Feb 4, 2008
It's like so long i didn't blog after I work at precious thots.
I think I am focus at my job bah *bluff*

Regarding O level results
For those who are curious knowing my results, I got L1R4 13 points.
Nothing to hide because it's too lousy.
I choose tourism @ tp as my first choice!!
Hoping hard i will get in! heehee, JOIN PEINI =D *laughs*
Second choice: leisure and resort management
Those people who choose same courses as me *HIGH FIVE*
Maybe I might see the same person again in poly??
After posting, I will publish the poly i'm getting in BIG BIG in my blog!!
So stay tuned to my blog man *yo yo*

Peini's birthday @ 29/12
Aunt peini finally goes 18.
Remember that chinese song, "shi ba de gu niang yi duo hua" ??
(translate) "18 years old girl is like a flower"
I think that means when you are 18, you attract "Bees" bah.

Ningzhi, peiling and me bought lot of foods to her house to celebrate.
And I am shocked that she told me this was her first time celebrating birthday with her family.
The atmosphere was kinda weird, when only 3 people singing birthday songs for peini (with the presence of her parents) in front of the birthday cake.
I think I'm the most fortunate one to celebrate birthday with my family every year.
Then we played around in her bedroom ( torturing tatty) until 12 plus.

-Home Sweet Home-

My online shop
I have set up a online shop selling Valentine's day gift on Jan.
Hope all my friends can support me!!
I will appreciate it if you buy it or help me promote around please.

The website is:

Love you all, please help ^o^

My job
Currently I'm working at Taka, children dept..
If someone got time, come find me la~~
Boring but got lots of handsome guys working there too
Enjoy oogling **giggles**

Coming CNY
It's going to be really boring this cny.

Events on CNY:

Eve: watch TV and sleep

1st day: watch TV and sleep

2nd day: Anna's birthday ( going kbox, watch CJ7 and shopping! )

3rd day: Work

4th day: Work

Sian FULL man -_-


Nowadays, i keep shopping online.
1st reason: LAZY to go out
2nd reason: Friends all working at weekdays

I recently bought 4 bags online.
Super duper cheap.
Like less than $16 you can buy a really nice bag from taiwan.

If next time got cheap lorbang i will post on my blog =DD

ok going off~!