Feb 23, 2009
HEY! I'm back with the mood to update this sloppily blog..
Because of a lazy owner hurx!

Finally we have come to the end of YEAR 1..

Got a lot of happy memories and shitty memories in TP..

I think the most happy thing in this course is to know those lovely and encouraging cliques..

Compared to some of my friends from other class, I considered very fortunate already..

Although I don't know a lot of people in my course, I'm contented at least I'm not outcasted..

Sometimes, I really hated to be in this course. Tired of "wearing mask" to school.

I'm an introvent actually, though I like to talk a lot of crap..& I very anti-social one! (hidden self)

I also have some communication problems with some people..

The most memorable moment is to cry over a plate of fried rice in BIZ canteen :P

That was the most stupid thing that ever happened on me..

(Being bullied by CHINESE COOKED FOOD auntie)- OMG x_x

Nothing more I can remember except from projects..

PROJECTS- the main cause of every conflict and frustrations..

Doing project is the only time that you can see me everytime pms..

Overall, I think my Year 1 poly life is good. Much better than Secondary of cos..

I hope I can successfully get over with SSM..and I hope to have GOOD classmates in Year 2!!

HaHaHa..Time for change! (though quite sad to leave current classmates)

Enjoy looking at some farewell photos and last "Formal" day in Year 1!




Everyone enjoy your holiday! ><

Feb 14, 2009
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone..

Don't be sad if you're alone at this special day..neither I have one too...

I will be sitting alone at a corner of my study room..revising MICROECONS!!


Two more examinations left : D ..

Feb 8, 2009
I have completed my 2 CDS- psychology and sociology :)
I struggled like shit yesterday and today morning, trying to remember topics from these 2 subjects in one day!
It's a miracle that I can do that..
Anyway, I know I did my best. So I won't worry about the end results >.<
I have been really busy since the week before CNY..
A lot of project deadlines, presentations and tests..
It seems like never-ending tasks to do!! But I managed to struggle through the shitty days..
This semester is ending soon~ sadz!
I don't want SSM-the worst subject I ever seen X_X
I think it's kinda stress next year becos we got marketing..But looking forward to the accounts part *don't know is it easy or not*..
Got to make new friends le! hopefully same as my lao po or my little brother in T05..

Some major events that happen from CNY till this week:

-CNY this year is kinda boring for me. Keep doing BCS project and Sociology ppt (don't know for what)...

-Jia Min and I kanna scold by my sociology teacher for being late, first time in my life. I never been scolded until so serious for being late in poly days..Somewhat humilated us in front of the class. By the way, that day is not the actual presentation, it's just a trial presentation and we are being scolded like hell.. What the hell is wrong with her? Maybe she got PMS >.< ..

-The sociology presentation sucks to the core. We all ended up so panic when we don't have time to finish the presentation (thanks to previous groups) ..I think the teacher should schedule the presentations for two days..she should not put the 5 presentation in one day and it's unfair to put us at the last *we didn't draw lots*...hahaha..I got so much to complain about tt teacher =X

-My latin and ballroom dancing course ended last week..So sad about it because I really enjoy dancing (though I'm not a good dancer). Have less chance to meet deniece, my dear dance partner Catherine and other friends like Hui xin, Hui mei, Kimberly and blah blah blah..I realy hope they can subsidise the course fee if I further up.. I'm very broke now O.O

-Lots of tests tests tests..I feel like I didn't sleep for days..and panda eyes are getting more serious liao..Concealer don't even can cover -_-''' !!

Now I can be happily wait for the big holiday to come!!
I wanna to work work work ^.^
Update you all again when I'm free.
Signed off -.- zzZz