Sep 1, 2007
Finally, i got a break.
But, i got no money to buy kit-Kat!
Being lame again ;)
Prelims over.
I can predict my score already!
F9 all the
Touch wood, but i really did every paper badly..
haiz -_-'''

Ytd, it is teachers' day celebration.
Actually, i don't intend to give any present.
What a teacher wants is your good results!
I think i will disappoint my teacher more with my results..
Part of it, also because my mother keep asking me whether i wanna buy present for my Ts.
So i wrote a letter for miss kuck and a lil gift for her.
This will be the last time I'm doing it. I remembered the first time i give teachers' day present, in primary school. The gift is a red ballpoint pen (maybe because it's cheaper)

During the teachers' day celebration in hall, i nearly fallen asleep. It's really boring and i dislike the MCs too.
Too hyperactive, and uninteresting!
There is a game for teachers to guess whether the objects stated on the screen is red or not.

Qns: Is the giraffe's tongue red or not?
All the teachers thought it is red.
Ans: it's purple

Suddenly, i think of a joke.
Qns: Why is the giraffe's tongue purple in colour?
Ans: It's because they eat sweets!!
cold enough..Blah =P

Tomorrow, i going to sing K finally.

signed off-.

Watch ratatouille with a friend...

I rate this movie ☆☆☆☆ of 5

Super duper nice!!!

Hmm, go shop shop and take some neoprint after that..

go home...extremely tired.. Sleep c: