Jun 27, 2010
Left 1month 1 week before the one month study break!
How I wish I can quickly get over with this..
Finishing MICE, left two projects..
Jia You bah..
Haiz, no time upload photos...
My blog will be rotting soon :P

Jun 10, 2010
Random post:

I always meet problems whenever it comes to project.
I don't know if I'm too emotional towards such problems..
Now the problem comes..
Mr Chan don't want to have consultation with us till he sees what he wanted to see..
Really irritating!
I can't even have a peaceful birthday celebration because I keep worrying why he didn't reply.
Next, I have to disseminate info to my groupmates.
But sometimes it gets quite irritating when you are overwhelmed by smses if you are having fun with your friends.
Now, I am all alone here, in the cold computer lab.
Travelling long way to school and I just feel it's not worth to travel here and go school just like that.
Even exam paper takes up 1.30hours in school.
I suddenly feel so upset.
As time ticking by, I have been thinking.. am I too inflexible and cruel to make them come back for meetings and recalling how I struggled through nights to do this shit.
I am down with flu and nobody realised and nobody cares.
I also took medicine after the meeting ytd and feel so bloody tired
Hence, I stayed up to complete this damn-idiotic thing.
And why meet today when nobody wants to come?
Haiz, no time for sympathy anymore..I just wanna Mr Chan to recognise what we did.
He must be sneezing now, becos I'm cursing and swearing for giving us such a cruel reply.
I hope tmr he won't say anything that bad srsly.
If not the efforts made these days will go waste.
End off here.

Jun 5, 2010
Soon, one lappy will be gone..
I should only use this com when I am doing project because it's not mine.
Haiz, too bad I no money to buy a cheap one for myself.

I rebond-ed my hair lo!
So cool hur. Must thanks my mummy, daddy and shamus for sponsoring me this time!
It's part of my birthday gift ~.~
My birthday is coming now..
But I feel like nothing special this year. I din care to plan somemore.
First, I seriously no money.
Second, I don't want my sisters and parents to spend money le..
Why GSS period we always so poor la, sian.
Somemore this time, got a lot of projects to complete.
MR CHAN AH MR CHAN, pls approve our market analysis so that our group can move on okay. I going to meet you on tues and you better say okay..

In addition, my sister carol is having exam on tues.
I take up the role as her nanny and cheerleader! hahaha
Wish her good luck, I think she can do it too.

Next week will be a busy week, I really hope to complete fnb project by then.
Good luck to myself too.
Will update photos when I free after my birthday!
Good night.