Jul 19, 2009

Ningzhi Celebration Photos Part One:

Walao..the 2nd photo my face is half blocked..Thanks to Mr lousy photographer Jerry..
Ok..the second part of photos might wait till liyana to update : )

**Correction for last post: Mr Jerry is not looking @ me and heng he is not and the fact that he neither interested in any girls in the group**

Hence, chill ladies.

Err..got to sleep liao..

Argh, have not learn my tests for next week.. So shit sia~

Jul 16, 2009

I came to blog~~

Some people got nothing to blog..

But I got tons of things to say in my blog..

Just that lazy to type and I'm very busy after semester break..

Time have passed so fast..

Yesterday just completed Top table and moving on to TCC..

Stewarding was bad, I don't know how I got some bruises and cuts on my hand..

And I was super tired at Top table, maybe due to lack of sleep the day before.

Where should I start blogging on?

Ningzhi Birthday Celebration on Tuesday

Ano, that day was a super packed day..

After going BESE, me and peini meet to change clothes..

I wore the dress that I just bought a few days and it's super short la..

I have to remember to pull down my dress everytime after I sit down..

We reached clarke quay very early..but it's good because it allows me to have some time to explore about the Central..

Being very Ku Ku, I didn't go Central or tour around Clarke quay before.. (I was like a tourist there)

Then we chit chat, keep walking around clarke quay, eat Hokaido green tea ice cream nearby the river..blah blah..for an hour..

Because Ningzhi was late.

At 7 plus, ningzhi finally came, and waited for all the girls to gather before we go to the restaurant to meet her boyfriend..

When we reached the Manhattan Fish Market, we are quite paisei to see two other guys sitting beside ningzhi's boyfriend..
Everyone shoo away from the guys and fighting to sitting at the another end of the table..

I ended up like sitting next to ningzhi.. But I felt quite awkward because I feel like a light bulb there la..

It's my first visit to Manhattan Fish Market and think the dishes taste good..

Eh, especially the rice in the platter..I don't know why I like it so much..

We noticed that a lot of tables are celebrating birthday too.. Keep hearing happy birthday songs for more than 3times..

Then we gave ningzhi a big SURPRISE because she was unaware that her boyfriend bought birthday cake and a bouquet of roses for her..

Sounds so sweet..

I also noticed something..someone keep staring at my direction..It was the guy in red jacket, zhi's boyfriend buddy..Another guy with black vest was very quiet, but the one opposite him was super talkative..

In a good way, more sociable but to peiling and peini, it's quite annoying..

Then peiling and peini keep making fun of me..And they really though the guy in red was interested in me..

It was so lucky that the truth came out otherwise..

I really scared that ningzhi wanna match-make, but they wasn't my cup of tea seriously..

After having our wonderful dinner, we planned to go Eski bar..but the weirdest thing is that they don't even know where is it, how to walk there.

After walking a few times around those clubs and bar, we ended up in Tapas Tree bar..

I ordered Sex on the beach and peini orders Long Island Ice Tea..

She made a very wrong choice because the "Ice Tea" was super strong in alcohol..

Mine taste better because it's vodka and Cranberry juice..it's sweet :P

Then they wanted to play True or Dare..which is the exciting part..

Actually I think the Dare is quite mild at first..

From this game, we finally know that guy in red wasn't eyeing on me..it's peiling! hahaha..

I'm so relieved.

But after I don't know why I like kanna "match-make" with the guy in black..

I am so suay to be the last person to choose "DARE"..I really regret not to choose true..

That guy in red dare me to kiss the guy in black! First time I was like..oh man..I don't even know how to kiss a person..
Luckily, peini saved my first kiss! So heng..

He change the dare to hugging..but luckily that guy refused..

Then ended up being dare to take the guy's vest off.. plus he video it down..really spoil my innocent image man..hahahahha :D face to face with a stranger..like so paisei..

After the whole thingy, I don't even dare to look at him.

Afraid that they wanna match make again..EEK!

By the way, I hope ningzhi can upload the photos soon~~

Japanese Roleplay Sucks to the core

To simplify everything, I really don't know anyone in the group appreciate what I have done for this roleplay.
I translated the script, i do the proposal form, i do all this japanese roleplay thingy despite of being sick..

And I think they are taking it for granted..

I just wanna say, I'm not getting self sympathy for saying this out..

I really need some respect for being the leader..and I'm disappointed that they ignored me last tutorial..

I really cannot stand such attitude yet doing so much for the group.

On thursday, I was extremely sad about it..and I cry this out to peini @ Hg point McDonalds..

I'm so heart pain until I feel like vomitting for the whole night and I could not sleep..

And I have swollen eyes! (luckily I got ice pack at home)

I had no one to blame but myself for being so lenient and good to them and done everything for them..

Or maybe I told myself that I'm too sensitive..

Haiz, but after all these crying, I felt better..

I just wanna to quickly get over everything

I'm so tired of this already..

Lastly, just wanna show some photos after the marketing presentation of our kiddy hotel!

Last but not least, I must buck up in my studies coz I missed a lot of lectures these days.

Happy Copying!!!