Jun 26, 2006

i'm so happy. first time i cook for three of the members in my family..At first, i really forgot how to cook it becos it has been a long time i din cook porridge..By the way, it actually cropped up =P..i dunno why but ended up i need to scrub the pot after cooking it..*ShiT* i nearly use half an hour scrubing n scrubing all the burnt part in the pot..(luckily i din burn the whole house xP)..i'm the first person to eat my own porridge =) the looks of the porridge is good *relieve* but the taste...far from the standard!!! *vomit*....AT 1 am when my dad and my eldest sis came back, they ate my "you xue you han" porridge. I was so surprised tt my picky sis will say "it tastes nice"...dunno whether she got bluff me but it sounds really GREAT !! *hehehe xD*..mmm, i will never wanna to cook again if i haven master it becos I HATE TO SCRUB THE POTS!! bleah =P..

But i'm still so happy about the comment she say becos she rarely say tt!!

Jun 24, 2006

is tat how u feel when u don't like tat person?

*hohohoho* *laugh till siao*

sometimes i really love tt feeling but it onli lasts for a while..(getting irritated) by tt person..juz simply comment a bit becos onli my sister carol will face tis problem bah *flooded by guys* ..lol..oops =X -i think if she knows tt she will break my neck!! i don have the standard la!don't have the LIAO to compare =P

talking about guys..why so many guys crazy about world cup and getting addicted to betting? not a very good sign cuz I HATE BETTING!! if u're like to gamble so much muzwell use the money to make a donation to me la...i'm really bankrupt personally le!! T-T so sad...

**u can make some donation to me** by taggies

hahaha^^..money can buy me a rainbow ma? hohoho..boo xD

sorry everyone..my blog cropped up and i haven't updated for so long!!
currently busy with housechores and self entertainment...hohoho =P
school is going to start soon and i'm not even prepared for anything yet cuz there's a lot of things happen in my family during these days..although i don't sound sad when chatting with friends but actually i have lots of stress in my brain (even though it is not an examination period). Such problems are money matters especially, mum sickness, my elder sis getting ill too, the medical bills i have spent when i suffered from food poisoning 1 week ago and many more..i can't really remember all too!! =( there's a mixture of happy and sad events happening tis month and i had enough of everything..T-T *sob* *sob* ..i have been staying at home, rotting and doing household chores for almost the end of month!! when can it stop? i have no idea..*haizz*.. anyway i stilz muz look on the bright side of life becos there're always friends who tried to console me and stuff like tat..THANKS to these ppl [my sister, caroline san, alvin san, faiezah, yiyen and peini and more..] maybe i shld give them a BiG kiss when i see them xP bleah(^.^)Y

Jun 8, 2006
I'm so happy yesterday. This is the first time my birthday landed on a school day!! I never expected so much presents from my fellow friends. Although there were only 5 presents from my friends, i really love them man!! so sweet to rmb to gimme presents on my birthday..~~i appreciate tat~~ but i also wanted to thank those people who wished me happy birthday esp. stephaine, earliest to say happy bdae to me on 12.30am.. follow by alvin, the da bian gui who msg me a bdae song abt 1.30a.m !! they're so sweet o(^.^)o ..hahaha..the most surprising is raynor's bdae msg..I tot he forget abt me already because since i lost my hp, i cannot contact him anymore=( ..but he stil rmb me n my birthday (most of the guys have goldfish memory) and he gave me the present i wanted from him 4 a long time..flying kisu =P.. wahaha xD.. i really treasure one of the presents i received; it's a small perfume but i'm very touched tat didn't forget abt my birthday..instead i forgt her bdae (guilty)..it was 2yrs ago when we're always together..but now we r in different classes so there's hardly any chance to see her + she is more busy than me..sad..Anyway, i am still very glad to chat with her again!! some ppl r very nice..although they din give any presents, by wishing me happy bdae will be gd as well....

Jun 2, 2006
currently feeling a bit sad and a bit unsure..mixture of feelings..Sometime, i feel tat although i call myself very mature , actually i'm quite kiddy inside too..Yesterday, i went for my hospital appointment..When i entered into the scanning room..they all treat me like kids..maybe i seems to be their youngest patient bah!! during the process, tat lady give me an injection..at first, it pains..which usually does not happen...After everything, i removed my plaster and saw a small dot of blue-black..T-T no wonder so pain.."she inject it at the wrong place!!!" my godness...I went to make a spectacles and cut thick and curl hair...i love my hair now..more neat and not tat thick le...but the worst thingy i haven't say....i nid to wear specs all day man!! wa, i really don like specs..very kuku and ugly..i think my confidence level will drop until -1 after wearing tat nerdy specs...I juz an Ugly duckling and after wearing tat thingy will make it worse...sad=(..