Dec 21, 2008
Recently, I watch a movie called "Angus,thongs and perfect snogging"
I love this movie!
Partly it's for it's story outline, Partly for the handsome lead actor.
Haa haa haa~~
Although it's quite kiddy, it's worth watching.

Who wants to go for bungy jump? you can join the contest on Channel 5
Simply just watch Channel 5 today @ 6.45pm :)

Ok that's all I wanna to say!
<- Picture of the prince charming: Aaron johnson^^

I'm back.
As usual, I have been slacking these days..
On wednesday, i went Kbox with deniece and jiamin..
Despite of the faulty mics and the stupid "no-link" male service crew,
we have a great day singing Cum screaming at the top of our lungs!
This approves that we can sing w/o mics ok..
It's very irritating becos the Kbox mics spoil twice..
And that "no-link" guy is damn unfriendly~~
But I hack care about their lousy service..

Deniece took a lot of funny pictures of us :P
After a nice singing session :)

Me & my Chang er ^.^

Choke choke~ "Don't strangle me!"

I'm Liu Yidao. Shall kill you for snatching my wife! *LOL*

After all, we are good friends! (darlie ambassadors)

Dec 12, 2008

Christmas Christmas is coming...

I'm so excited..
I hope I can finish my damn project this holiday..
But I think it's kinda impossible :P

My schedule is kinda packed..
But you can meet me out next tuesday or friday! (becos I'm free yeah xD)
Yeah nothing to say anymore..
Becos there's no special event going on these days.
EXCEPT tests. damn :(

Ok. I will update you all again soon~~