Aug 28, 2009
Finally exams is over..

Marketing paper- It is a good one..thanks to the teacher who set this paper..pretty manageable xD

Accounting paper- The can be seen in my previous post..utterly disappointed T-T

Travel & Tour Operations paper- Ok, but I anyhow write for the brochure itinerary qns xP

After the last paper, I still donno have that "happy" mood yet..

It is only until we @ pasir ris..

It was raining cat and dog..and we are drenched like stray cat or dog..

Have you seen before 4 person sharing the same umbrella?

That moment is damn funny la!

Then Jiamin, Deniece and me proceed to E-Hub KBOX..

My mood suddenly become very good and mei wei become very HIGH..

If don't believe can ask deniece or jiamin x)..

D and JM high until STAND UP!



Damn happy singing K with them..

Then after K-ing, ate dinner @ Nebo cafe..

We ordered chk cutlet with egg noodles, but turn out to be "maggi mee with chicken cutlet and DISSOLVE egg"!

You know why I say "dissolve" egg?..because there is no egg inside!

I keep consoling myself and jiamin they all that the egg has been dissolved into the soup..LOL xS


On the left: Deniece with the "poor thing eating maggi mee" look
On the right: Jiamin with the "greedy and contented" look
In the centre: MEI WEI with the "ugly and mr grumpy" look


End the day, feeling very tired but it's worth!


But I feel very sian back home..

Witness a bully scene..

Xiaoxin and small froggie bullying big froggie xP

Look forward to having a job..

Look forward to watching Final Destination 4..


Aug 25, 2009
This post is part of the content in my diary, written on Tuesday after accounting paper..

For the first time, I am so heartbroken after taking accounting paper..
Even though I scored a C6 in accounting for Prelims before taking O levels, I never been so sad before..
I feel that I let down myself cos I put high hopes on accounting (something I am good at)
But my body just refuse to listen to me.. always don't do tutorial..always wait till last min..
Really serve me right T-T ..
I didn't do a lot of questions in this paper..and I feel really bad..
And then that stupid indian lady invigilator came to add salt to my wound..I'm slow so what? You don't need to say so loud to embarrass me..
After this, I feel more terrible..

Suddenly,MCFLURRY came to save poor little mei wei..
Mei Wei finally smiled..
And shopping really makes you feel more happy..
But not shopping for clothes, is shopping for GROCERIES!!
I bought a lot of things from cold storage like MAMA tomato, Hotdogs, picnic ham and blah blah..
And saw huiying, nat and john in the midway..
However, I ran away to grab the stuffs I need thus I didn't talk much with them..
I'm all alone again..haiz..

Lonely, I am so Lonely, I have nobody, EATING ICE CREAM AH~~

Aug 18, 2009
It has been 4 days after the finale of SSM and the feeling is damn shiok...
I really wanna thanks those who support us @ sugarloaf on Friday, esp crystal, jiamin, liyin, terrence, trevor, jun, huiqi,junsheng, peini,and many many more..
Without you all, we cannot break the highest sales record..
And thanks to the ones who help me when I super blur and lost..and those who set up the Disney Dreamland in Sugarloaf..


As a part of the Disney team, we must wear mickey ears!


After the operation, I was so damn tired..I feel like my toes were going to de-attach from my feets..
But everything is worth and I feel good!
No more Mr Chong calling "Luo Mei Wei"..
No more Mr Neo calling "Mei Wei Jia Yao"..
No more disgusting gel hairstyle..
No more wake up 4.30am to bun hair..
I feel great! I can dye my hair "GOLD" again, I can cut my fringe, I can wake up late on Friday, I can finally rebond my messy hair, I can stop worrying every friday..
However, I got time to do all this but NO MONEY!!
MONEY MONEY WHERE ARE YOU? - copyrighted from deniece.

On Sunday, I went to PS to watch "Where got ghost" movie with sister anna..
I go because it's her treat and somemore I got nothing to do..
The movie was kinda funny but wasn't that interesting to me..Jack neo style of movie is always so expected and common..
I only like "I not stupid 2"..this movie make me cry so much T-T..
After the movie, quarrel with my sister over a trivial thing..
We never failed to quarrel everytime we go out..That's why I hate to go out with her! =X

On Monday morning, I was forced to wake by my sister caroline..
She was so worry to view her result because she had a nightmare of failing her exam papers..
Then I sat beside her to assure that "Dream is always the opposite from reality"..and it turn out to be TRUE..
She pass all of her acca papers..Congrats to her..
But as promised, she must treat me Swensens Ice Cream Buffet @ Ion Orchard! and she did..
However, that swensens @ Ion Orchard really shock us to the max..
We thought that it's in the Ion Orchard Shopping Mall, but ended up, it is more like part of the Mrt Station..
So damn disappointed!
And the queue is so long at first..
I don't think I will ever come again..The service is quite ok..
But those image of ugly Singaporeans wanna wants to make me puke..everyone is like rushing for the cakes as if they didn't eat cakes before..
And eating so much ice cream makes me wanna puke too..
In Total I ate: 4 small slices of waffles with toppings, 15 scoops of ice cream, 2 marshmellow with choco and 2 bread..


I feel like a monster suddenly lor..Caroline eats 14 scoops of ice cream and 2 plain waffles..
After eating all this, I really hate ice cream esp. chocolate ones.. I prefer calling the main dishes liao!!
Then we walked to Taka B2 to find some food for mummy and anna..
Nothing to buy so we bought sushi from cold storage back home..
It was disappointing too because the rice is like so moist and not that sticky..
Although we ate a lot of not so nice food, I still think going out with Sister Caroline is the best..
Thanks for spending so much on me yesterday! xD
I'm awaiting for next trip to watch Final Destination 4!

Sidetrack a bit..
I would like to tell you a story that I created.
Once upon a time, my monkey went fishing..
And you know what he catch?


After that ponyo mistaken monkey as predator and decide to bite him..

Poor Monkey!!

Hahaha..Ponyo is my new toy (a gift from sister caroline).. She is so FAT and CUTE!!!
Actually yesterday we wanna bring her out for that ice cream buffet but she is way too fat..
That's why we leave her at home with monkey, froggies, xiaoxin and brought photos back home to let them see..


This semester is ending soon after 3 papers..
I seemed to have grown up..


after enduring through SSM and wearing formal with blazer to school every Tuesday..
I don't bear to leave deniece! And really miss being same class as deniece..


I hope next sem deniece and jiamin same class as me then I will be more than happy le!
Sian,I have grown more lazy too..
From going lectures most of the time to not going lectures..
Now all I need is motivation from myself to study..


Before I end the post..
Just share some random photos, took in Japanese class and shilling!




OK. That's all. No more post until end of exams..
I going to revise liao..
Internet please don't drag me to you! you are so evil..

Aug 11, 2009
Just a short post here..
Sorry for not blogging.. I'm like so lazy though I got lots of time at home slacking..
But I am so lazy~~
Hee Hee..

This friday I will be PODS, pushing the cart to FIND YOU ALL xD..
Seriously la, please buy lei if I see you or you see me xP
Purchase $10, give u my handphone number..
Purchase $50, have a date with you..
Purchase ALL, give you a big kiss!!

I will love you for supporting me, my dear friends XD

Monday, which is yesterday, is a boring day for me..
Went to Amk Hub to eat dinner with sister caroline only..
Have a big feast at Nebo cafe..and play some games at ZoneX..
It is damn funny la..I accidentally tap at the same machine for 4 times..DRIVE LIKE HELL..

The feeling of driving a van or a super Orh-Biang(old-fashioned) car sucks..


Caroline's car is stuck at one position for 1min..She can never be a driver =X

We earn some tickets for playing the kiddy games and exchange for a pack of smiley face erasers..


Like the younger days..

Sunday, after watching NDP on tv..went McDonalds with jiejie-s and mummy @ kovan..
After leaving Mac, I fell on the short stairs near guardian because the bloody floor is too wet and slippery..
I was suddenly like so shock~~
Luckily, I didn't hurt my back..only my bum suffers from some impact..
Then, on the way home, I nearly trip again..
This time round, I cannot forgive my slippers(from cotton on)..
I decided to end its life by throwing it into the rubbish chute...
I am so accident-prone that day, so I decided to stay on the bed..and ZzZz~~

I have been sleeping beauty for 3 days le..
Wake up at walk around..then sleep again..then wake up, eat again..
This cycle carries on..
I am so bored.. No date =X

Last week,for japanese roleplay, I made this..



My Monkey is so excited about he decided to try it..


By the way, just to inform you all that I have my TWITTER account already..
Sign up just for fun~~
You can choose to follow me..haha..I don't really know what is that for..
Just TWEET it! xD