Apr 16, 2011
Work makes me tired seriously.
However, I am so happy to meet out with deniece and shuqi!
Have lots of laughters and fun :D

I need to go out today seriously to be balance!!

Apr 9, 2011
I wake up so early today!
So bored, so stalk people in facebook..
Do crazy things like adding people I am not close to or not even my friend!
Waking my sister up is so fun and annoying.
Fun it's because she is defenceless, I can use my toys to hit her, hahahahahah..
Annoying is SHE DON'T WAKE UP!

Later meeting up with peini and ningzhi :D
I wanted K badly!
However, there's no promo or wat so ever, damn..

I really hungry now..
The hunger feeling sucks..
I ate maggi dinner ytd, why am I still hungry so early!

Bored browsing through my FAV tabs..
I realised..
Omg, the polaroid camera I wanted is $104 now.
Inflation, I hate you!!
Becos I gonna buy it soon :)

Apr 8, 2011
It's a ever changing April! From shocking fringe to no fringe to straight fringe :D

Shocking fringe. This isn't any visual effects. My fringe just stands up!! Like teletubies :D hahahaha

To no fringe, taken on mummy birthday. I really hate the days without fringe!! I look like a nun seriously :P

Lastly, to straight fringe. I just rebonded my hair recently. Super straight and stiff neck. But I'm loving it xD

Second update:daddy's ugly birthday cake (though the taste is quite nice and okay)

Last but not least, I love my new nails!

Apr 3, 2011
I had encountered a series of unhappy events on the April's Fool day.. I'm srsly the biggest fool on that day. I realised how power this word is. This incident taught me a lesson. Someone who hide the secret for a long time shouldn't even tell out the truth. Because the truth only creates more trouble for myself. Like what tatty says, maybe it just not fated,so just going on with life..