Dec 7, 2006

I'm blinded by money.
I feel more lonely now.
Is it true that money can't buy happiness?
But i'm more miserable without money.
I'm a fool in front of everyone.
Had a tiff with my eldest sis and mum.
I'm more selfish than ever.

Dec 1, 2006
Money matters making me mad again..I experienced such problems several times a year already! This year isn't a good year hur~~ xP But it's really true. As you can see in my blog, the bad posts made this year are more than the good ones. So sad isn't it? I just hope i can pass my N' level, my only last wish this year. Not to be greedy, i will solve my money problems using my own hands. I hope my wish will come true. I got my bursary. I wasn't happy because i have not received the cheque yet! I really need money now..Who can help me now please?

I'm working in Toy R us as gift wrapper. You can find me in paragon or shop there too! Those shoppers there are very wealthy. They can buy a lot of big toys for a child only!!! I got so many toys when i'm pri 6 only but i don't really like toys that much at that time already. Sometimes, i kanna some comments by shoppers too. Not because i'm rude or anything, they just like to complain some little thing. And it's a guy. I already wrapped everything for him at a very fast rate and what do you want? My partner is slower so i also must help him to wrap other customers' presents ma!I also encounted some things i dislike.I really hate some customers who don't let us wrap. If you don't want us to wrap, please don't take our wrappers. Be good and let us wrap for you ok...WAHAHA`∪´

Blog some about our chalet..
it's a boring one though..but i can spend a lot of time with peini they all..
I think the most furious thing is that peiling kept laughing at my mistakes when we are playing poker cards. You know i'm having PMS now and you're still stepping on my nerves. I had enough of her so i quit the game and help out in the bbQ thingy.Kinda bored because i don't really like bbQ stuffs..heaty and unhealthy! We didn't spend much time for everything because of the bad weather. Played at Escape at the 2nd day, bbQ for 2 days, keep playing poker and mahjong and watched DVD.. damn sian - 。- . I slept 1 hr for the first night and slept during the movie at night..I didn't get to cycling and talking more to peini!! So suay to have GIRL THING at this time..Third day we all wake up at 9 am. Quickly pack up our barang and go home-_- zZz . So i conclude that the chalet isn't a good one.

Now, you can see what kind of person i am from my post!! I'm such a weirdo!! ^∇^ 怪人有怪的好.. understand? (p.s: sorry for all the malays if u can't read) I shall update photos!! Such a long time i don't have new photos with my new hairstyle. I WANT PHOTOS I WANT PHOTOS I WANT PHOTOS...(grumbling again)