Sep 26, 2010
Do a quick blogging today..

17SEP10- New hairstyle before work starts

Shorter by half...I wait for my fringe to grow longer because I look like AH BLUR now :(

18SEP10- Went to Guanyin temple @ Bugis, then meet peini and ningzhi @ TOWN

20SEP10- The Beginning Of An Intern Life T-T

The first day of work, already feel very sian..all about doing sales kit and learn simple calculation for tour prices for genting tours.. However, I have been assigned to the ticketing dept by annie, ass manager of farmosa because they lack manpower. Sadly, I'm the only one being assigned to that dept and my dept only have 2staff and 1 manager..cui enough..Everyday eat lunch alone but will get use to it soon :)

The staff there, most of them are friendly and helpful. As for my dept, the two perm staff working with me are very nice but too busy with their own work. They are too busy to teach me so I also "Bu Hao Yi Shi" disturb them..

Furthermore, it's a bad choice to wear high heels to work!! we need to walk alot of my legs are F* pain! I thought first day must dress nice nice so I wore my nice heels and I really regret it..Anyway, no one will appreciate there, so don't bother to wear them -.-

Mon-Fri is still okay because I'm only assisting msyun, my ticketing manager, to do printing of documents, fileing, write customer's address on envelopes, simple reservation, handling calls and issue booking and payment.. Msyun is very good to me, and whenever I made mistakes, she will help me explain to the customer, help to correct my mistakes and encourage me to learn from my mistakes.

However, Sat is a nightmare, cui dao di. Jovian,one of the ticketing staff come half day till 2pm, msyun off, left andeline and me working only. I am really really very stressful sitting at jovian place! If you sit there, every customer expect you to know what to do like tt, but i don't want anything!..I feel so helpless and useless at tt point of time T-T Worse still, there are many calls and ppl esp in the evening. A customer came last min and adeline ask pp,one of the sales staff, to teach me how to book airtickets for budget airlines (Jetstar & Tiger). But she's very impatience and "Xian" me type very slow she ask me get up of the seat and she do everything by herself. Then she do everything so fast tt i can't even catch what she type..So I just stand there like AH BLUR, so embarrassed and watch her computer with a lot of question marks LOL..Damn demoralising seriously...I ended up working till 7.29pm, 29mins extra for them :( I got phobia working on Saturday already!T-T

In addition, I think for the mini project I need to do separately from deniece and shuqi le! (T-T) , because we learn different things in different dept and both of them might not learn what i learn...I am sad now, i think it's Karma seriously! It's karma because initially we always say we don't want to do mini proj with InternJ, we wanna outcast her..Then now, i'm the one who kanna it..Good Game srsly..

Today, 26SEP10

It's my first OFF day after working for 6 freaking days. The feeling is damn shiok! :D Home is a heaven to me now!! and I wanna stay at home to rest :D Very lazy to start writing e-journal now.. maybe shall start after dinner :(

Thanks to sister caroline for buying a pretty comfortable pump shoes for me.
Because currently what I wear to work is those smelly black school shoes, like "Ma Jie" tt kind..
So ugly but no choice..

Reply to Tatty: We will go out next Sat night! Work is haix..talking to ya again when we meet!

Bye...Go off and rest first xD

Sep 19, 2010
Yesterday went out with ningzhi and peini @ orchard...
Though we meet for a while only (because zhi is busy choosing mooncakes with his bf), but I'm totally happy because we did catch up with each other a little..
Most importantly, I bought a new heels @ Charles and Keith :D while waiting for peini's sister to fetch us home..
However, I went home with lots of blisters on my foot :(
Thanks to the new cheap shoes! hahaha.. cheap but super painful -.-
We will meet up again la! so don't worry ningzhi xD

Monday-start work @ farmosa ~.~ wish me luck..

Sep 16, 2010
Sorry for being a very bad friend!

Today my weather forecast: Raining with thunder
It is all caused by misunderstanding.
Quarrelled with my best friend and my sister..
Angry with my sister because she use my phone, read my msg and verbally informed me but I didn't know it's from Miss P..ended up causing so much misunderstanding!
She still can push all the faults back to me..
In the end, I become the greatest sinner (T-T)

So sad..very sad..super sad.. :(

---- End of the weather forecast ----

Sep 15, 2010
14 September 2010, I had a splendid shopping trip!
I spend all the 80 bucks I have drawn from my atm card..
My ROI (return of investment)- 3 dresses and 2 pairs of shoes from Bugis D:

But I'm super satisfied :D
The best thing I have bought, is that pair of new wedge shoes!
Japanese style and cute little wedge shoes.. I love it so much^^
Thank you to Caroline for accompanying me and that pair of earrings you bought for me :D

At least I have not wasted my holiday :DD
I watch finish <个人取向> personal taste within 3days!
All I can say is, that lead actress character so alike with mine..
The difference is that she is at least possess with a talent, but me, nothing :(
Drama is always like that..
Always show that a prince charming will suddenly come into a poor girl's life and save her out of her misery..
In reality, handsome guys always end up to be actor, singer or foreigner..
It's always fake..
But I still love to watch it, dunno why..
Keep dreaming xD

Countdown to internship....I'm so worried again =X

Meet Peini on Thursday :D
Cut hair on Friday :D

Sep 10, 2010
I received a letter from the Readers' Digest yesterday, state that what win S$25,000 cash whatever..
I never really read it because I thought it's a scam, thus I throw the letter away!
But later I found out that it's not a scam through its official website,it's a real contest! lol :D
Luckily I double check through the email they sent me.. :D
I miss reading readers' digest suddenly HaHa..
Often force to order and read it during secondary school but some content mentioned is really interesting..
But I don't have so much money to's better to read it online because it's free o(>.<)o

Exams over! Fuck yeah happy..
Say goodbye to exams ^^
Looking forward to shopping spree on Saturday!
I have not been to town for quite some time because too busy..
Now, finally can shake legs at home, surf internet, watch TV, plan to party!
I just banked in my pay :)
Soon, it's my internship D:
Shouldn't think so much, just enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Note to Deniece, Jiamin, Yina, Yap, Peini and Ningzhi:

I'm not working on next mon-wed already! So I'm free :D Meet out pls!