day for her! BYE, going off for lunch~

Sep 2, 2006


wahahaha~~ I flipped through all the photo albums in my cabinet and shocked to death by a particular photo of me five years ago. Gosh, it's unbelievable such a skinny spongey in my entire life! I looked like tall and skinny bones in that photo. Compare to now, it's a great difference!! a monkey in the past became a pig in the present. Hahaha xD. Anyway, when i am young, i am very fat *(like a huge ball of dough)*..But at the age of 9, i suddenly lose a lot of weight and became a bamboo at home. As years passed, *booM* i gain a lot of weight, heavier and heavier until the pig-alike me now! How i wish i can change back time!! who give me the determination to slim down? and who suddenly make me wanna to eat so much like now? lol =P hmm..just miss a bit of my past days xD

Sep 1, 2006
hee \(^o^)/
Love this song very much~ esp the the lyrics plus music!
������ by: ���Ⱥ
��֪�������� ������ ��̫����Ϊ ��֪�����д� ���Ĵ� ̰������� ˵���������� ������ ��ȴ����˵ �黨�Dz����� ������ ���������
*chorus:�ͷ��ҳ���� ˵������� �Ҵ��ҳ��� �ͷ��ҳ���� Խ��Խ���� �Ұ��ҳ��� ��������˻f�� ������� ��ֵ�ø�õ�����
��֪�������� ������ ֻ��һ���� ��֪�����д� ���Ĵ� ������̫�� ������������ ������ ��ȴ����˵ Ʀ����5���� ������ ���������
*�ͷ��ҳ���� ˵������� �Ҵ��ҳ��� �ͷ��ҳ���� Խ��Խ���� �Ұ��ҳ��� ��������˻f�� ������� ��ֵ�ø�õ�����
last verse:���������� �µ��Ļ����� ʹ���㺰������ �㱳��ת�� �ҿ������˺� ��֪���Ҵ����ж�ô����
*�ͷ��ҳ���� ˵������� �Ҵ��ҳ��� �ͷ��ҳ���� Խ��Խ���� �Ұ��ҳ��� ��������˻f�� ������� ��ֵ�ø�õ�����
�ͷ��ҳ���� ��Ҳ����� �Ҵ��ҳ��� �ͷ��ҳ���� ȫ�=�ʩ�� �Ұ��ҳ��� �������Ļ���� ���ҵĸ� ����ұ�˭������ �ͷ��ҳ����~ �ͷ��ҳ����~Ŷ~

direct link to song:

Because of you
Today, i went back to school for remedial lesson for chinese because my N-level MT is on this coming monday. At first, when i stepped out of the house, i feel like a complete idiot going to school on Teachers' day which is a holiday for every students. But i really feel great on lesson break time. While everyone is having their break, me and francesca kept jumping around, playing and self- entertaining, singing, dancing and so on..Anyway, no one sees us doing that because the school is empty! So free and fun xP
I finally got the courage to say: "fuck off ..don't mess my life! don't make me fall for you ever give me so much and expect me to vomit all out all the good times at a time..don't treat me so good that makes me think i'm very special to you..don't let me see u act cute in front of me again..i don't want to see you smoking again- turns me can pao other meimei if you want..anyway, i don't think you treat me as a special or watever friend..i know i'm just a tiny little girl to you isn't it?..i rather wait for you to ask me out and not me..i wanna u to initiate! u make me sad and disappointed for more than a month, ass.. i'm very sick of you and can u just spare a thought for me (i know i'm very childish to say all this. YEs, i'm still a kid and has feelings too)!!!"
I find it difficult to chat with him anymore..feeling colder n colder talking to him..He always expected too much from me! Now, i can only say,"my mission is done, thus, we shall separate and stop contacting each other for a while until i finished with what i purpose to do now then see how. FULL STOP, END OF THE LITTLE MEMORIES I HAD WITH YOU xD" it's not my problem to care whether you hurt your butt, hand, wrist or neck because i'm no one to you anymore! I sounded bad but i'm forcing myself to be the devil (i say out wat i feel deep in my heart), he don't worth that much. Sorry..Sorry..even though it's not fair =X �Ҿ���Ҳ������������ there's other for you out there..���������Ƥ롡�����
PSS coming..waiting to hear good news from someone or maybe i should make a trip down to support her! wahaha =P.. *woohoo* silently wishes her good luck, YoU CaN MaKe IT!!! o(^^)o ����ФäƼ��ͣ�

A piece of good news to share with ya all. I got C5 for English! Omg xD..i think that i'm dreaming at first. This is my first year, using my own capability, passing my english and even got a C5 instead of C6! I really don't understand why i didn't so good in prelim despite of slacking and not studying at all for this time..Amazing but it also adds on a bit stress to myself, whether to study or not. But i don't have the habit of revising and studying two weeks or three before exams. LAST min study is my formula of success? I also don't know. Maybe sometimes it's just my luck to get good results or can say that i don't study hard, i study smart! ( starting to be hao lian) wahaha xP That's the way i study. I can swear that didn't lied about this, i didn't really study! Some people might think i'm lying but i got no reason to lie at all..wat's the use! I'm someone who hated stressing myself, setting high expectation in studies, planning schedule that relates to revision, studies or etc. I feel that even if i set expectation, i won't achieve it. You will just making yourself more sad when you got back the results. Because i'm a very lazy student, i don't do revision at all. I find it hard to force myself to study for hours, thus, i will try to do homeworks at school before i go home or just throw the homework aside to rot until we are being force to do by the teachers..Uh, i think my ways of studying is to keep eating. I ate a lot after Superband finals till now. Eating gives joy to me and simply loves to eat. hahaha =D. I don't what method i used, i just wanna to pass and go to the next level! That's my only wish =) and i hope it will come true~~ going to end this off here. Seeya and all the best to people taking Ns on Monday and Tuesday...Jia You x)

hey yo everyone!
I have created the third blog, including friendster blog. Actually, i don't know why i need so much online blog. Very extra but maybe it's also a good thing because i can start to write a lot and improve my english..wahaha! Just to say, i have been very busy doing all this. Maybe i'm really too bored or something. Or it's a new life for me to set a blog there. I wanted to strive for a new things because i also lost interest in things very fast. There's not much of entertainment for me now cause i'm stuck in this small tiny study room everyday and the only thing i can enjoy is going msn, chatting, viewing guy's friendster profile and so on. But no pornography stuff la..haha. That's the way a gemini girl is! crapping in front of the net because i'm feeling really sad and bored today. I got back almost all prelims results except English and combined humanities. Anyway, i think i will flung these two subjects! I found out something really funny about my results. I got A1 for E. math, A2 for combined science, B3 for chinese and lastly, B4 for POA !!! It all goes in sequence xD lol. Lil happy but very sad. I 'm sad not because i want to strive for higher score. It was because of the attitude of the people around me. Maybe i should learn psychology in poly cause i think i will be more experience in that. People jealously can really make me very annoyed and miserable. Even my closest friend in class did that to me. I don't care the position or fame or popularity in teachers in school/ class, i just wanna to have a better results that can cover up my extremely lousy score in my English and combined humanities examination. FULL STOP, the end. But their impression of me is totally different! They might have think that i'm proud, always bragged or act humble. I wished what i think is wrong. Today, my poa teacher announced that i'm one of the three students who passed poa in class. I don't feel a single happiness inside but i was relieved that i didn't fail. And you know what's next i encountered?..we are given work to do thus i have done it as quick as possible in order check my answer with the teacher. I did not balance for my acounting balance and i approached Mrs Goh for help. I got quite a number of mistakes and one of my girl classmates saw it when she approached Mrs Goh. She gave a sluty laughter and exploded ( suddenly her head faced in front of me, trying to get my attention) "I know how to do leh!" what's that going to do with me? I kept telling myself that i'm sensitive to think in this way but i failed. She is not the first person actually. There are more cases like that happened on me and now comes that close friend of mine. She kept saying some sarcastic comments that i could not accept and argue back. But in the end, i stilz keep peace even though i'm really irritated by her words. I did not have any grudge with anyone amd why are they treated me like that as if i'm a bad girl. Feeling unfair but i can't change the fate. Hence, i kept silence, enduring the pain but it's unbearable. Sometimes, i even cried because of this type of thing. Very foolish isn't it? Being bully by the people around me w/o saying a word! Yesterday, i took a psychology test. And the results is quite true. It says people don't like me because "i like peace in relationship too much"..and always thinks that there will be not agruement between true relationship..because i'm very friendly to everyone, they will think that i'm very pretendious! WOW, i thought it was really very true. In simple saying, i'm too naive and timid in character. I always say i'm very mature at thinking but i'm also very childish at heart! If anyone wants me to send that psychology test please tell me, i will send to you asap. i didn't initial in sending everyone because people may be annoyed by this tyoe of forward message..Sorry, this post is very longish and boring. Hope you won't fell asleep reading half way!