Oct 31, 2008
Sorry that I didn't update for a long time...
I seldom go online..


School reopen le..
I hate school but I also hate to stay at everytime...
Very sianz..
I took 2 CDS.. sociology and psychology :)
I kinda like psychology sia.. sociology is a little boring~~
More and more and more new friends!
We have most couple-like group mates in Sociology class:

There goes to...

I have some really nice friends in psychology and a kind and nice teacher !!
I miss Deniece, shiling and blah blah blah...
I only can see them less than 5 times a week...sianz :(
Anyway, yesterday, we have NUNS GATHERING @ amk Nebo..
Then, we saw liping and her boyfriend..
After our dinner, we go zoneX play play~~
That's all. Home sweet home ^^

This and next week I damn busy and broke..
Stupid BCS must buy textbooks..
I really no money le lo!!

Annoucement: Anyone want geotravel textbook? My friends selling it at $22 ( actual price $30 plus ) Pls contact me or send email if you wanna to buy! Thank you :D

Ok I got to go le..
In conclusion, I hate homework and projects!
It sucks.
Last of all,


Oct 6, 2008

Formula One is over! (But we haven't get our pay yet O_o)

NO money is sad..

NO job = No money, thus equally sad...

Hehehe, can spot me in the group photo?

I seemed to have some difficulty..

YEP, these days I have been slacking at home all day..

And last Friday, I feel so miserable..

Over some small thing, but make me really sad..

I'm not good at speaking up, or expressing the feeling of unfairness..

That's why people may sometimes take me for granted..

But after letting out my feelings yesterday, I really feel better!

Yesterday, I went to ICON village with my dear BIAN TAI sister caroline for Sakae Sushi Buffet!

We ate total of 15 plates (incl. 2premium), 4 chiramushe, 1 soba, 2 udon, 2 hot green tea, 4 ice cream mochi !!!


We chit chat a lot too~~

I also pour out all my unhappiness during the conversation..

I really feel better after her counselling!!

Ms Caroline is CERTIFIED to be a COUNSELLOR ^.^

And I know I'm not alone.

With my best friends peini and ningzhi and my counsellor caroline..


"We must forgive and forget about the conflicts with your family members, because they are the ones that will stay with you forever"

After I came back home, I ate one famous amos muffin (guilty)

HeeHeeHee ^O'

Today, I'm going out to play badminton with ningzhi!

And do all the Childhood thingy~~

I can't wait to start school soon!

Maybe because stay at home very sian bah..

I feel great going out with my friends ( hinting hinting )

But I will still continue to find jobs de (that means unavailable for some days)

20 Oct. See you all soon tp friends!