Aug 26, 2007

My face is partly covered by big head!!!
sad T.T Anyway, I seemed to be insignificant in class...

Aug 22, 2007
Wondering why i have not been updating my blog?
I'm damn busy ok.
So busy to even date..haa (I mean my friends)
Bad thingy and good thingy keep going on...

Honestly, I scorced badly for my mother tongue. I got C5. Even ang mos in our class got B3. It is such a disgrace to main language. But I don't allow myself to cry after I get back the results. I think i don't have the right to cry because i didn't study at all when the exams came. I really don't know what i'm doing at that time. Anyway, it's over. I still have the chance to try again.

20 august 2007:
It's the start of the first paper, geography. I didn't study for that subject becos i'm too busy concentrating on other subjects..I really hope i won't flunk this subject. But i know i did badly.

21 august 2007:
the second paper, POA paper 2, is the best i had done among the three days of exams in this week. However, i don't know whether i can A or not.

22 august 2007
Physics paper. One word is describe it, "SUCKS".

*Overall= it's really very bad (:-..

I wished that this time my English oral will score well..because that's is the only thing could help in my O'level English!!

I'm waiting for my Kbox trip :-(*)
I have to leave this stressful world for a while!

MEIWEI's principle:
Don't cry over spilled milk. Look forward and work harder for the rest of the subjects and strive to achieve the score u want.

signed off

Days with peini :

8 Aug 2007
I finally got a chance to go out with peini. Yay =D
my lesbian friend.haha..just kidding xP
I meet her on the day of the official opening of Jay chou's movie, "Secrets"
Actually, i'm not very interested in his movie. But peini wants my accompany to watch this movie. But i badly wanted to watch "The simpsons" ! Due to my examinations around the corner, i didn't get to watch it..Haix -.-

After the show, we have our dinner at kobayashi at cineleisure. Then, we chatted about our "girl stuff" and the place at 11 plus. We strolled to the mrt station and managed to catch the last train back to ang mo kio. But we are stuck at amk because we have missed the last bus. To save cab fare, me and peini walk all the way back to Hougang. It seems like a short journey because we chatted along the way. This is the time i did such a crazy thingy!! Walking back home at 12 midnight. We ended the day like that, being very exhausted. (I'm wearing high heels tt day)

17 August 2007
Again, with peini..we studied at kovan's mac.." a DAMN noisy place " but compared to Hougang mall ones, it's better %-)
The week before, we tried studying at nebo cafe at amk (peini introduce that place to me). It is the worst place to study because there's a group of annoying girls, making a nuisance of themselves by contributing to the noise pollution there. I wondered why they must make so much noise while playing the games. (they really look super duper idiot)
Luckily, i didn't waste my time there. I completed my SShomework that day :=))

I hoped to go out more with peini man! Esp cycling .Without them i might not be able to cycle well. I really missed those days..