Oct 22, 2007
22th october- sucks day =[
I'm bloody irritated today.
By annoying people around me..
What's there to hao lian about?
You thought you very clever meh!!
If you want to ask anything please call the
office to look for teachers..
I'm just an average student
i also need teachers to help me..
Piss off my ass..~.~

Argh, stop all the craps..

signed off-.

Oct 21, 2007
The day finally comes. I did my science practical on 18 Oct.
It's a big big mistake to write zinc as magnesium.
I hope the Cambridge marker will be lenient for practical.
At least a pass please!
Everyday,we still come to school to ask for help from teachers,
especially Ms Ng.
Sorry for being such a irritating student,
but i really need help for geo.
I haven't start to learn SS.
Thus, i don't dare to find "tian tian".
Hope the topics i learnt will come out in social studies paper!!
Let's pray again!!
Please. I need the support from everyone!

I think all my classmates are very encouraging.
I remember Wen han told me when I said I feel think giving up;
"Hey, don't give up.
You are professional go on stage (that means top scorer) student lei!"
I felt so shocked.
Less than 4 people have told me these words before.
I'm very thankful.. and touched -T

I wish that one day, I can be on stage to thank you all!!
I really wish to do that....

Wish me luck and i will perform the best. Just for you!

See you all again on 15 Nov. Goodbye cx


Preparing for O level now. I think i might miss the people and the school.

I suddenly recalled of a lot of things that happened on me for the past 5 years.

I remember last time i said that i hate school. i hate st. john.

But now, i didn't even realised I'm officially out of st. john.

I will be graduating soon. I got to do my best the last time.

For my information, I'm class top student for two years, sec 3 and sec 4.

I don't know what pills i took before to become so clever suddenly.

I pray and pray and pray to score in O level!

this will be the last time to show off to my parents liao =P

By the way, thanks Hong yuan for the "US" marbles. I will keep it well for you!