Sep 27, 2009
Continuation from last post..

Arghh, post rebonding maintenance is a hassle!

Everyday doing treatment really took me a lot of time to bath.

After bath, I still have to use leave on conditioner, use hair dryer to blow my hair and put a little oil again to finish.

I think such practise couldn't last for long :P

This Week

Chris came to our house for chalet again! But this time is because of his birthday.

Haiz, they patched back again. I hope they wouldn't quarrel again because I really hate to listen to their crap story..

Duration of stay is one week. Both of them took one week leave, so good.

Unlike poor Caroline have to juggle between work, study, family and boyfriend.

Stress until chest pain, need to see cardiologist. I feel so bad and sad for her.

Tuesday, the couple brought me and mummy to a laska steamboat restaurant @ harbourfront area.

It's at a wulu place. Never been there before. But the food there is kinda nice and seafood is fresh.

Poor Caroline didn't get to eat it again because she got lessons

At night, carol and me watched Buzzer Beat online. Our favourite latest jap drama.

>>NAOKI muscle is so "delicious". I wanna eat roasted kampong chicken.

>>Last episode ends too fast, can be improve..But the relationship part is so touching T-T

>>I even played the basketball game in their website and won a ball!

Wednesday, got nothing special. I slept till very late again thus I didn't go out.

Thursay, is Mr Chris birthday. Anna is frying and cooking all day for everyone, esp. Chris.

They also bought a lot of snacks, finger food back after collecting the cake.

Secret Recipe choc banana cake is SUPERB. Oishii.

I can feel that I'm so bloated and so fat after eating so much things w/o any exercise.

Caroline came back at night with mooncake!

She bought durian mooncake from the regent under four season hotel..So luxurious xD

But it's delicious. HeeHee.

Friday, the whole day I slacked at home after waking up at 5pm (highest record of the week)

Whole day watching TV, esp Heart of Greed @ Channel 8.

So embarrassed to be caught crying when Alfred in the show died..Too Emotional :P

Saturday, Chris, Anna, Carol, mummy and me went Hougang Mall to eat lunch and carol collect
referral letter.

Carol splurged a lot of money. She bought a dress and a trendy bag for me.

She treated me McFlurry too. *Touched*

Then we went back home. Poor Carol still have to meet Mr Shamus despite of being tired.

I watched TV again. Television has become my best friend.

I also in love with playing my handphone game and I finally won after completing 31 stages.

That's the lifestyle of a boring girl.

25-27 Sept are the day of F1 race. I suddenly miss it so much.

I remember the time being "ka jiao" by a Chinese man with a bunch of American friends..
We will like photographers, helping tourists to take group photos.

Occasionally got some tourists took photos with us.

For the first time I feel like a celebrity, taking photos with my fans. LOL!

Haiz, everything is just a memory..

加油 加油 加油 Mei Wei cheer up.

"Love makes me stronger" - quoted from the drama.

Sep 19, 2009


Hee..brand new me!

My hair is done @ Mystique in Kovan.

$99 for all hair length. Results super good!

Thanks to Vivian :D

I finally bought the phone I always wanted. T707 ^-^

My first phone, which is a flip phone, was stolen in class in Secondary School..

Damn miss my first phone~~~

Wednesday --> Year one Cliques meet up xP

Photos go facebook xD -

I reached Suntec @ 6pm.

Walk round and round and round between Suntec and Raffles link.

Ate big feast @ Pizza Hut.

Then home sweet home ^-^

Sep 14, 2009
A peaceful day at home.

I reject a job offer that I always wanted in the morning.

Because since the last experience, I got the phobia of signing contract.

And I told a big lie to reject the offer. I keep thinking if I accept this offer, my family will scold me stupid forever.

I'm in a dilemma at first. But I don't want to disappoint my parents.

Previous experience have already made the whole family so upset and worried for me. And I feel really guilty for being so stupid, so weak, so guliable and let my parents worry for me..

I knew I have made the right decision to reject.

Thanks for the support of my family and good friends(ningzhi,deniece, peini, jiamin, huiying)

Their kind words really make me feel very touched! At least they care abt me..

I told myself to be more down-to-earth and won't find shortcuts. All the attempts = Waste trips

Yesterday, I really thanks mummy for dyeing hair for me again (after much pestering)

The result came out to be better :D more even than before.. I'm really happy >.<

It'a now darker brown.

I decided that I should go Mystique Hair Salon @ Kovan again.

Last rebonding I did there and the result is good and it's only $98..

It lasts for more than 6mths but my fringe start to curl first after cutting for quite a few times.

I hope this time the guys will serve me again..I was treated like a princess last time I went there..

All guys serve me haha..all looks like 20+..anyway, there is no customer @ that time.

That hair stylist, who attended to me, is very nice too and very focused and detailed in doing my hair..

Tat time I a bit shy to let him do my hair..but luckily got bibi accompany, hahaha..

Eagerly waiting for the day of rebonding!! argh, so happy xD

Thanks sister caroline for lending me $$ <3

I love you, "lesbian" sister! xP

Sep 11, 2009
Today, it's really a sad day..
I somehow feel that the god knows I'm sad..
That's why it keeps raining..
I feel cheated and unwanted =(
I keep thinking is it I'm really that bad that's why they don't want me..
Trying to act brave but tears keep flowing down non-stop..
However, Mei Wei won't give up!
I believe that someone will want me one day..
I should be happy that I don't need to worry about whether I can really commit in the work..
I should be happy that I don't need run here and there for this job..
Maybe god left a better opportunity for me, tt's why I need to leave this first :D
Suddenly sounds so holy (x.x)

Exam results are released yesterday :D but I didn't know my results because I forgot to register for the exam result sms service..
I took a thousand years to log in to student portal, and ended up falling asleep because I'm too tired after work xP..
Heng tt I can log in today. And thank god I pass everything xD
Have to go back to the temple to thank the god liao!! *grin*

Back to my old self again..

2 weeks later I will have my rebonding!


Sep 9, 2009
Another short random post from me..
Nothing really exciting or happy these days.
I think I have been "running" around this week for dunno what reason.
Simply saying, I don't what I am doing also.

Since last Saturday, I have been very depressed.
Because of my hair!!
I really don't know how to describe my hair now.
Like golden at top and black at bottom
It's in a total mess T-T .. I feel like a monster too..
Post SSM torture- I dyed black 2 times because of ssm..
And now, the result of dyeing back to my usual colour is disastrous!
I hate looking into the mirror..whenever I see my hair, I will be super sad..
Worst hair days I ever had..
I think by the time I get the desired haircut and haircolour, my hair will be like dead leaves..*lifeless*
"Pei Fu" myself that I still can go out and work with this kind of hair O.o

Sunday, I went peini house to "play"..
Ningzhi came along too..
Ningzhi also brought mentos chewy for me xD THANKS GIRL.
We have beer and played true or dare again..
But I only drink a little of beer because the smell really sucks..
Regretted playing dare, so misleading.
However, I believe that he is treating me just like normal friends.
I'm already trying not to give people false hopes..
Seriously, I think I might still stay in the nun club in the coming years *Grin*

I'm getting quite emotional these days..
Don't know is it because of my hair, or is it I'm too lonely?
Or is it because my eldest sister keep telling us what stupid acts she did to save a failed relationship..
I am at a loss..
But I'm more worried that who can save my hair first!!
Haizz x(


Sep 2, 2009
I really can't survive w/o a computer at home..
Shit I hope shamus can let the lappy stay until I found a job to buy a new lappy..
It's so inconvenient w/o it man..
I have to "run" back to TP to use computer..
Everybody seems so act busy and completely ignore me..
Reality is no money no talk..and tt's very true..
Haix..can't help..I really need a job but it's damn far sia..
One @ buona vista, another @ science centre..
I think have to wake so early for work and travel so far, it's so tough..
PLEASE, job come find me man..
Today's false alarm made me so disappointed..
I tot I can immediately go interview but end up..sian..

I need $$ to dye hair, cut hair..(even xiaowen complain my hair very ugly)
I need $$ to buy things, for entertainment..
I need $$ to buy laptop..

There are so many things I wanna buy..I think one job is not even enough la..
So how..

I don't know when can I really get the job..(after so many "interview")

Oh my tian ah!!!