Jul 5, 2011
Hello Hello Hello...
Long time no blog already!!!
Due to my busy working world, 21st birthday, sick and etc, I couldn't find time to blog...

Just a quick updates:
21st birthday party is a success and a memorable one.
Thanks for the presents and all the loves from my friends, RWS colleagues and family!
I have spent a bomb on my birthday, however, it's worthwhile.
We shall look forward to the next event, which is our dear ningzhi birthday cum ROM on 15Jul!

Yup. Next to update.
I currently in the recovering mode from my sickness since last week.
I had a worst day of my life, last friday! cough,no voice, eye infection and broken shoe.
Srsly terrible however, it's over :D (after spending $100 on medication)
Now i should focus in getting well soon and preparing for interview!
I srsly need a PERM job..
Not that I wanna complain but I srsly dunno why my head of department don't convert me to perm!
However, maybe it's a good thing not to be perm at touchpoint..
I shall look on the bright side of life and hope G can help me in finding a perm replacement >.<
I have to pray pray pray already!!
Fighting meiwei ^^

Srsly, after working near 3mths in touchpoint,I really like my RWS colleagues...
Though sometimes I may be quite angry with T and some other people, I still think they are the best colleagues I never met.
Happiness is always short-lived.
Sadly,I still have to leave after giving my heart and soul to touchpoint..
I will miss my dear supervisor, Mei Chie, my big bro Tony, my temp buddy Cheng Ning, my makan gang Katrina and my new friendly collegues Gina and Natasha..
And of cos the 4 funny guys I know from PG...
I will miss them irritating me, Hahas..

I would end here..and we shall see where I would be after July :) :) :)