Apr 28, 2007

Beautiful days in class turn into nightmares. I am feeling so stress and tired. I am, like a lazy pig, waiting to be slaughter. I see a lot of people being very hard working now. I still cannot find my path to study. I'm lost in the mist. Will i be able to make it? i have no confident to answer this question...just pray hard pray hard that i can do well. It's easy to say "i must to hard working from now onwards" but it's difficult to move my lazy bones too!

"Cos i have a bad day.."
Yesterday,i have English mid-year oral examination. The examiner is Mrs doreen Ng, who is also my oral mentor. I was very nervous at that moment cause i didn't have much confidence in doing well. Just to let your know, i always fail my English. I thought i have enough practise before the oral starts, but everything has gone wrong after that. When it was my turn to speak, my heart stopped for a minute, and i continued reading the passage. I fumbled over words again and my heart beats so fast as if i'm doing exercise. I did badly for picture discussion and conversation too. I am really depressed. I am doomed. -.- haiz..
Chocolates seem to make me feel more comfortable.
Back home, i surfer the internet to watch 大熊医师家 on youtube.
Have a fabulous dinner and watch Tv!
Do some pages of E math Tys until 2!!!!!!! -.- zzZ

Today, i am very late for remedial. I overslept. I wake up at 9.30 am whilst the lesson starts at 8.30. I am so embarrassed to enter the AVA room with 100++ of eyes staring at me. I did not get scolded by Mr tang anyway "HENG ar" hee... -_-''

REPLIES in tagboard:
=D: Hey, thanks for reminding me about my grammatical mistakes! When i saw that taggy, i "burst-ED" and told my sister about this. What a stupid mistake i had made! wahahahaaa ^~^

Kenneth: Maybe one day you might see me..drop by my class 502 and say Hi !!! let me find out where is your class first =P =P

Willy wonka: I did badly for my oral!! let you down..sob ~.~

Apr 22, 2007

Promo for Spongy..
Because of him, then i realised that i'm so ignorant
The love of cartoon is gone within me..
Now, when i saw this advertisement, i realised how stupid i am in the past.
Anyway, it is the past.
An idiot who only knows how to play drums and basketball in his life..
But the love for spongebob will always be there for the moment..

And slowly...forgotten


I'm having insufficient of sleeps thesedays. I think maybe because i practised my chinese oral at night only.I had been so "hard working" to improve my reading loud although i come from a chinese-educated family and my chinese is not that bad, i still have some problems with my language. Everytime when oral comes, regardless English or Chinese, i think due to my nervousness or whatever, i will fumbled over my words. Fluency and nervousness is my vital during oral. On friday, which is the day of chinese mid year oral, something happened unexpectedly. I pretty nervous at that moment. When i am practising silently at a distance from the examiner seating on a roller chair( office chair), one of the chair's roller fall into the small drain beside me. I ended in an awkward positon while everyone looks at me, giggling. My chinese teacher, Mr tang, which is the examiner next door, saw that too. Then, i carry on reading, feeling a bit embarrassed. My read aloud is good because the passage is kind of easy but i sucks at my conversation. I thought i'm able to do it. Due to my nervousness, i missed out a lot of points which i know but my mind suddenly blank out at that moment. I really hate myself that i missed the chance of getting distinction for my chinese oral. *Arg* -pissed


At 8.30am, i went for chinese extra lesson. Mr tank says about what happened during yesterday oral examination. He did not mention my name but it is obvious he was saying about me. Everyone burst into laughters. After the lesson, 12pm, i rushed home as i had to leave home at 1.30pm to take my bursary at someset. But i delayed my time and leave home 2pm. I reached there about 20mins later but no one knows how to go to that place. We had no choice and took a taxi down to the budhist lodge.After the whole boring ceremony, me and peiling went to centrepoint toilet because i had to change my uniform. I had an appointment with my sister, caroline and her boyfriend for a movie later.She is so nice to wait for me in that smelly toilet..haha! After that i sent peiling to mrt station because my sister and her boyfriend had arrived. My first impression of him is a bit hostile. He drove us to plaza singapura and we ate a lot at sakae sushi there. He and my sister took me to some gift shops and arcarde. I GET TO WATCH M18 movie (nightmare detective) too.

Let me judge about his performace today:
Overall performance:60% (if he had been more enthusiatic,talk more and be more happy and lively)
First impression: Not really good (a big room for improvement)
Stomach grade: satisfactory, very full
Atmosphere: very still and cold..not entertaining at all

I hope next time will have some improvements and i think today's trip is acceptable only -.-

This is only my view of point.

Uhmm, i'm such a slacker, using my study time to blog. But anyway, i used to finding excuses to go online. Hee.


Apr 15, 2007
Yesterday, it is homecoming day!
A day when all the classes in the school must set up a business to raise funds for the needy students in the school.

I reached at 8am because we have to attend the speech day, which is also called prize presentation day, in the school hall.
To me, it was rather boring even though some of my friends are there, receiving prizes too. The ceremony ended at 11am. We went to change our uniform to class T-shirt after that. I was shocked that the T-shirt seem to be a little big for me and i really looked a bit "ding-dong" at that moment. I don't care about my shirt and continued my way to find jiamin for ticket money. Suddenly, at the corner of my eye, i saw peini and walk towards her as fast as i could. So good of her to accompany me eating and chatting from 11 until 2. I was so full after eating 2 bowls of nachos, tea egg, fruit explosion(like ice kachang), immitiation of mango lingo,the stick of fishballs, soybean drink from 501, fried mars bar and a little bit of popcorn chicken from jophillien. At 1.40pm, my sister came and we walked around under the hot blazing sun, uncertain of what to buy because some of the food stalls have already closed. Then, we saw ALFRED from soul. He is handsome but what amaze us most is his speech and reaction. He kept complaining to Alan from our class, "It is so hot. Where to go? .." at the entrance of the fair. We laughed and concluded that he is so CC like a girl!! I think they stayed not even 30minutes and left the school. My sister and i walked past every stall and hope to spend the tickets we had left. I bought muah chee,soy bean drink again and jelly(persuaded by Judy) from 501 and almond jelly from my own stall,and two cups of Pepsi. I don't think this year graduating 5n had earn a lot compare to previous year, especially 501, bo sheng yi(no business) at first and resorted to mobile selling. We managed all the tickets by spending it on the last items, two decorated fake flowers, for $1 each. We met Alvin Ann and chatted until a jealous girl of his batch started talking sarcastically and giving attitude. We left Alvin and suddenly it rains. We stayed for a while because i thought we need to take attentance. But nothing was done. We left the school and went to kovan to buy star bottle.

On the way back home from kovan, i invented a joke of my own!
Here it goes...
If your mistress is 二奶(er nai) in chinese,
What is your wife in chinese?
( clue: the answer ends with nai )







Still pondering about the answer?
i shall reveal the answer

Answer: fresh milk 先奶 (which sound the same as 鲜奶)

get the joke? for the chinese..

Ok, here comes to the end of this entry. I hope i will blog but no promises because mid year examination is around the corner, i will not have time to go online. Today, i am so slacking thus i didn't do any revision at home. Where is my exam mood?????? God knows :-)

I like this song and lyrics very much Y.

1st vers:

2nd vers:



3rd vers:



(repeat chorus*)


(repeat chorus**)

It's a sad song which talks about a guy who secretly admire a girl who has a boyfriend. When the girl was hurt by her boyfriend, this guy always stayed by her side to console and care about her. When their relationship got closer, that guy thought he got the chance to get the love of that girl. But he failed. That girl choose to get back to her boyfriend regardless of the pain her boyfriend had caused. At last, she still love her boyfriend. That guy thought he can give the girl his care and love,and he thought the girl may accept him. But he still could not get her love in the end. >.<

I just roughly say about the story of the song. Haha, although it's a lousy translation for the malays, but i tried =)

Apr 10, 2007
Why am i so unhappy today?

Maybe i am just too sensitive about the things going on. Now, i can stand in the shoes of all the teachers throughout Singapore. I am really disappointed with myself and i feel sorry for the people i taught today. What Syakir commented about me in Maths remedial lesson is correct. I am just "wearing a hat that is bigger than my head". Neither i know how to teach nor know how to do. The coach is even more stupid than the members. How can she be the coach?
At that moment, i am totally confused and panicky when i know i taught the members the wrong thing. I really feel very guilty for today's mistakes and i wish to apologize. I tried to be strong at first but i can't. I felt extremely depressed when i saw my members losing confidence in me, struggling to get help from the others.

The confidence level slowly declined and i have no will to continue anymore..
I bursted into tears at last and left the class silently.
I just want you all to spare a thought for me and listen to me for a while.

Meiwei's feelings:

"Who want to stay awake until 2 am just to clarity and to be prepared to teach others tomorrow with my sister, who is my Maths tutor at home?"

I am not those people who always do revision at home. I am not genius in everything. I am very free neither and why i choose to stay up and wait for my sister to be back home and teach me? I can just hack care about everything and goes on doing the wrong thing. I admit that i do not know how to teach neither i am good at Loci. I scored 14marks only for the previous test. But since i'm assigned as the coach for Loci, i try.
I don't blame anyone for Today's mistake.
Although my sister taught me the wrong thing yesterday, i don't blame her. Instead, i am very grateful to her for teaching me even though she is very tired after work. She sacrificed her sleep for me.
I felt a surge of pain in my heart for letting down my tutor and i am sorry for wasting my members' time. I am also disappointed and discouraged. To be pessimistic, i am a damn loser. A loser who is sensitive and unable to control my own feelings. I can't stand up by myself anymore ∪∧∪

From now onwards, i tell myself, i will not be entertaining questions anymore in all subjects. I have no confident to teach anyone anymore. After this lesson, i learn a lot about the people around me.

I am perfectly alright now. I will try to remove the thorns in my heart because i can't bare the pain anymore.

Try standing in my shoes.
But i know no one will bother to do that.

"I will try to forgive and forget, but not forever!"

Signed off -

Apr 6, 2007
Some highlights

Guess what? It's someone's birthday on 31 March and now, DADDY's 47th birthday !!!

The Aries Couple:

hahaha.. sweet right?

☆おいしね good food cooked by mum

envy me? good food to eat and funny parents fighting for the camera shot!

Guess whose birthday on 31 March ?






Tata...It is our dear mum's birthday!!! The queen of the three beautiful princesses. Lol ^.^

Change the focus of the camera

Let's view some new photos of me. Limited edition ones. So don't miss it!

There will be more pictures coming up .. (if i got the chance snatch the camera frm my sister) Since today is my Daddy's birthday, which is a GOOD FRIDAY (yeahyeah, public holiday!) , let's sing a birthday song to him..

Follow the lyrics:

Happy birthday to you, (high pitch)

Happy birthday to you, (low pitch)

Happy birthday~~ ~~~~~ to Daddy!

Happy birthday to ya! (slow)

Apr 5, 2007

ST. John promotion parade on 4th April:

I hated this day and i will never expect to be promoted or what so ever. I finally saw the true colour of everyone. Someone made me very disappointed throughout the whole activity. A person who i thought he is the cutest,one of the best among the seniors, the most caring and friendly i had seen in my whole life. Just because i said something wrongly and you do not want to respond, looking away, making me feel like an idiot. The good image of him in the mind was truly destroyed within a second.

I am the chief medi in the promotion parade, maybe because they have no space to put me anywhere. But i am glad that i meet new people i never notice in st. john . Although the members in medi are naughty at times, i feel that they are really cute. I never know i had never miss out someone who is around me, Kenneth. He claimed he got the best section commander in camp but i don't even know. He is very different from other guys. But anyway, don't think otherwise. I don't like a guy who is younger than me by 2 years. Haha.

I ended off the activity by putting back all the first aid stuff back to sick bay, which is so heavy, and left the place, tired and sadly.

3rd April:

After doing Maths transformation exercise, i decided to draw some weird thing

The first time ever in my life i drawn something so creative.

The first family photo we ever taken in 2007. (last taken in ard. 1996s)