Jul 31, 2006
"may i should really wait, wait for something to strike between us..but when tat time comes, i really donno wat to do..can u plz tell me so? i shall wake up, really wake myself from my sweet dreams..i hope tat's onli a dream becos i won't pin some hopes for impossible things to happen..."

SuperBand is gotta to be over soon..maybe i can't see all my dears and darling anymore leh..kinda sad =( becos through superband, it brought us together and leave a very happy moment for us..i really have much friends who love music, singing and playing all sorts of instruments and now, i can meet so many at one time! u can say i sounds childish or anything.. but i'm speaking the truth! the words deep in the bottom of my heart =D thanks again you guys...happy ending le..do contact me often and anyone can kindly juz teach me more drums and electronic guitar ok?
muacks to tis ppl who i treasure my relationship with :
sabrina =D
liyana =P
peishi xP

ji rong x)
hanse gege =)
and vics xD

photos taken on 29/7 with all my dears and darlings xD
starting frm left first is peishi, vics, shinya, liyana and hanse gege!!

pls don't wu hui hor..and sorry i'm very xtra in the pics becos i'm extremely ugly in those pics..i really really enjoy the day! thanks everyone =)

aiya..i suddenly feels tat i'm very kpo..becos i saw something and stand in her shoes for a moment..but i cannot only hear one side of the story but u know girl usually help girl ones..maybe i shld say i help guys onli..oops =X
r u feeling the same way as me? hahaha =D

Jul 30, 2006
yea yea..i told my family a lie except my sis caroline : firstly, i told my mum tat i'm going out with my friends (yaya i'm going out with my friends to watch superband recording!! if i let my mum know she will slice me into half man.Arg~~) Next, when i got home, my sis Anna ask me, "eh, u go out dating ar..stilz wear until so nice.." (yup, sort of..but i'm dating wif superband..hahaha..and some ppl, u know la) thirdly, my dad dunno abt anything..he just know tt i got home on 12 tat's all..lol!! sorry i lied becos i know you all sure don't let me go if i say i'm going superband thingy! some wanna to share my happy stuff to ya:
  • i meet hanse, my gege and have a great chat with him yesterday!! he is such a nice man yea! thanks 4 ur tics by the way =)
  • i saw the most funniest scene vics does..laugh until head off xP
  • i took photos with so many ppl..so happy becos i love taking photos man..luckily i din appear to be very ugly in those photos =P
  • i took pics wif the air con master and i admitted i'm short ok! don't look "down" on me =D
  • i joke around in the mdc and chat until i'm very shuai b4 i left!!
  • i managed to get home at 12 otherwise my sis will phone me and kaopeh me!!
  • happy feelings and memories kept in myself even now..xD
  • i suddenly become the most luckiest gal in singapore becos u told me so.. thank you ^o^
  • someone praised me very pretty yesterday! thanks, for lying to me but i appreciate tat!!
  • i helped someone to make her dream come true! misaki stilz din forget her and now she is stilz over the moon..like me too!!!

ya. tat's all happen yesterday, for ur information..my friends around me! don't jealous of me plz becos i'm not use to it!! i can do it so u can, be confident =D

Jul 29, 2006
"You teach me what is love and make me grow stronger. Perhaps maybe someday u might fall for me, but i know that day will never comes.."

RoAd Run today
haizz..i forced myself out of my beautiful dream and next thing, i found myself at the school hall. I wasn't ready at all but i also don't care. Maybe i shld change the name of the event to "Road Walk or Road to my home" haha..juz when i was day dreaming in the class (all the lame thoughts got into my mind ) suddenly images of him flashed in my mind. Arg~~ again again..
haha, today i'm very relieved tat person din cum for school..sounds pretty bad but i really feel very stressed sitting beside her. She is a clever gal but not so good in chem, chinese and e.math than me. When she has problems in her chinese, i always try to help her. But can u stop saying "are you very very sure?" or "isn't the correct answer?" i'm very irritated by all these questions cuz i'm not the teacher, how i know is it correct or not!! Plz don't always look at my marks! becos i'm not a genius, no point looking at my score. i get poor results u laugh, i get good results u say sarcastic remark like"good lor, get full marks" walau leh..wat do u want? don't u find it irritating when u have to listen to this kind of craps every weekdays?
Back to road run..i planned to walk for the whole journey but jiamin pangsei us and ran. Thus, i also ran like crazy woman. I'm really very tired in the morning liao, then afternoon stilz run! Finally, i managed to endure until i stepped into the hse.."boom" i cannot tahan liao, so i rest on the floor for a while before i continued to do my things until 8..i sleep n sleep till a phone call wake me up..it's from peishi! then aft chatting wif her, here comes my sis caroline kaopei me..Plz Don SaBo me by telling mum where i'm going ok? thanks arigato temakasei xiexie...
i wanna to do the chores i suppose to do le at this hour..take care deer and seeya hands! morning=)

Jul 28, 2006
i reflected to the past. i'm very glad through all this superband thingy, i learn a lot and meet many good people (including ppl who love music like i do) through this, it brings me nearer to you all..i really treasure those friends esp. p.s. and hanse gege..they are good guys leh!!! i'm waiting..really waiting and eager for the grand finals!! becos i can't stand naggings from my sis and mum anymore..i also wanna to study but i can't focus tat well..i tried to study in school a bit le, so please don't stress or say me anymore cuz i nid some time to clear my mind and focus on studies! even if u stop me seeing superband (tat is kinda lame cuz it's going to end in 1week ++ time) i also can't study.. I'm also very scared i get a fail or poor results, i also feared of retaining.. BUT i'm trying ok =) i muz really thanks my friends for all the encouraging and consoling words.. i nid to brainwash myself again aft superband Grand Final and prepared for prelims and Ns ! i will do it de, for the sake of someone..hahaha xD

Jul 23, 2006
It's so fun yesterday..i manage to get up on 8am (i slept at 4+) and get prepare for the celebration for pauline's oncoming brithday on 23/7.We enjoyed a lot.At first, we went to pauline's hse void deck downstairs and gave her a surprise becos she don't expect there's a cake in front of her eyes! then me, jiamin and andrea went back to andrea's home to take presents and stuffs needed in the chalet..and proceed to mit pauline, fran and elaine..we ate at whitesands food court and tata..we reached pasir ris park, the place where the chalet is..when we entered our "bedroom", we started sorting out things and ready for cycling. At first, they say since i donno how to ride then can rest there and watch them cycle..But i don wan, hence, i rent a bicycle too and started to learn how to cycle. Begining is a tough one. I can't even balance myself! After a few struggling, i'm stilz at the same spot. I always nearly ended up in the grass but at last, i finally know how to cycle short distance (w/o obstacle or people blocking the route) within 1hr!! so great..maybe it's nothing to ppl who know how to cycle but i'm really happy =)..Next, we play uno and heart attack..i always get caught not saying uno and always got the slow reaction in heart attack! and then, BBQ time!! in need of fire, our food hardly get cook or worst, burned. At 9.30, we finally got to rest and eat. Watching tv and munching some snacks is so nice. I feel like staying overnight to finish up all the snacks and play but i have to send and accompany jia min home. Thus, i didn't stay! sad but we have lots of fun and saw LEETENG (superhost) at the park..When my fren told us abt the presence of a superhost, we all turned our head and i say "Oh, LEETENG!" pretty loud(my frens say de)..to my surprise,he looked at me and he is more handsome in person! Wow xD i have a cut on my hands and mosquito bites on my legs..sad becos today going superband event at bishan! Sorry, hanse..i didn't go for ytd event becos it's pretty too late for reach there! hope you will understand=P patrick, i also wanna go scape but i have no time leh, booked by my frens le! so sorri all but nvm.. seeya soon..i can mit ya at where at anytime b4 12 midnight ok? sms me xP Gotto sign off..good morning! zZzZz(^(oo)^)

Jul 21, 2006
Wa, these few days i hav been sleeping long hours..i watch the pirates of the caribbean liao..very nice but no ending and i got stay till tt credits finish to see tt stupid dog! it's cute but if i know it will show a stupid dog in the end, i sure won't stay de!! the credits are so long lor..Back to sleep again, i din really care do to so much things (becos i kept sleeping)until it all compile like a mountain in my hse!! nobody wants to help me, damn it..i always help them do stuffs and now i got problems coping with the hse chores, they immediately run away like saw ghost..Ah~~..i really can't help it but to do becos my hse is going to be in a mess or rubbish chute soon..And i found out tat cockroach (big + small) is invading our home..Really fed up cuz sometimes when u r doing hsework and a xiao qiang crawl into the room! 20 days to my prelims..i never revise at all becos i really can't kick the habit of study at last-min..and my work is all around the places..i shall get things done quickly b4 i go enjoy myself tis sat and sun! so excited abt tis sunday event at bishan! Last of all, ARG..hanse, ur performance(22/7) is always at a day tat i can't make it n where the hell is tat place? i didn't go there b4 =P sorry i will not be coming becos it clashes with my timeslot and u din tell me earlier!! hope u read tis =D heehee.. going off le..bye xD seeya if u got go sun's event!! tel me if u got go by sms ok ;)

Jul 18, 2006

"Sorry that i can't share the happiness with you but i know there's a better person to share your happiness with..i'm just nobody to you maybe but i just hope to see you and the people around ya happy..that's all "

A lot of things have been going through my head recently..i donno why i feel so sad until tears start rolling down my cheeks..maybe i think too much le..

Anyway, thinking about the result show yesterday, i'm so relieved when lucify is the second to be enter grand finals *hurray* i tel u already tt lucify will make it!! they are so shuai on sunday recording, although shinya didn't sing quite well due to his sickness..but i stilz think tt they are so great!! however, rest well everyone..i dun wan anyone to be sick becos of GRAND FINALS preparation!! *wink* i'm going to tt superband event on sunday, hence, seeya =D

Jul 15, 2006

::These are part of the pictures i taken in SF1:: sorri if i look ugly in those pictures..i try to find the most smiley photos..can see the happiness in our face..hee^^..by the way, these are there to entertain those who read my blog..thanks thanks..

looking back to my past posts to change something.. i feel like laughing man..yuan lai i'm so childish de!! and my english also damn lousy but i don't care much about..the aim is to understand more about me!! ya if u notice i have change the blogskin and type more things le..u will realise tt tis thing happened a few days b4 le..becos i'm quite lazy to read blog thus i onli tok about it in class..and forget abt my blog le..so here comes my new blog and i will try to update de..plzplz link me and continue to view my blog..my blog is for ppl to see and tag..not to rot there..those who view my blog can also recommend to other friends.hahha..if u wan lah=P hahaha..mmm and tis blogskin is found last time after two spoil ones..finalli it manage to come out something i expect..otherwise i'm gonna to peng becos i sat in front of the com, keep changing n changing blogskin...either not suitable or spoilt ones..damn it! nothing much to say..becos everyday i always chat until 6 p.m and sleep until 4am in the morning..when ppl sleep i wake up...haha=P i also dunno y am i so lazy to go out..my friends keep asking me to watch movie, some say kbox and some say shopping but i cannot get my lazy bones up..i onli got the mood to go superband and now i can't even go..nvm, wait til the grand final then i wll try all my ways to get there..becos i made a promise to someone liao..anyway, about dating patrick out..i think i gotta to wait bah..u so busy stilz say i can date u out to lim kopi =P maybe in the later days when u r free then tis time u muz treat drink milo peng(becos i don like coffee)..kekeke..for "hands", maybe if you got time i will go to see ur performance..remember time is for us to enjoy mostly and work sometimes..relax and stay happy ^^..got online then chitchat with u! rmb beware of someone who grab you frm behind..tat's me =D don be scare!!okok..i gotta to do own things and clean up my messy rm le..
bye patrick bye "hands" Y(^(oo)^)o take care

sorry sorry everyone..i kinda forget about tis blog until someone reminds me of it..a lot of things happened tis month..sad ones and happy ones..there are some happy memories..After tt revival round, i'm so excited to go for the next SF1..but i don't have tics!! Luckily, a kind soul provide me with tics, nic sis,amanda..tis time we muz change our plans and cheer for milo peng instead of lucify..i like both actually..lucify mostly xP (i will like anyone who loves music and play instrument, so cool but i'm born lousy in handling instruments..just knows how to sing!) i decided to give a surprise to him..haha..here comes, Patrick Star ^o^ at first b4 i know him, i din really know there's patrick star exist in spongebob show..after buying tat toy 4 him, i think i kinda fall in love with it..The day b4 SF1, i feel like not giving him and kept it myself..hahaha..but i stilz gave it to him! at first, i'm so shy and finally got some courage to give him (with the presence of her gf) tt toy..he looked surprised and smile (first time he smiled so happily in the photo taken with me^^) i ran all the way to the pillar to hide when the fans beside him said "eh, patrick star leh..vics good friend.." i feel so paisei, lol..it sounds like i'm very thick-skinned =P..but i just hope to see him happy after he received tt toy and treasure it becos i don't really give guys gift except from my dear daddy..you r counted the 2nd person bah xD lucify has done a great job on SF1..ya so fast-forward to result show..i stood so near the stage directly facing lucify..a bit shy but i gotta wave to him..kinda awkward becos all eyes looking at my direction when the TV, which is right beside me, flashed the soccer news..at first i tot y r they staring at me like tis..after tt i realised the TV is beside me..tat's why (i think too much le!) when the result is announced..i'm so happy tt lucify can go to d next round *hurray* but they r the last to enter next round..a bit worried so ur muz jia you wor!lalala =D when everything is over, we waited at reception area..every1 wants to flee away including u becos it's pretty late..nvm, becos i know ur already very tired le..everyone left except kel and misaki but it's a good thing- kel chats with us the most..we walked together with my sis until the gate of mediacorp n we left 1st becos some fans stil don wan to let him off..yeah, my sis is damn happy becos kel is his 1st idol in superband!..nothing much more..but here comes those sad ones=(..i kanna scolded by my mum for going to the result show becos it's very late..but i also don care much abt it, i wanna to support patrick ma so i rather kanna scolded n tis is onli the 1st time i'm going result show!! when i entered the TV theatre where the result show takes place..we stood near the stage for quite a long time for it to start..*tired*..fast forward a bit..when it left onli mantou n lucify,i'm very worried n i shouted "jia you vics, jia you lucify" Nic sis and her friends stare at me (as if i donno but actually i don care) with tt look like we r betrayers..a little unhappy abt it but i din say i onli support milubing ma..why muz we received tis kind of look? haizz..fast forward again>>> me n my sis waited abt more than 1 hr for lucify members 2 come out frm reception..but sadly, you just rush away like a bullet train n i didn't get to chat & take photos with you..kinda disappointed becos we knew tt we surely cannot go 4 the SF2 due to my mum's indirect implyin rejection..next person is nic, my sis is bloody disappointed in him after 2 times chasing after him but he ran away so fast like the speed of light..she just wanna 2 take pic wif him n give him something, she really wish to give him becos tis might be the last time to see him in person n HE RAN AWAY!!haizz..fast forward until yesterday>> nic sis called me n ask whether i can go for SF2..though i reject her immediately by saying "i'm very busy, sorry.." ,but i wished i can go.. supportin lucify n after tt can take take pics n chitchat..haizz, sian T-T even though i stay at home i also won't study..i donno why she wanna to forbid us for going,kinda lame..on 12/7, i have my eng n-level oral examination.i'm the 1st person in the exam and i'm not even prepared yet..i'm too nervous when i'm reading the passage,even simple words i also can pronounce wrongly n keep correcting myself which is even worst..eg "skirt"i read as "shirt" *fuck* in conversation,i say all sort of craps to d examiner(i didn't even know wat i'm talking abt)..i'm doomed n i hope tt they will not giv me a Big "F" for my oral..if u find me very unhappy and moody tis week, don't be surprise becos i'm really very sad..In addition, jia you lucify..you can do it xD ..vics, muz take care even though u r so busy now! happy bdae,shen ri kuai le,omedeto o-tanjo bi!to ningzhi and all the july babies^^
end tis here..i will try to update my blog *wink**wink*..seeya ^.^Y

There are five new friends in my life now...4 guys who is from superband and 1 girl who is a fan of JADE..description of my 4 new friends:the first guy likes patrick star and influence me to become one of the fan too..at first, i don't really know much abt spongebob..the first thing come to my mind when my friends are talking abt spongebob "oh, spongebob is a walking sponge which lives in the sea and know how to talk! " hahaha..i dun even realise the presence of patrick star..but now, i'm quite interested in spongebob and patrick star after knowing him=P n i kept playing wif tt patrick toy and i find it so cute^o^..his guy is also very cute la but muz smile more often ok? i shld be the mei wei ke kou de spongebob now..lol^^Second guy is a supporter of italy..i didn't get to chat with him much becos he always gone m.i.a ..but he is a really cute guy and i admired the passion he had playing electronic guitar!!Third guy is a person i'm quite disappointed with but i stilz treat him as my friend la..he is frm SIA and he has a great vocal but too soft..he give me a very good impression at first but after tt i find him a bit dao and stuck up..he is the first guy i like in superband but after a time when i realised the bad side of him, he really turns me off..sad to say (the second n third guy are linked to my new girl friend..)four guy is a person who like to draw comics..he is very friendly but busy also..i know him through friendster..hahaha..although he is more mature than me a lot (me 16 him 25+) i tot his name is pronounce as "hands" at first (it sounds a bit stupid)..lolxD------get the hints who these guys was mah? hahaha xP------
lastly, is a girl i mit in friendster too..she add me first and after the first chatting session with her, we click..thus, we become friends from tat time onwards!
i really wanna to thanks ur for being my friends. i will treasure these friendship de.Through superband, i really know a lot of good n talented guys and girls.."not all guys who knows how to play music are badies" i agree with tis,man..although they look fierce or " not so good", they have a kind heart..i can see from the way they speak..however, good luck to all becos ur all gotta perform in Grand Final right..maybe after grand final, you will not be as busy as now..Work Hard Guys! see ya in the Grand Final bah..don't forget about me and chat with me hor!

Jul 3, 2006
sweetest memory
i thought it's a dream
but it's not, we are damn lucky man...

On thur, we received a letter..Yeah! it's the revival round Tics *hurray*
--->fast forward...
On sat, i decided to go gym with my sis,caroline..at first, we saw the gym is filled with ppl and the equipment we wanted to use is not available at all! after tat, my sis finally gets the chance to use the treadmill, den follow by me...i have done 4 equipments..the cycle 1, another lik the ski board 1 , treadmill and the pull pull 1...haha=D..each 20 mins so great! but after we gone home..muscles aches all around and my ankle is strain..every steps i walk is painful *arg* ....
--->fast forward
On sunday, it's the day of revival!! i dress up as pretty as possible and set off with caroline..we took 132 bus and the worst thing happen... we are not sure where to alight, so we ask the bus uncle for direction..at first, we don't even see any mediacorp..so we walk and walk..and suddenly realised tt we r walk up the slope! so tiring and it's goin to 6..i'm realli scare i cannot get there..finally miracle happens, we saw mediacorp after walk up the "hill"
the next problem comes..there's no one there..we walk inside and i see tt one handsome guy, staring at us like aliens..but i ignore him and continue to walk..we are at the carpark and suddenly my sis saw some1 and say "ur idol leh!" i din wear specs so i can't see..it's samuel lau! but i missed the chance liao la..then we ask some1 where to go to reception..he say walk into carpark then got stairs there..we realli walk there and got into place written reception..we entered the place and kanna scold becos there is highly stricted place!! HOW WE GOT THERE!!!! -->fast forward a bit becos i realli hate it when after climbing the hill stil kanna scolded!!T-T
When we entered the TV theatre, first thing i say is "wahh" so many ppl and we get a seat tt is behind the judge..hahaa..when we saw shinya,vics upstairs..we scream like siao!wat's next is during short break,they comin out from the exit...*faint* screams until no voice and took lots of pics with them