Feb 25, 2011
Everyday insomnia...
Thinking of jobs because no money, 21st birthday plan..
I just can't stop thinking about all this!
I feel so pathetic whenever I saw others 21st birthday album in facebook..
They got so many friends to celebrate with..
My friends..so limited.. and no guy somemore :(
Self-pity T-T
I really think I'm a baddie last life, that's why I'm so unpopular..

Besides that, everyone has a dream job.. except me
I never thought of it before!
Even if I really think about..there will also be no answer..
I really think that I'm aimlessly passing time #.#
No goal No life Not much friends.. really pathetic!!

Will my life ever change?
I hope I will find a good job with reasonable good salary so that I can stay there for years!!
No money really very hard to survive $o$

Feb 22, 2011
This is my first post using my new phone!
Happy and disappointed too becos my phone can't detect my memory card
Thus I can't use a lot of function e.g. Camera, listening to music..
I can declare my phone is spoil after just two weeks
Sad T-T
Officially declare myself free from school..
Mixture of feelings, good and bad...
Good: freedom, no more reports to write..
Bad: finding jobs are equally tiring, no more term breaks..
I wish I will settle down soon with a job:-P
My pay is coming in tmr!
Hahahahaahahaha...tomoro wil be better^
good night:|

Feb 4, 2011
Today is the 2nd of Lunar Chinese New Year!!!
Sorry for not updating this blog for so so long because I'm too busy with my work and portfolio!
Plus, this is also the first time I have a fever when it's near CNY :(
Cannot eat too much.. cannot eat fried or spicy food.. so poor thing!

Where should I start to update? Hahs..

School and work

Yes, I have just handed up my portfolio this Monday OMG..
Still left with one more research paper to do~~ and tata I'm free!
Btw, still waiting for Farmosa to give my salary! x_x
How dare they own me money over CNY! so bad..

Peini 21st birthday

Awesome day for Peini, hopefully :D
However, I'm so guilty to let her take care of me because I'm drunk that night in her chalet!!
Hangover continues at her home till afternoon, I took a cab home.
Terribly unwell for the whole Sunday but I still manage to crawl up to do my final editing and sorting of my portfolio!
Hope she don't mind :[

Ok photo session time....

^with busy birthday girl xD

^Ningzhi, me, peiling and bibi

^Laughing at the new tatty!

Pathetic 1st of February

1st Feb 2011; Meiwei's most pathetic looking day.
Couldn't sleep well at night, feeling terribly cold and unwell in the morning.
After that, I realised I'm having a fever and suddenly my stomach started to pain as if a baby is going to come..
Kept feeling nauseous (looking like I'm pregnant)
Suppose to go for guest lecture but called my tutor to change slot..
At that moment, I really feel so stupid and useless.. only know how to cry when feeling unwell..
Anyway, that's my nature.. cannot change it =X
Went to the doctor with sister carol at 11am and walk to the coffeeshop to buy lunch for mummy and sister anna..
Walk halfway, start to rain heavily..really damn suay :(
I only ate one dumpling only, walk to the lift area and wanna puke but nothing come out while my sister is ordering and waiting for the dumpling noodles.
While sitting at the stairway, feeling terrible and half dead, and suddenly the church bell strikes 12.
It has been so long I didn't hear a church bell since I moved house..
I make a wish to get well the next day..and eventually it did come true..
Now, I make a promise to limit my alcohol level becos the doctor told me that I have overwork my liver..Weak and fragile liver O_O
Luckily, I have recovered. However, my appetite is not back yet.. still eat less than usual..
Here ends my pathetic 1st feb and I hope things will get better after that!

Brand new start: Romance on Year of the Metal Rabbit

Yeah, I'm getting so crazy over what the feng shui expert and it's really true that this year my immune system is weak(tt's why i'm sick on mon)
This year is a lucky year for me and love luck will come..(finally)
Though sounds crazy and funny, I'm super optimistic about it and I think it will come true!
Finally the 21 year of karma is gone..YEAH!!!
Wish me luck ♥

Upcoming this month..

Sister Anna birthday :D
Research paper consultations and guest lec :(
Meet Jiamin (post birthday celebration) YEAH xDD
Get salary :)
Lastly, NAFA >.< (pukes)

Random Updates

Chionging Project at AMK NLB

^Laopo deniece

^Shuqi darling

^ME :D

^Happiest Couple Pic

^Shuqi nearly poke by me!

There is a lot more updates with deniece and shuqi...
However, I decided to skip it because uploading photo system is damn slow.

My new dog son

^so cute, they are friends now!

Crazy Farmosa
This photos are taken on my second last day of internship!
First and Last I think >.<

^Jovian and me (miss u)

^Bad to me at times so must struggle her on my second last day of work :P

^Kind people

^Catherine me Andeline

^My tour assistant manager, young right!

^Dear Sylvia; one of my best colleagues at work!

Last farewell to Farmosa! I will not come back again except getting my salary cheque!
Thanks Ms yun, my ticketing manager, for your gift!
Thanks Accounting dept, for helping me cover my mistake :P
Thanks to Jovian and Andeline for guiding me, I know you both like me (pukes) :D
I generally hope the best for Farmosa and treat ur staff better please!
End..Bye Bye Sayonara Forever!