Nov 27, 2007
haiz, my worst nightmare starts on 26 november ..
I didn't sleep on 25th night ...
I am very upset over home matters.
I didn't expect to work on the next day.
Actually, i am not working on monday.
But they last min informed me to come down.
That day is a terrible day.
I go to work feeling really headache and worried.
I was dismissed early. 2.30 pm
I meet bibi for a while do her handphone @ simei.
We went to food court eating claypot rice and ice kachang.
I feel less stressed up but i really feel it's very hard to put on my false smile.
Too tired to laugh out loud from the bottom of my heart.
We concidentally saw peini on bus 72.
Stupid her, always didn't reply my msgs..
But since she so busy, there's no point telling her so much thing..
She is too busy to be my listening ear.
I bought dinner back home.
I am extremely tired and just wanna a good rest!
I slept until 12..
Nightmare comes again.
But less serious than yesterday.
I got some sleep on and off.
haiz, on tuesday i still feel really exhausted,
i don't feel like wake up for work but i have to.

Tuesday 27/11/2007

Today, thotz comes a lot of new stock.
17 boxes! stock-take until i siao.
But i supposed to work at kid republic.
Hence, i kept walking around lor.
Thotz -> kid republic -> Thotz
again and again~
But i am glad i finally know a new person.
I saw her quite a few days back.
I don't dare to talk to her at first.
Finally, today, i know a little thing about.
Actually her character not bad..

In the late afternoon, I received a bad news.
My mum was hospitalised now.
At first, i am very worried and feel like crying.
But i kept telling myself to be strong.
I got two customers unhappy about me somemore.
So sad, so depressed..
Damn suay la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However, a kind soul did something which touched me and i nearly cry.
Tramy bought a four leaves bread and a packet of green tea for me.
She said i didn't eat anything in my break and didn't bring water bottle.
So she gave those things to me for FREE!!
My tears brimmed my eyes.
A simple action really makes me feel damn touched =)

Back home, i ate a little prawn noodles and i don't think like eating anymore.
I thought zhiting wanna to meet online but he didn't turned up.
He must be busy sleeping la -_-'''
Then later, i feel very pissed then i offline.
"Why must you wait until such a serious thing then you console me?"
"Why i approached you whenever i sad you made me feel that you don't even care?"
"Why whenever i put a sad face or an emo msg on MSN no one even cares to ask me why?"
"Why must someone tell you that something serious really happened to our home,you then care to ask me how am i doing?"
I always call you on MSN or sms you but you don't seems to bother.
I just treat you as a good friend,neither lover nor i admire you.
You don't need to treat me so cold ba
i just wanna someone to be my listening ear all the time.
without failed.
Is that very difficult?

I am feeling really frustrated right now!

Nov 22, 2007
Poor sales sia..
Very very tired lor..
I slept at 3 plus yesterday.
I thought today i am not working.
Ended up working from 2-9.30..
*(jelly leg)*
Argh, i didn't know why zhiting angry with me again la..
Please forgive me, forget, and forever ok!!
"Da ren bu ji xiao mei mei guo" = PP
Next month onwards i will be bloody busy.
Don't even have break.
No christmas shopping with friends liao..
Only can come msn at night.
So sad +(
But wasn't that what they want?
They say i work so little ma.
Now i work non-stop then they still comment...
Bloody hell.

I tired le..
Tomorrow still gonna work!
I think it's full time again.
Haiz, better come to Thotz @ TM la...
I very sian xO

Got to go.


Wa lao~
I always blog so late.
Alvin ann birthday has offically ended.
Old uncle liao..= PP

Anyway, I hate the person named HENRY!
1st henry, he is so called tweety bird becos of his lips..
He is my idol in primary school..
Now i think he don't looks good..
Nah, not such comment about him..
But becos of him i know a bastard, TJK.
HATE him forever man!
2nd henry, Action city manager or whatever..
I email him long time ago and now then he replied.
Asking me to work full-time?
I already earn $200 plus @ thotz then you ask me wanna work at action city.
Getting nasty liao.

I settled my problem liao..
Lai yee promised me to let me work more next month.
Thanks lai yee.
I work 3-9.30 today...
When i reported to work, a cute guy, wearing office wear, approach me to take a survey.
I gong gong help him do lor..
BUT he is really cute la~~
His smiley face..and STOP!!
surely got girlfriend de lah..
stop myself dreaming like a desperate housewife, lol.

First case.
I did a grave mistake wrapping a huge pooh bear for a customer..
Actually i not purpose to.. but i did it x(
Cannot back out somemore..thus, i wrap like nasi lemak for him..
MALAY LIKE NASI LEMAK MAH..i think this malay guy will like it..
Very pai sei lah = PP
I told you not to trust me liao.

Second case.
I wrap a very small present for a customer.
The present is from our shop but the ready made wrappers are too big!
So again,i wrapped a very lousy one for him.
He looks blur but i donno whether he is dazed at my wrapping skill.
Damn lousy la.
Somemore i feel very guilty.
I forget to put his gift card into the plastic bag.
I hope he will come back and take the gift card from lai yee please..
otherwise i really very very guilty..
Because tt guy also quite shuai but with a bit blur look..
he must be cursing and swearing now la, lol.
But i made quite a number of sales.

Back home, at msn, i talk to shu xian and viewing their friendster!
As skinny as ever..
So envy sia -~~-
We talked about some past memories..
And i told her my secret.
maybe becos they don't like melon head, big nose..
It's nice (giggle)
She say i pretty, i really feel like fainting sia.

Then we ended the conversation becos she wanna sleep liao..
I continued to see friends profile.
Nice prom night pictures but ugly and lousy place..
Looks like a market in the small =X
They also wear very simple la..
Nothing much to see lor..not the prettiest night of them..
Can be more pretty ^^
nah, i didn't regret la. Just thinking why they take so little.
Nobody got sudden transform to a swan. SAME.

I saw ningzhi's blog about that chalet.
I saw my picture with chicken wing swing about.
Actually i'm faning away the smoke.
So can see my chicken wing very obvious.
so disgusting la!!!!

I gotta wash my face a bit.
Becos today i got makeup.
And my face a bit itchy..
ok la, going off and i'm tired too!


Nov 21, 2007

new hairstyle

Tuesday 20/11
I didn't work until friday.
I think Lai yee toothache quite ok le ba.
So i didn't work today.
But i wake up at 7 plus.
So early.
Then we planned to go hougang mall cut hair.
Going with my mum, anna and chris.
I pissed with my mum for a short period of time becos of different opinions of something
So angry yet cannot argue back.
I went to switch on computer, i saw what zhiting wrote.
I was very angry and sad.
Why am i always be a sinner?
What i did wrong?
So damn suay today la
I cried again. I don't know why i so emo la!!
Keep crying.
Plus somemore play sad song.
More sad and emo..
Then he suddenly online and i confront with him.
After quite some time, i explained to him and he also say sorry to me la.
So, i accepted it that lo.
Shake shake hand, matter settled =P
Then after that we go shopping lo.
Eat lunch at cafe cartel.
Cut hair at Jean Yip.
Then, we have dinner at KFC.
Bought they bought some xmas gifts and i bought a pair of jeans

Later, back home, pissed again.
With my friend.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't even speak to her much.
I'm working now, not you ok.
You thought i wanna earn so little.
But i got no choice.
What you mean by "you want de mah?"
You are not the one who intro me that job..
You know it's so hard to find a perfect job.
And to work like a mad cow!
I'm so so frustrated ok.
Even my sister say i must work more days.
So irritating!!
So i sms Lai yee, ask her help me ask evan whether i can work more.
So pai sei to trouble her. so sorry!! =((
I don't know.
Just do as they please.
I'm tired, very tired...
Life really sucks now!
I don't when i gonna stop all those crap.
that's not the type of life i want ok.
I rather be a donkey. So stupid until donno what is sad..what is emo..
But still got donkey friends be with them.
Now, i can only find ghost friends, a wall and ceiling.
Not even a ear. a listening ear...
THE ONE who can make me slightly happier..
I only can talk to my own ear like a crazy person.
i even sms my best friend, no reply from her.
Nice one
REALLY must thanks her to make me learn to be strong.
Settle the problems myself.
I just make someone angry again.
again and again and again...

STOP IT NOW OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*(crying mode)*

signed off.-

Nov 20, 2007
I'm working at Thotz in TM now.
First day of work 1, i'm late.
Because i forgot we have to take report book.
But one good thing is that i surprised i got level position 23.
So astonished =o
I'm so happy.
But being late really give them a bad impression of me.
At first, my trainer Lai yee seems to treat me very fierce.
Maybe becos i am very stupid la.
No cashiering experience some more.
I handle those Nets or credit card machine so clumsy!
But i have to be persistent. I cannot give up.
Finally, i tried to understand what she taught in head.
So glad ^^
It's a tiring day though.
But i learn a lot.
On 17/11, I work half day at Thotz, half day at kid republic.
It's quite tiring to run around like that.
I just wanna make full use of myself.
I chat more with Lai yee and i realised that she quite gd actually.
It's just that she gets frustrated quite easily.
I think i get frustrated now very easily too.
On 18/11, i work with a new senior.
She is from ngee poly, 3rd year, from engineering.
She is quite a sweet girl making star for his boyfriend.
We have very poor sales.
So sad and boring.
My sister come Thotz to find me.
Then, when it's time to return home.
We quarrelled.
I think it's quite foolish to quarrel over such thing.
But i'm upset more than angry, i didn't do wrong.
On 19/11, I work sometimes at Thotz, sometimes at kid republic.
I didn't angry with sister liao.
It's quite a tired day but meaningful.
I made a lot of sales at Thotz.
However, I also very sad that day.
I quarrelled with zhiting on msn.
I just don't know what i do wrong at first and he scold me like hell.
What guy pride or whatever?
I don't know.
I just feel that why can't i get a good chat?
I really feel very emo @ that moment.
I even cried. No one is there to console me!
I like to joke then what's the matter now?
Everyone know i like to joke. If not happy, tell me nicely, i will know when to stop.
And not scold me like wtf!
Very upset very upset T.T

Nov 15, 2007
I qualify to work @ precious thots!
Thanks caroline for introducing me that job..
Hope you also qualifies for the event sales promoter.
Got income le!!
Shopping for jeans @ Far east today.
I finally got my first jeans ever in my life.
It's a bit big at the waist but it fit well for my flabby legs.
So happy.
I'm gotta focus in work and do it well.
Wish me luck because i maybe working as permanent part-time.
I wanna sleep well now and have a quick bath.
Nites ^^

Yesterday the interview is successfully.
I stand great chance getting the job!
So damn happy =D
Then me and caroline shop @ bugis.
The bugis clothes trend quite aweful.
We bought some things from there.
And return to kovan to get my phone.
So cool, the black one.
After taking the phone, we went Mac.
Happily eating french fries and ice cream!!
Then home sweet home.
Cannot move because I'm really too tired.
I take a little nap only.
I didn't even eat dinner..
Just eat one slice of marble cake in the fridge.
STOMACH pain!!!!
Eat medicine and went to dreamland.

Fucking unhappy with a freaky person.
Freaky character @#$%$#%$#^%^#~

Tonight will be our school's prom night.
I didn't attend.
Can't see me in my pretty gown lo..
Sad right.
Anyway, I'm ok. I didn't regret not going la.
No worries xP

I still feel a bit tired.
I wake up really early today @ 7am.

Zhiting keep resquest for help from me.
I'm very tired ok!
But i promise him liao.
Btw, i really long time didn't wrap presents la!
(just done it today) -whisper ^-

Going for rest again.

signed off.-

Nov 14, 2007
*ucking ***hole

I'm very pissed today.
FOREVER goodbye .
Not again anymore.

I'm collecting my new handphone today.
Although it is not very perfect,
it's fine with me.

Yesterday, i went to the chalet.
I lost my way there.
I walked the same place x3
But still cannot find.
So i got no choice but to ask the security.
So paisei and anymore no hp.
Actually i came very late for chalet.
Sorry but not purposely. =)

I got to go interview for job liao.


Nov 10, 2007
Flu virus is back!
Bloody sian @ home..
Nothing to do.
Nobody to talk to..

I successfully change my blogskin!
Because there's some problems with the setting up of cbox..
Thus, i decided to change my blogskin.

Fed up o.O
Seriously, I forgotten that I still have 1 more paper on Tues.
Don't bother liao~

Me and Caroline quite to have cold war with my eldest sister..
Everyday sleeping in a room filled with very tense atmosphere.
I wonder how long will it lasts..


*(sneeze)* ~

Having my late lunch soon..

Ciao ^-^

Nov 9, 2007
One more paper left.
Poa MCQ~~
waste my time -.-
I need to get a job.
No money.. life is so miserable~
Luckily, i didn't go prom night.
Although, it's very rare to have such an event.
I know what i did is correct!
I'm broke now and all I wanna to do is to work..
Get paid and go shopping~~
Better than wasting so much $$.
Any intro??
wahahahahahah シ
So envy of Peiling wor~~

Yesterday, i went to amk station to meet Peiling.
30min late.
Then, we shop shop around Orchard..
Back to kovan, i coincidentally meet Stella, jasmine and gang!
In my mind, I'm thinking that "Why am i so suay?"
Frankly, I'm not very close with them.
I don't got to say "Hi" to them or "Bye" to them...
So awkward~ ><

I got to exercise.
My big belly is coming out.
Worse still, my thighs looks like "PIG TROTTERS".
Argh ~ Ö ~

I saw Orh bi quack's Friendster testimonial..
So sad.
They should plan to go out with me 吗?
But my exams over liao, no one wanna go out with me.
So disappointed~!

What chalet is that gonna to be?
Another session to be left out?
So messy..
Seriously speaking, I don't want end up like last year chalet again.
kanna bully like nobody business~
So boring and waste of money υ_υ
That feeling sucks ok!! *$%#@#%$*

Pissed .~

Nov 2, 2007
Finally, i left three more papers.
I'm going to free again!!
God bless me *.*
I'm down with slight flu.
So sick -.-
But I don't need "vitamin A" ok!
I'm from "Ermei" 山
I can live well without it ok`.

Today, I'm being left out again.
I don't like her but why still i pretend to join in the crowd?
So sad and lonely..
I miss Peini la, my best buddy!
I longed to go shopping and playing together..
Miss the days w/o any stress..
Stop dreaming~!
Going to the real dreamland 啦 !

signed off-. (with mixture of feelings)