Jun 29, 2007
12am 29/6/2007 Happy chinese birthday to wei!


  • Computer break down
  • Too busy to even go online
  • Slacking is more important than facing the computer for hours

Overall, i didn't have the time to waste anymore. I am neither a bookworm nor a very hardworking person. That is why i slack at home, but i will make sure i learn something today! I wanted to make MIRACLES! Believe me?

I have noticed that i didn't post a lot of pictures on blog. I have taken some more during holidays , but I am too lazy to upload these picture.

There is a lot of things i did not update you all. SuperTeen has successfully motivated this little pig who likes to day-dream that one day, a rich, young successful man will fall in love with her!! :-)) Possible? hehe..


  • Everyday, I limit myself to watch at most 2 tv programmes & 1 news cast
  • Get 6As in Os.. dream may come true at times
  • Be a hotel resort manager or an accountant
  • At least study 1 subject before sleep

I am working hard now. Trust me b:->

Today, i heard an astonishing news. Ishi from soul has left the world yesterday. I offer my greatest condolences to his family and friends. I think it's a car suicide case.

I wondered. Why normal people who has a future and the opportunity to live on this world, will choose to end his/her life like that ? What about those people who is ugly, handicapped or stupid? I really don't know. :-...

In conclusion, we must cherish your own life and the people around you.


Born of my wisdom tooth!!!!
29/6/2007 Friday after going through tys with Mr tee
I accompanied Samantha to the dentist in Xinmin Pri.
At first, i tried to act as if i have done the check last year. (actually, i didn't go for last year's appointment)
But i can't runaway from the appointment.
So, i did my check after Samantha.
First time in my life, the dentist said that my teeth is clean.
Another surprise for my Chinese birthday; my wisdom tooth!! yeahyeah
I told you I am intelligent already :-x

Sometimes, I will miss those smart guys i know from Superteen.
- Philbert ( sounds like phillip's bird right! :-o )
-Yen ( a quiet and reserved guy who has great intelligent looks)
I regretted not talking to yen.. he looks so poor thing, no one talks to him and that stupid Ernest kept ordering them to do things.. xD

In class:
Change of sitting arrangement. Samuel is sitting beside me now. Good or bad?? The feeling is weird, not use to it. He looks kind of reluctant to sit with me too. Haiz, that's life! :-S

next thursday, i got O level chinese oral examination! Wish me luck. I will do my best.
Listening comprehension on 16 july.

signed off :- zZzz

Jun 11, 2007

Happy happy 17Th beef day!!
Because of everyone here, my family, my sisters' boyfriend and my friends, i felt blessed.
I thought everyone has forgotten my birthday! But I'm pleased to see those people who i don't like, also sang a birthday song for me (although she looks reluctant). Anyway, I still wanna to thank them..i really appreciate what they did for me =D
Some people specially i wanted to thank: my mum (who is the great chef)
my sisters (who helped me on that day)
Chris ( help to get my cake and preparation)
Shamus ( for attending and presents)
Daddy (did the least but at least came back on time to eat my cake)
and lastly, ALL MY FRIENDS WHO WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY and of course those who gave me presents too. I like it =)
( and 502 for singing birthday song 4 me during xiao hong lesson! haha)

Jun 3, 2007

Surprise ?!

taken at Fish & co. 2/6/2007

surprising straight hair~