Aug 31, 2010
We survived through the deadly 3 day NATAS FAIR!
My legs are dead, it's so pain and aching..Feel like disowning my legs!
10hours of standing, 2hours of break(lunch & dinner)
I really quite regret doing this but for the sake of money!
& it gives us an errie feeling about our 4mths attachment in tt company :X

FIRST DAY- black :)
When I get back home near 12 midnight, tired. Suddenly saw a new family member on my bed!
Mr Professor Pig Son, Little Pig ^(oo)^ - on the left


Should study already! this is the last time I'll be using internet till end of the exams :(
For the sake of exam, sacrifice must be made, like O level..
No TV, No Internet, No Slacking.
I must at least get a passing grade :)
I have no hope for very good results tt can push up my GPA, but I just don't want any retake :D

I just got another new lobang intro by SHILIN.
On 13sep - 15 sep :P
Money money coming in.. I'm so so happy! :D
Goodbye blog, facebook, msn messenger and hotmail..
***TURN OFF***

Aug 27, 2010
Overexcited or whatever.. I just couldn't get to sleep now!
Tomorrow working @ NATAS fair for 12 deadly hours :(
I couldn't imagine how is it like, I kept thinking of it despite reminding myself to relax.
Oh no, how? how am I going to survive tomorrow with 3hours of sleep!
I am so worry..

Aug 26, 2010
I feel like DAY 1 of study after feeding so many info for several days..
& I'm living the life of a tamagochi :(
Simply wake up, eat, study or play, tired, eat and sleep :D
This week must eat that MICE! xP

Aug 24, 2010

Newcomer of the month: Mr Professor Pig
Age: 1mth
Mother: Caroline

We gave a warm welcome to him!
(if you realise, he is at the lowest)

I have forgiven pigpig for showing me naked ytd~~ on the board xP

Heh..I couldn't study :D
I'm not determined to study yet :(

A call wake me..I'm early today~ not slept till 3pm at least..
Nothing to do, I look at the calender and started to feel panicky :(
2 weeks to the damn exams!
I pray hard to pass all becos I don't want any retake during internship :D
Wish me good luck xD a lot of times~~
I must study liao..I must..
Please study x(

Cold war mission failed..
I'm so easily food! - my vital point
Not angry anymore..
So lousy xP

I can't study can't study today!!!
I can't concentrate!
Hope tomorrow will be a better day :D

Aug 23, 2010

One expired sandwich + one meat bun + milo = my meal of the day :(

I am glad to see in FB that there are still people who haven't started studying!
Relieved :)
So why am I torturing myself now?
I haven't had that hunger to study yet..& forcing myself to study gets nowhere..
I should let it come naturally..

Still have to congrat Caroline for passing your exam. (though I'm still angry wif u for not keeping ur promise)
I take everything everywords everysms for real..!

I'm getting too emotional lately.
I shall stop complaining about life here..

There is only one way of happiness, in life: to love and be loved.
- George Sand

is the only way I can describe my feelings now.
I did the right thing by changing my blog to make myself happier..
I feel lonely and sad yesterday..
The most happiest thing I did is to watch Sex in the City @ 4am yesterday :D after studying..
Dad even fried an egg for me, my favourite. *touched*
I had completely lost my mood to study now.
Hope it gets better later..

Life is full of contradictions.
When it's project period, you wish the time can pass faster so that you can have breaks. But when it's break period, you hope the time can pass slower..
Sometimes you can get very happy, and suddenly you feel sad or angry..

"There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing" -Brian Tracy

Aug 14, 2010
Here comes the 4 weeks study break...

So relaxing~~ everyday sleeping till very late, wakeup, watch tv & sleep again..
I self-declared one week of own entertainment break :D
It's ending soon.. gotta really really study on Monday!!
Time pass really fast now.. it's like 15aug already.. & I haven't even start studying
I never even go out at all because I'm broke and I wanna save on transport fee..
Life w/o concession is so sian >.<
Yesterday, completed all the bejeweled challenges FINALLY !

Someone really bored can get very happy over such little thing! :)

I went gym today with sis carol.
Cannot believe that I'm tt fat now.. from 49kg to 55kg O.O
The most funniest thing is, after all the exercises, I weigh again & I'm 56kg!?
Exercise help me gain 1kg! Unbelieveable xP
Next time don't exercise already..Hahahaha
I'm now trying not to eat supper and finding alternative ways to get slimmer..
I wanna dance..can anybody teach me for free..
Watching movie now..
Blog next time :D