May 28, 2010
I got my sip placement at Farmosa holiday tours.
Yeah, at least I can work with deniece (second time) and shu qi for the first time..
So good wor~!
I see so many of my friends' graduating photo in FB..
Feel like graduating too lo (>.<)
Going to fight this battle.. with Final year semester 1 :P
Though still a long time to go, time passed so quickly :(
I must start the engine of my group already. because we are still at the same spot.
I am indeed a "Last-min queen".
Procrastinate is my forte and I hate myself for procrastinating.
I hate staying up late, worrying this and that and begging my sister to help me..
I never produce a single quality work by myself before
Because I always need someone to check my grammar and sentence structure.
Why am I such a 败犬 (failure)?
Anyway, I going to do my hair again!
Because my mummy and sisters say it's out of shape now. Haha
I will continue sourcing~

May 26, 2010
I feel like screaming now.
"I finally submitted article review and done my first 2 tests in this sem!" *wooh*
Deadlines and tests are so close together.
My schedule is like jamming up with project meetings now.
I even thought of doing project on my coming birthday :( the feeling is just so sucky.
We are so lag behind. We can considered, done nothing for the projects.
I'm so tired now. Slept 2 hours only.
However I prefer to stay in school now, get things done and have a good sleep after dinner.
Time like pass so damn fast. Pressurizing sia~~

Wish me lucks in my mid sem test.
It is all about projects in my mind now, so irritating.
Going to rest on the com table ><

May 13, 2010
Something I forgotten to blog about..
Peini pre-graduation meetup on 26 April 10:

Since I am not invited for her graduation because of limited graduation cards (stingy TP),we did a pre-graduation meetup after my first tutorial of the sem.
I miss her man! she always so busy at the hotel, earning so little but putting so many efforts.
I pity her man, hope she will jia you lo :)

Met her after tutorial while printing notes for the week.
She want me to accompany her to try out her graduation suit.
We did took some photos, as if it's her real graduation haha..

After that, we went TM to eat swensens ice cream! going for the 1 for 1 deal.
I ordered mocha fudge and sticky chewy choc and P ordered mint and rocky road.
Came out there is two look similar ice creams and we ask the service staff which is which.
The guy staff totally ignore us and walk away. WTF!
P got super angry and call for the manager.
Actually, I'm okay with any but I think P is just angry because of his attitude.
The manager change her ice cream and turn up the one I'm eating is rocky road lol :P
Had a good chat there and went off to source for a plastic bag to put her graduation suit.
She went Mphosis and buy a pair of slipper.
However, to my surprise, we ask for another carrier and she refused to give us!
So damn weird, just a carrier what will kill?
Luckily, the sales staff managed to squeeze the slippers and suit into that small little bag!
Overall, I enjoyed the meetup :)


Sweet treat, so luxurious :P

Miss Grad Peini


Our first ever photo on her "graduation"
After that, went home, eat nong shin cup noodles (kinda in love with it)..

Munching snacks. Cute right! ghost shape :D

The actual thing inside.

A lot of "mok mok" in a bag.


Haiz, my poor caroline is very ke lian.
Her cruel and bad managers are torturing her.
I hope their managers will get back their karma! (sounds like a nasty auntie)
But she always don't listen to me. sian.
We will jia you together de!
School is boring! tmr doing amadeus practice with eileen.
Hope I can type faster. haha..
Good luck to me :)

May 12, 2010
School is super tiring.
I don't know why I always don't feel energetic after sleep.
Like become more tired.
Time can slow down pls! I'm running out of breath :(
Next week alrdy first test and one week later, article submission.
Wish me lucks man! I need that very much :D
So sorry if I didn't blog for these days because I really need time to cope with studies.
Haiz. going to start another day of brainstorming soon.
My brain system slowing down le :(
Save me!
And sip is nuts! I hope those companies just accept me.
I'm a very hard working girl, lol :P
Call me call me call me!

Sista Caroline 22nd birthday

Caroline is super happy receiving great birthday presents!
Hope u like my MAC present!
Anna super rich this time, gave her a few expensive presents.
Mum and caroline received bouquets of roses in the morning while I'm still busy sleeping.
I didn't go out, except collecting cake because tired after going out on sat.
Anna and chris went orchard to source for food.
This is what they brought back for dinner..

Cherry tomatoes brought by us, requested by shamus.

Ding tai feng and xing fu yin cha dim sum :D First time eating this!


Big O fish and chip. Indeed very big and good value!

Shi ling -chicky

Ding tai feng always have that weird smell but taste okay!

everything is nice :D

After eating, we watch TV, very bored, so slept on mummy's comfortable bed with air con.
Until 11pm, woke up when they take out the cake and wait for daddy to come home.
Took lots of photos (I'm so look like I didn't put makeup after I slept)

2 lady with roses

Birthday girl with bf

Mum with anna

Me and mum

Taizi and nanny :D

Caroline with anna

The End.
Didn't sleep till morning. Go to school and tired like wtf.
But very energetic in the afternoon and super sleepy when go home.

Something to add on:
On friday, caroline received a birthday cake baked by his pig son :D
Cool cheesecake and my mummy is so impressed :P
Lol, they even joked he might be my future boyfriend because he fulfils most of my criteria!
Hope they are just kidding. hahaha (^^)Y

His masterpiece.

Mama day and Sista Caroline birthday

We celebrated mother's day on last sat, bringing her to Sakura @ Dhoby Green.
Had a very nice impression of the place, compared to strait cafe.
It's not that noisy, food is nice and price is good.
Smuggled some puddings back for poor daddy who cannot make it for this dinner.

Feast ^v^

Candid for mummy (>.<)Y

Mixture of delicious food :)

Yummy baked oyster!

Later after dinner, shop at ps.
Saw a shop got sell my favourite monkey.
Now, welcome our newcomer son (middle) who is darker than the rest! :P

Pretty mummy :)

Anna with chris

I'm pulling the cat!

Caroline with shamus

Four wonder girls :D

Ending off with me again :) new dress. Nice?

Caroline's birthday will be the next post because it's very troublesome when it comes to uploading photos :P

Outdated post and photos

Busy busy busy and lazy lazy lazy to update blog.
I should start with my temporary jobs last month.


First cool experience working auction,selling lots of rich people buying gold and diamonds.
Thanks to ningzhi.
It's very easy as I start off at the redemption counter and later comes to the real auction.
U will see people keep raising their boards (as if $$ is free)and it's super fast.
I'm so impressed by the Prosperco staffs I worked with because their maths is super duper power. Very fast.
When it's comes to the later part, where bidders pay money for the things they bids, they took out stacks of hundred dollars cash (like those only seen in drama).
I enjoyed my day there but super giddy after looking at so many figures and numbers.

@ Hotel Royal; (right) is the operations of the auction.

FHA2010 is super cool for those who like to eat because you get lots of freebies and food samples there.
I was in charge of Pablo Garrigos booth, a spain confectionary and sweet company.
At first I was super bored because I am the only one at that booth. No one to talk to while that spain lady in charge of me but at a different booth beside me, keep running away to chit chat with others.
She didn't taught me much abt that products also and I figure my way through.
But there's always nice people around who came to my booth and chat with me.
I did repay them by giving out my samples to them generously when it comes near to the end.
What's so happy and interesting is my last day, when everybody bring big bags to collect samples. Sometimes it's annoying (e.g. A uncle who scold me just becos I didn't give him more samples, appeared on the last day 5times and keep taking my samples)
I seriously enjoy myself to the max, because I'm not restricted to give more samples (compared to previous day)and I did received a lot of things to eat from my neighbouring booths. Esp that australian booths just opposite mine, they are super friendly.
It's nice to make new friends in this tradeshow :D
I received lots of things e.g. sparkling wines , jams, cookies, turron(my booth),alcohol and species from spain, fruit juices from turkey, cookies and organic oats from australia, chocolate from venezuela and snacks from malaysia.
Really grateful and thanks to them. Hope I can work in FHA2012 too.

My booth :)

Photo of me in the toilet :P

Good austrailians opposite me

Super woman wei carried all these bags alone from expo to home.

Things in the three heavy bags :P

I supposed to have this too but I give it to the Australia organic oat uncle who gave me 48 small packets of oat. haha :D

Victory ^^

Super nice Australian from Melbourne who give this unique box of cookies to me only.

Japan chestnut ice cream bag, so cute right!

My new friends :D