Oct 23, 2006

hey back,
Just kinda bored and en now to blog a bit la..i miss my blog so i must come back to update. Nothing more about my life. Keep working non-stop even though i'm very tired already. I can't miss any chances to work! This month, i am officially broke. So now you know the reason why i'm working extremely hard le bah. My mind is fill with $$ ideas and i really need a lot of money next month.Class chalet, friends chalet and herhem someone big event..all activities need $$. Aiya, you la...keep tempting and persuading me to go but i'm still deciding whether to go or not. See how la and i must spend my next pay wisely! Today, my dad nearly kill us all. He heated up a pot of soup at 5 am and dozed off after that. He woke up at 6.30 am and found that the whole house is filled with smoke. He turned off the stove but there is still a strong scent of petroleum gas and he left the house because he is late for work. (w/o even informing us about that) My mum woke up because her bedroom is totally filled with that unpleasant smell. Everyone hardly can breathe because of that. What about me? I'm rushing to school like a mad girl because i'm also going to be late for school! hee xP He got reprimanded by my mum when he got home and trying to push the blame on me because i didn't wake up when my alarm clock rings. So bad right. Haa. But i quickly ran back to my own room. Better than to hear him nags.

I suddenly found out that i'm such a pisser, liar and loner..

oct 21 :
Little thing to share..After work, caroline n me waited for my elder sister's bf to fetch us home. We decided to eat mcdonalds AGAIN so our dear driver take us to kovan. When we reached and about to get down the car. Something happen. Caroline gets down the car first and then when i going to get down from car (my hand is still at the edge of the car) She closed the door and smashed my hand. So pain. I cried. My hand nearly get chop off but luckily she didn't slam it too hard. hehehe. She apologised profusely but i didn't blame on her. Now i'm all right, just a small patch of blue-black on my hand ^〇^

Oct 15, 2006

of me→

【Along で Journey】 ◆◇Happy day◇◆

Today is my deary break! Slacking at home for the whole day. I'm really very lazy to blog today but i have to. Otherwise, there will be no chance to account for the things happened yesterday. Forget all la!

Sat 14/10
The whole family except my dad went to my relatives' house warming. My sister's boyfriend was the driver of the day. We dressed up beautifully but we were surprised when we saw everyone wearing casual T-shirt and shorts..Isn't it purpose to be a more happy and formal day? Anyway, the buffet doesn't taste nice either. The atmosphere is so dead and the weather is so hot and stuffy. Therefore, we found some excuses to leave that place. After that, we went to Vivo city. That place is even worse. It was so crowded with people as if there's a big sale or free gifts. I cannot ta han that place so we decided to go town instead. Luckily, my sister's bf got a car. Otherwise, we won't be able to leave that stupid crowdy place immediately. Along the journey, we took some photos. Can see above la! geegee☆ Then, we went Cineleisure to makan. Me and caroline suggested to eat Kobayashi and subway Double choc cookies again. But my mum don't like, thus she just ate the steamed egg. Later, anna and bf bought tickets to watch "you, me and dupree". I find the movie not bad, have some funny scenes. My mum bought a large popcorn. She ate some and give us all. Haahaa, but i managed to finish all. lalalala♪♪ ^∇^ After the show, we accompany to eat something at Burger king. Eat again, again and again. Then, the end. Go back @ 11 plus. Have some sleeps, tired *(..ZzzZz..)*

Fri 13/10
It's such a tiring and suay day. There were lots of customers @ cookieman today. Maybe because that day got taka sales bah! Actually, don't trust those beliefs that friday the thirteen is a bad luck day. Anyway, thanks alvin. I know you come taka to find me de la..bleah^·´ I can say my boss was the suay-est de. The baking machine spoil halfway and lots more problems he had to settle. That is why his mood is so sulky for the whole day. I also kanna some of his fierceness that day. Caroline came to buy cookies @ 7.08 p.m .I realised that my boss greatly dislike her. I don't know why but he seems to be very hostile to her. His every hostile words seems to be aiming her and i also kanna shoot a couple of time because i'm serving her. Luckily, i didn't stay there for long. I stayed just for the sake of serving my sister and that's all. I don't care if he like my sister or not, as long as he don't anyhow put his anger on me, that's all. Very jia-lat leh. Second day of job and so many things happened. I will endure until end of december, for the sake of $$. If that boss don't like me, he can fired me anytime. I just hope the situation will be much more better after working for a longer time. I forced myself to work not only just because of money, it is because i don't want to think so much anymore. Hope the work can drown my sorrows. › 。‹ Haizz, it will be over soon le.

I will not only focus at working la. Of cos i will ÷ my time and spent with my friends and family (O.O)Y . Wish mee luck, gooda luck in working! Eating sakae with jan and francesca finally. I will keep my promise..heehee! Have a nice day w(^(oo)^)w

Oct 13, 2006
【 Hello! Cookie for you! 】
Come down to Cookieman @ taka Basement 2 (beside 美珍香 shop)
HeeHeeHeeHeeHee ^゜^ i can give ya lots of samples to eat!! Oishi ne >。<
Today, first day of work is good! The girls working with me are very friendly and cute. Just a bit stress when facing my expressionless boss! After all, he is very good, his face is like that de la..cannot change! wahaha. Not bad. I earned quite a few customers myself. They bought a lot of cookies too! Thanks godness i am not that clumsy today. (*winks*) But my legs going to break..Too long didn't stand non-stop! Anyway, I LOVE COOKIEMAN..please treat me well because i'm just a little girl •^。^•

Oct 12, 2006

Have the feeling of eating again (^(oo)^) Y
first is sakae...
second is seoul garden...
third is famous amos cookies again...
walao (>.<) maybe because of food, i suffered from insommia!! Keep thinking of this and that.. Pretty afraid, first day working.. Muz stay calm otherwise i can't do things well..I saw someone selling this dress (shown in tis post) so kawaii! Yet so ex too..She sell it @ $300..Wanna my life man!How i hope i can have one =) I keep thinking of that white pump shoe we saw when we went bugis street last month. Pretty cute but don't worth that price. I seriously need a new pair of shoes la! That shoe i keep wearing is 2 years old le lor, so old and stinky now! Haizz, but i am broke, really very broke U.U ...ahhahh

Oct 10, 2006
Add on to Oct 9 mon :
After taking the exaM paper, i planned to go out to have our lunch at 1p.m. I promised my sister is buy the carrot cake from the coffee shop nearby my school. Their carrot cake is the best and eat it since young. I love that stall! But unfortunately, the stall is close for the day. So suay, my sister wanna to eat that carrot cake for very long le lor. Instead of carrot cake, i treated my mum and sister bubble tea to cheer them up. Then, i went compass point to have lunch with michelle and francesca. We ate Pizza hut stuff. Although i got a lil scare of pizza hut after working there for few months last year, i still eat it because Michelle requested it. Having lots of fun chatting together. Later on, after finish our meal, we went shopping! We entered a girl accessories shop and i started to try on those nice hairbands. So cute lor. I nearly buy one of them, but after much consideration, i think it's better to ask my sister for a more professional advice. We left the place and looked around. Suddenly, Francesca's mum called her to go home. Before going home together, we went to famous amos to buy brownie and cookies. Maybe i'm tempted by the smell of cookies when we passed by the shop. I bought choc chip walnut brownie and ate it along the way to the bus interchange. YummY YummY..so delicious!! But it costs $2.40 each..a bit ex because it's quite small. Worth eating 棒! BACK HOME and slept like a pig (due to lack of sleep on Sunday bah) .
Tue Oct 10
Being asked to come back to school to take letter for our one week break. So troublesome. Going back to school for less than an hour just to take a letter. However, we have our breakfast in Mcdonald and chat for two hours continuously. Recently, i kept eating fast food and expensive stuffs. I really need to work harder to earn back those money during these 3 months before the school reopens. Haiz, Just relax and try everything out la w(^.^)w

Hey, back with explosive news!
I got the COOKIE jobˆoˆ too happy liao la..Finally, i got the courage to call him and Yesh, everything went very smoothly! Yesterday, i took my last paper which is POA. I didn't learn and i'm sure i will fail. Just hoping against hope that i can get on to sec 5, as well as all my friends in class. ⌒Never be separate from one another⌒☆ I love my friends in class although some are irritating and bad, there are kind and loving soul too..Today is patrick's birthday, just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him..can buy cigarrette and go clubbing look for xiao mei mei OFFICIALLY liao 哈哈哈 good for him..Looking forward to eat sakae sushi with my dear friends !! But having a job now, i'm in a dilemma. We actually meet at friday and now i do not know whether i can make it or not...Feeling so bad
( U 。U ) wahhh..sian lor ~.~ Anyway, i hate the school! Why do we need to come back so fast to study for O-level? ma fan leh! I hope i do well in this job man! Gooda luck to myself★ Who can get me back my shoe?? ^∇^hee..Byebye­­­­­­­­­­­º– ·º

Oct 4, 2006
I am totally disappointed with my performance today..
Today is physics and chem Papers.
I still awake at 4 am in the morning and started to prepare for school early. After my preparation, i am amazed that it's only 5.30am, i got so much time to slack. I decided to take a short nap and Oops, i forget to set my alarm. Luckily, my sister wakes me up at 6.50am and i rushed to bus stop, catching the last bus before getting late for school. I am still in a blurry state. I did not really do well in both papers. My brain seems to work very slow because of the lack of sleep? I think so bah. When people says that the papers are SUPER easy, i get very upset. I got careless mistakes all over the paper and i doubt this time it's very difficult for me to score an A for sciences. Haizz -.- But do you those people who says that it's easy can score A1? I don't know. Just feeling disappointed at myself (º­­­­­­­–º) 笨蛋. Mooncake festival is this coming friday. I'm also happy that boxes of mooncake started to come in now..YumMY (^-^) but i will be at home again, celebrating this day alone. "No choice, have to get use to it!" kept consoling myself. Ok..upcoming events will be updated! Working soon thus will be very busy between work and studies. Bye (゜O^)

Oct 2, 2006
Sotong ball~~
I'm so blur today! Today is the most crucial day of my N-level exams. ENGLISH la (-.-)...But it's over le la  \(^‐^)/ Actually, i'm feeling very scared. I don't know whether i can pass. I just know i have done my best. That's all. Praying hard the marker can be lenient to us. Please please (*.*)..Yesterday, i received a lot of "good-luck" greetings and send a lot to others too. I feel that it's very funny to receive chain letter from friends..because i don't believe in this..So next time don't send me hor! TODaY in the examination hall which is that small stactics room (unfair because the hall is given to sec 3 express 4 examination. Damn it) I finished my essay at the very last minute. Mrs Ng, my chemistry teacher, stood in front of me, going to collect my paper.But she realised that i didn't use the string to secure the paper together. This is the first time i encounter this and i don't what to do. Luckily, Mrs Ng kindly helped me to tie the papers together, otherwise i'm still wondering what i should do. During my second paper, when i was rushing to finish all the questions, i thought i heard Mrs Ng calling my name. I replied loudly,"Huh?" and realised that she isn't talking to me. I feel so embarrassed when the two teachers looking at me in surprise. I pretended that nothing had happened and continue doing the paper. Yipes, i finally overcome the first paper and i will do my best for others too..(^O^)/ 谢谢 for all the lucky charms you have given me.,じゃね Byebye!

Oct 1, 2006
Wah pang..I'm a big lazy bum! Eat and sleep..Study? My Foot knows..
It has been a long day outside..Today, we went orchard because my sista wanna to take her work schedule and find the "Golden pig" and cookie master in Taka. Before that, we go there later than the time planned because me and caroline have been hungrily waiting for our food to come back from heartland mall (my eldest sis & bf drive there to buy for us) and we ate our "breakfast-cum-lunch" at FOUR. I started to eat like a monster again. When everyone is full, i still continued to stuff food into my mouth. Everyone stare at me and shake head..BECAUSE i can't stop..caroline nearly got mad when she saw me still gobbling the food. >>fast forward..
I went to Taka for interview too. Actually, i planned to go on Friday but my sista thought that it's too late. Here comes the scary part: That boss is still there and we have the interview on the spot. He look like a strict father. I am so nervous when i spoke to him. I feel so awkward and i am finding great difficulty, speaking to him in English as if i didn't learn English in school at all. Omg, he doesn't look pleased when i spoke him in "WEILISH"( lousy english).. That makes me feel so sad and i also wonder how am i going to pass my English on monday (>.<) I can't even speak the languge fluently! SPOILING my day..but anyway, after that, me and caroline walked to cineleisure to buy the subway cookies that she highly recommended and ate the Japanese noodle omelette meal at B1. The noodle omelette is so delicious! Maybe next time you shall give a try! the onli jap name shop there- K?? @ Cineleisure level B1..Oshi ne (^o^)Y then go home with alvin and ks..The End liao xD