Mar 29, 2011

Starting on 4 April 2011.
Hope I will do it well :D


I hope my choice is right, though I feel a little upset to see all my friends applying for uni.
Shall prioritize what is more important and I shouldn't be selfish to let my sister handle all the burden..
I should find a job, work hard and earn money so that I can contribute to the family.
So I will go uni, but next year..remember my words!

Today's interview is a pretty lousy one.
I just think the interviewer doubt I'm those kind that cannot sit in front of computer that long..
That's ridulous I think.
Anyway, she wasn't convince by my answer and kept asking me the same thing.
Totally annoyed.

Nevermind, it's time to start the computer again.
Tomorrow will be a better day!
I'm pretty optimistic that I will find a good job :D
Wish me lucks.
Thanks for the good lucks from you all, I will buck up de, fighting!

I am not that terrible after all.. :P

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mar 26, 2011
There's so many things I wanna buy!
Firstly,its polaroid cam..
I wanted it because I think digital cam so common..and my sis alrdy hav 1
Hope I can buy it successfully:-D
Secondly,i wanna buy new clothes,not dress because I got a lot of dress alrdy
Special ones..
Hope those travelling can buy me meimei de clothes back to sg;-)
Thirdly,balloon sculpture for my mini birthday party on 4june..
very ex..but I hope got small ones..
In conclusion, everything is for my birthday!
Want it to be fun and perfect like the way I wanted..
Hopefully it will come true.. :-)

Mar 23, 2011
I'm all ready for my plan!!
Event planner for my 21st party!
It's on 4June (Sat)
Firstly, hotel rooms, going to book..
However, I'm still in a dilemma :( about the number of rooms..
Btw, other than that, everything is okay..
On that day, I just have to smuggle lots and lots of food to the room :D
Hope I get a connecting room, best!
Everything will be alright when it's nearer!

All the best for my interview tomorrow!
Capital is important so that the plan can go well o(>.<)o

Mar 14, 2011
I think I will fail my mission this month again.
Totally pathetic, no money!

Mar 12, 2011
(Still in jobless status)T-T
However, I am obsessed with watching videos!
Hello Baby :D :D :D
Cute Soshi mom SNSD and Shinee Oppa (outdated but it's still entertaining -.-''')
Now I know why Shinee so popular :XX
Nice dance, Nice vocal, "Good" looks and Funny..oops

Then I realise some songs that I always listen to are sang by 2AM..
I start watching their MTV :X drooling over guys again *shy*
Indeed, very very slow becos I not into K pop in the past :P

Haiz,too bad Lee MinHo no new nice drama recently..

Let's count how long am I going to stay at home! It's nearly a month already :(
Job please accept me :D

Look forward to more post.. FIGHTING Meiwei ^^

Mar 7, 2011
Stop daydreaming meiwei!
Really feel so confused and upset whenever I talk about uni..
I give up in UNLV alrdy..totally give up..
Firstly, it's because my parents object the fact tt I need to go overseas for a month in order to graduate.
In the first place,they don't even can afford it if they let me study in UNLV :(
Secondly,the problem lies with me..
I don't even have the passion for hotels at all!!!
I just wanna a degree cert..but I don't want to regret in the future..
So confused, troubled and Haizz..
When I really feel upset, I got no friends to talk to..
Tatty sleeping, NZ not responding..
Only deniece replied, and I really thank you so much for talking to me ^^
I feel better now!

Now all I think of is to get a job :D
It's like back to where I initially thought..

Lastly, thanks DH for the meal today! I will treat ya back XD

Mar 1, 2011
It's killing me~
I couldn't sleep nor go out because I'm waiting for that call.
Someone (withheld)call me @ 11.40am!
I jumped up from my bed but I didn't pick up the call..
Bad impression if that person know I just woke up :P
Unsure whether the call is from the jobs I applied or wat..
Argh..that feeling is bad, butterflies in my stomach!

I need someone to chit chat with me!!!
Please O.O
The feeling just sucks having to wait for a call T-T

OMG..I feel so satisfied with my accomplishments today!

-Done housechores.
-Had a wonderful dinner with Sister Carol @ NEX Swensens.
-Determined to get a degree in SIT hotel administration because only need to study 2years.
-Found two hotel job advertisements (as there is better chance of getting in the course if you have hotel work experience)
-Updated my resume.
-Send in my applications.

Wala THE END OF THE DAY :D so happy!

I wanna get that degree not because I like hotel's because I just wanna to get a degree..
It's difficult to get a placement in SMU accountacy and SIM is so ex, so this is my only choice!
Actually I hate hotel but bo bian, I have to tahan..
I hope to get in.. so that I can get a better paid job in the future!!!
End of all the craps :P