Jun 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Miss Mei Wei!

Wah..19th this year..so stress wor ^^

Getting older and more pressure from my course..

Hahaha..but I told myself I will get through this semester soon..

Say goodbye to the terrible fat man soon ~v~

I'm so happy on this big big DAY!!

Thanks to my family, Chris, Shamus, ningzhi and peini for making this evening so WONDERFUL!
And I will not forget those who wishes me happy birthday online, through sms and Facebook..

I appreciate that and at least you still care to say or write something nice to me on this day...

Love you all :D
By the way, if you are wondering what am I doing these days, here is some info:

I'm so crazy about "boys over flower" drama.. esp. lee min ho and kim bum LoL..

Despite of being one year older now, I'm still like those teenage girls, being so engrossed in such drama and hope that they can be the female lead, so that they can get near to the handsome guys =X .. (I know so much because I'm like that too :P )
At least there are still hopes for some handsome guys around my age in this world la!
However, apart from watching that drama, I'm seriously struggling on projects..

I think I feel like vomiting blood when I see that stack of work that has not been done..

I'm trying my best already! got to get over this bloody semester..

Ganbatte to myself and everyone! I will put more fuel to make sure the journey will go on smoothly..

I will look forward to the second semester!