Aug 27, 2006
Wahoo, k box~~
lalala..Early 8 am wake up to dress up because we are going for K lunch. and next, we are stilz late for the bookings..Haha xP..Sing sing Sing a lot of songs which are so challenging tat we sound extremely, sad for the daniel-look-alike waiter who served us! wahaha..The new lunch set taste sucks =x oops but i really have to say! i forced myself to eat all cuz with tis thinking tat "Africa kids don't even have things to eat and u stilz waste! " ..but i feel like vomiting after tat =D i like the fish only actually! tahaha..Then, series of unfortunate things happen. I'm being scolded plus punished by the stupid smrt uncle..F*u*k o*F man..i'm innocent lor, is the stupid machine slow lor..Aiya, i also dun care le! next>> actualli i'm nt in mood but i tried my best to think positively..i will always believe tat "there's always a way to solve problems!" hope it will goes the same as tis time as well xP hmm then we went to suntec to take my sister's salary and shop there for a while before my sis and i get tired and decided to go back to kovan! After coming back home, we went to 703 coffee shop eat dinner and tata finish..i also have a good chatting session with sabrina...heehee! Byebye, i'm very tired le..tomoro stilz need to wake up for morning run! aH~~ BB take care xD

Aug 22, 2006
Yoz, i'm back fully awake and well. I have recovered from my flu's only occasionly few drops of mucus flowing down and drip on my book(ew..) haha xP Today, i really can't believe my ears! my name was mentioned by our dear emath teacher as the onli top 2 students in class who got A1 for prelim emath paper! so shocking tat i nearly faint (a lil exaggerating) recall back tat day >> i slept 4 hrs only and in the morning, i'm in a sleepy state. I slept in the bus and nid my dear frens to wake me up. Actually i din sleep well becos i kept playing com, slacking and doing other nt relevant to studies stuffs. But i got flip through the e math 5 yrs series and flies for less than 30 mins.! but there's good thing and bad things abt getting A1..good thing is becos the marks is very impt for me to pull up my best 3 score....bad thing is tat i need to face more jealous faces and sarcastic comment frm people (u know who u r..some from my class) But i hack care abt it becos i really dunno y muz they jealous? there's nothing to jealous about! i can do it, so can u xD ..i don't like it actualli, so don't do it again plz! end off there..bye xP i hope those people can stand in my shoes..thank you very much! thanks to people who tag my blog!

Aug 21, 2006
Today is a new start after prelims, but everyone is in a sleeping condition! I think i'm also one of them, still in my dream. I suddenly realised my n-level is around the corner..2 weeks time to buck up only! I know i did badly for every subjects in prelims but i'm so relieved when my teacher says "hmm, you have done not bad for your paper, got improvement! " I'm very shocked actually. Haha, just to tell your don't give up..Be determine to do what u want the most!

Sorry, i didn't know tat you dun like it. Now i'm feeling a bit guilty..donno why i kept talking about tat person? But i think it's due to boredom bah..i hate tat too..i'm really sorry! i hate myself because i do not know why i become like tat..can i just block them and say goodbye to them! i really don't bear to do that cuz i treat everyone as friends le. Hence, i shouldn't do tat. Maybe it's fate bah...fated tat i muz get involved in tis kind of things- so troublesome and wasting of time! Now i feel like a little girl, chasing after idols like mad dogs..isn't tat funny? but i cannot turn back time neither i can forget all this precious memories..can anyone juz fill up my time so tat i will not think so much le?? no one wants to care abt me lor..even i sick they also dunno. I feel like a cinderella (but not as pretty as her) muz do all the hsework and they don't even show gratitude for wat i have done 4 them! i can say that my relationship with them had strained.. one is busy with her boyfriend,another is busy forgetting his ex and dating out her friends and third is worst, onli know how to ask me to do tis do tat..otherwise, she didn't tok to me at all..Last person, din tok to me more than 5 words a day! Why it all becomes like that? my life had totally screwed up! anyone can help me to repair it? I'm very hurt and depressed. Nobody stands in my shoes. why why~~~~

Aug 20, 2006
haizz..I'm sick and tired. I suppose to be very happy going out now but i wanna peng liao. I caught a bad flu in the morning plus a bit of sore throat. Arg~ so ma fan. But luckily it happens after the exam! Otherwise it will be worse. lolx =) Haha, wat a coincideNce! patrick also sick le. I found out juz now..spongebob sick patrick also sick! But for his situation, i think he got enough fun le lah (with girls)! tiring thing for him and me to suffer from sickness now..hope he will get well soon bah! xD For me, i think it's so touching to hear "take care" greetings from friends. You guys are so sweet, thank you =D. Finally, i got someone to pei me next week. i hoped it won't be another empty promise made by them...xP lalala..take care everyone! don't be like me k..haha =)

*didn't know he had changed the gathering date. But anyway, he had enjoyed a lot with girls le la..Worth it liao! not like me, sick until cannot move =( but i think i will get well very soon de! back with surprises xP

Aug 18, 2006
I'm very sad & disappointed by the reply this person gave me actually..
The problems going like tis~~
starting after June, i feel left out by you.. because you are always with school friends and somebody else..I'm not jealous of them. But the answer u gave me today ruined my happy mood! It's suppose to a happy thing becos my exams is finished but i'm damn moody.. I just request to go out after your exams and what i get is " i got no money to go out " ..before this week you say you got exams..ok, understandable tat u wanna to study for it and ask whether u can go out wif me after exam,you say you got no money to go out..what next then? i'm quite angry becos sometimes i heard tat u go out wif ur friends..if not jiu shi S.H.. can you just spare a little time for me? ok, fine..i'm very tired of all this ! don't go out with me don't go la..i don't give a damn now because i'm terribly disappointed in everything le! why muz it be all me, all my faults and stuff? everyone is busy next week becos of exams or studies..but my holiday break dues end of next week! wa lao...=( I don't care anymore..get lost!

Aug 17, 2006
Although i'm really very tired these days, i wanna to finish polishing my blog. Now, i have finished doing it le! mission complete xD so happy .. but dun ask me regarding my exam..there's onli 1 word i can say " i'm doomed in tis round" =x sad to say but i hoped it will be over soon..i really give up! i didn't have the chance to sleep well for days le, yet i faced so many difficult questions and i didn't even know how to answer them!

Something to share wif ya
actually i'm very annoyed on tuesday morning. I didn't study at all for my 2 subjects and rushing to peep lil thing from my files. During morning assembly, our VP announced those ppl who didn't punch card for the day. Surprisely, i'm being called up. But i have already punch finish few days ago le! i'm so embarrassed to stand in front of whole school and later, it's juz a mistake. The stupid SL didn't even say sorry when she realised tat she has made a mistake. I have already completed my punch card. First word cum out from my mouth is tat "F" word but wat's already done cannot be undone. Thus, i just wanna to say " SL in xinmin sec, plz open ur eyes big big before u do anything! " I'm famous le..=X

haiz, 4hrs of sleep a day.. so tired =( i even slept in the bus before school. Thanks jiamin and noraini for waking tis pig up! my eyes can't open big big and i look so shack. I'm looking forward to the last paper and going k box with my dear "wei lai superstar contestant" peishi. Jia you wor everyone.. all the best for those guys in poly who have exam next week! seeya =D
ending off here..Bye, going for movie? tell me if you want plz =)

Aug 11, 2006
haha..hey hey, i'm back with new post! hmm, wat can i describe my mood? v v tired of a guy? money? exam? school? i realli dunno but i think it is a mixture of those tat i mention! sad=( recently, my mood swings, can say vigorously becos u can see from my angry until chao tah face, U shaped mouth and sloppy look...My eyes wasn't even open when i walked back home frm school (luckily i din fell off the bridge, but i kept knocking onto things e.g a pole out of nowhere and many more=P)..i dunno why am i so tired..actually i think i slept a lot le, so don't nag at me k (to makan king)..haha xD plus " I KEPT EATING NON-STOP MAN!!!! " wasn't sure why but my x x Big appetite also make me quite worry...becos i have no $$ to buy food to feed my stomach la!! hope my stomach will listen to me plz...[ i eat a lot when i'm sad, stress, tired and happy ] feel sorry for my sisters..i have eaten all the snacks liao..oops =X bleah ..

Yesterday, i'm very slack. I didn't study for my chinese paper today and i stayed awake for the whole night, playing com and staring at the ceiling, enjoying the air con! nice chat with everyone becos i didn't online for a few days or i ignored u becos i'm feeling vexed these days.. And most importantly, i got my favourite song at last from (^^)Y a kind soul.. It's gazette : Cassis Type B album - togoru ! i also like man..the drums and guitar part is PoWer man and the vocalist voice also very cool.. plus others..too many tat i lost count of =) i suddenly realised i owe a lot of things : a big fest for blah A , movie treat for blah B, sweets for blah C, lunch for blah D, TIME for blah F...wah wah wah i think i'm broke again! i stilz thinking of K box..gosh xP i'm too greedy leh..wanna do it all!

Anyway, i wanna say Happy birthday to yi lin! thanks 4 ur cakie in the morning but nxt time u can try less cream and more fruiti cake..haha=D rmb to leave a share for me hur~ kekeke x) don nid to ask abt my chinese's lousy but 88% can pass (i hope so) =X ...seeya again nxt week =) i will call u de k! becos prelims over le ma and i'm planning the movie trip liao! leisure time is needed for me to strive harder and spicing up my boring life yea! ByeBye ^.^

Aug 6, 2006
i'm really very "High" yesterday, never been so happy before tis year...
although it's very tiring for me to wear the high heel almost the whole day, it worths the effort!! when i entered the expo at around 4.30+ , i asked my friend, peishi to chop a place for me becos i know there will surely be a big crowd there..then when i reached where she is standing..i realised SHIT, my tickets with stamps are at my another friend, who support soul, there.. Thus, i panicked and deseperately searching for her..Luckily, i got my tickets back becos she is going to sit with alfred's mama!! we saw sly before the supporters gets in..very very stuck up =X ..even he came really late yet he also can stand in front, i got the urge to bash him up at tat time man!!! When we entered the hall, we ran towards the front of the supporter area and we stood in the middle of the second row! but later, sly again..he was on the right beside my friend with his girlfriend.. Actually i also don't care abt his presence becos i don't like him..Then when peifen came, she asked him to stand in front of me..wah sei.. (he is so tall, his head keep blocking my view lor)..but luckily we met up with one of the lucify mem's mama, my mood got slightly changed...We kept screaming and screaming and screaming for lucify and she seems to enjoy it a lot...BACK TO 18 YRS OLD..uhoo xD too bad although we voted a LARGE amt for lucify, they stilz cannot survive through the first round..sad =( ..but we are mentally self- prepared le la! continues to rocks on guys, you all have done a great job...i have enjoyed so much in the music played by lucify..Thanks for bringing us fun xP i got a little bit chance to see them aft they perform but they really didn't take notice of me la..( doll up myself so much yet ur didn't see me =P ) nvm, maybe next time bah =) hee..i cannot catch the last bus, so sad..Hence, i gong gong figuring out my way back home again..But fortunately, later, i met a very good taxi driver.. =D haha.. and finally i walked back home, half awake cuz i'm really very tired!! everything is over le and i got to rest a bit and set off for my prelim le plus n-level.. i'm not very worry abt Ns but my prelims sure very difficult de..XMS standard very high leh! see the exam paper i'm gonna peng first..kekeke ^o^ so seeya two weeks later first..and 1 week for all the leisure and entertainment b4 n-level comes..yeah xD so excited actually...take care everyone and rest well man! (esp those u know who are u la) study hard to end off there..i will bring ya the lastest update if i got k! ByeBye my deers and ducklings Y(^o^)Y

Aug 5, 2006
Finally, i get rid that unhappiness and misery feeling in my heart over tat particular person..I got the confidence at last to tell myself that we are plainly friends or strangers! i didn't really talk to you becos i'm busy, hope u will understand..hahaha..Now, i'm free again. I told you i lost interest in things very quickly liao..thus if i got problems abt EVOL, it will not lasts long..oops =X..Arg~~ i need photos to spice up my day!!! recently, after the interview last sat, i never got the chance to take pic..maybe i'm too lazy to doll up myself tis week and my eyebags are becoming darker and bigger! gosh man..everyday 4 hrs or less to sleep..worse than superband people..i also dunno why? maybe too busy with my com and stuffs and i worked too much of my brain during school hours=P Last day,finally, so excited and happy becos i got over with superband aft sat..but plz do stay contact with me and remember me otherwise i will freeze u with my jokes xP Ah~~crap too much again! ok..after tomoro finals i will update my blog again, so stay tuned to my blog! plz vote for lucify B1 sms 71199 k? hee xD

Aug 3, 2006

" I thought i can accept but i can't.. i'm always putting on smile when you see me personally but it's getting more fake becos i'm not in the mood these days.. If you see me smiles, actually i'm very hurt inside. Perphas i should take a break after prelims but i promise my deers and ducklings i will be back for all the leisure, meetings or stuff like =) sorry for the inconvenience ppl! i tried to be more optimistic le!"

struming the guitar at my friend's home..
playing baby size keyboard at home..
wanna find andrea to teach me more after her Os..
worries of n-level
this is all the things that got through my brain..
i just need some support from u guys!!
after support superband, can you all support me? hahaha
gotto end off there becos school is going to start soon and i need to prepare le..byebye seeya =D