May 24, 2007
Hey, just to update a little...
I'm really busy thesedays as O'level chinese paper is next monday!
Last minute to brush up my writting skills.
Intensive revision is so tough and i didn't get sleep enough this week!!
"Running out of time". Stress.

I didn't do really well for mid-year examination. L1R5 is 36 points. Worst score in my entire life. Totally disappointed. But i tell myself i will strive hard, really hard to achieve my goals L1B4: 14.

Anyway, i will update whenever i got time ya? Work hard, my friends! :)

May 11, 2007
What you should do when your girlfriend is sick?
Selfish freak...

Uhhoo, exams finally over!
Although i am a bit disappointed on my chemistry exam, it's over!
hmm, today is my one-day break before i start revision for my O level Chinese exam on 28 May..

How should i spend the day?
i feel like cycling but i don't know how to cycle well bb

I think the morning rain, caused my morning plan to be cancelled.
**** but I'm also very tired too (yesterday i slept at 2 plus)
In the afternoon, I'm too lazy to leave the house. Thus, i cancelled every appointment for the afternoon.
In the end, i didn't do much today. -.- REST Rest rest..

Yeah, on Sunday, we are going to watch Spiderman 3 !!!!!
Rmb Sunday is what occasion??

Is MOTHER's DaY !! e

haahaa, I still have no idea what to buy.
(start to think of stupid gift ideas)

okay, i got nothing to talk about liao..


May 4, 2007
Volcano erupted now.

My mum quarrelled with my 2nd sister boyfriend over Trivial matter. My mum started the quarrel first over Mothers' day plan. I find it RIDICULOUS actually to see parents quarrelling with boyfriends! Are they really petty or it's fated they don't get along well with our boyfriends. I think there is a serious communication break down between them. It doesn't affect me but i'm feeling a bit irritated. Everytime quarrel and quarrel.. "haizz" getting fed up! I think my future boyfriend is in danger..(Luckily i'm still single now)..hahaha^o^ But i won't ever let this happen!!!!

CAUSE of eruption:
My mum is (Big women-minded, 大女人主义)
She hates people who against her idea or talk back to her.
That's all.

I don't freaking care about this matter. But i will get frustrated when i am being interupted during my resting time!! Arrr.. PEACE PLEASE ~o~

PHYSICS today..

answer: die.- give up.. too difficult

I did not do really well for every subjects.

Such a failure.

This year O lvl ..yet to buck up -.-

I think it's a bit hard for me to get the grades i aim.

Yesterday, i watched "jia you, Jinshun". I came across an advertisement. That person in the charity advertisement seemed familiar. Then, my sister started laughing at me. The first person who popped out of my mind was "VIC MAH". Damn. He don't look well to me (on his appearance) worse than before. This is the first time i saw the advertisement and i am shocked. I replied embarrassingly, "I don't recognise this person. Who is he? " and i hoped i really don't know him in the first place! ASS HOLE**

I lost my beautiful voice in throughout the day. Neither can sing nor talk loudly, unlike the usual me. Cough and flu are contagious. Peiling's sister also get sick (thus she kept complaining about sister). BE STRONG, DRINK MORE WATER. Don't be like me. The feeling of getting sick during examination really kills me. So shag, low-spirited. I only slept 2hrs yesterday. Thus, i gonna have a good sleep now. hee^^

FRUITS AND VEGETABLE A DAY, KEEPS AH PAO AWAY...( *ah pao is the nickname of my family doctor! )
*wink* take care

May 3, 2007
I'm sick.

Tired easily

Stress about exams

Unfortunately, my sickness has made me perform badly in my Social

studies paper today and my Chinese P2 yesterday.

Xtra dampened my confidence

I'm so disappointed in myself. I nearly give up my SS..but in the end, i did give a try. I didn't know that the sick can help the sick. My mum is sick today and coincidentally i'm also very sick today. I think my flu conditon is worse than yesterday but my cough is slighty better than yesterday. What a good grief! I learnt the news from my sister that my mum is very tired now and she is unable to do housechores. Thus, i done it for her. I'm also very tired seriously. But i can't bear to let the house be in a mess. So i do..and do.. and until now. I finally got to rest now!!!

Act CUTE queen.