Nov 25, 2006
HEY people, my hands are itching again..
so i must blog about yesterday Toys R us training..
Anyway, i'm going to work with a guy, ok-looking but quiet and shy.
Ermmm..he is younger than me, so don't think of match-making me with him together!! I look forward to this job and i'm hoping that there will be lots of people who wants us to wrap for them!! actually, i don't mind to be busy..maybe tat's becos you won't even notice that you have already exceed 6.30 p.m which is the time to go home on Sunday. Rather than sitting there, doing some paper bags, which i donno is it big enough for every toys? I didn't work with guys before and i hope he is not as blur as me, cuz i'm realli a big sotong at times! Me, Jan, Fran and michelle are so lucky to be put together at the same store. The only difference is the time shift and working partner. We are working @ paragon Toys R us. My sister said that it's not bad. +-hee hee hee+- ..considering ourselves as quite lucky to be together. Other girls also envy of us becos they are separated to different branches. Today's training @ suntec. The trainer is damn funny in his speech. But too bad he isn't our manager. I hope that my manager @ paragon will be like him. I have also learnt a lot today..for examples; wrapping nice paper bags, bulky items like bicycle, skateboard.., different departments..and so on =P I enjoyed listening to his talks. Then after we are dismiss, we ate KFC and HoME SWeeT HoME (becos michelle is veri tired due to the lack of sleeps ytd)...Back home, i received the dress i bought online for my sister's Xmas present. Thanks princessie-closet for being so kind and wrap it for me!! busy..busy..and realli busy thesedays!! i donno how to plan my schedule liao..i'm not sure whether i got work on mon which is the 1st day our chalet starts..if i got work, i will spend less time with my friends @ the sad..But money comes first to my mind!! so maybe i plan to sacrifice more sleeps liao..beg my mum to stay the next night too! I will be damn tired until i surrender..which is..." PenG" and "DiE" choice bah T-T have to sacrifice a bit lor becos we must make it a happy one for peini. She seems to be quite unhappy becos the chalet consist of too much ppl. We will have some communicating problem with each other actually. Some people i don't realli know and talking tat much with..That's the big problem over here!! ("but always better than my class chalet even though we don't have guys in our chalet") Lol. ok. Let's get our problem solve so that after this chalet i can really concentrate in my work and money$$ first. The end.

Nov 23, 2006
Back from my class chalet girls!!
Actually, most of the time i spent it on work bah.. Money seems to be veri important to me now, so regardless of harsh condition or feeling unwell, i still must work for the sake of money!! I went to our class chalet on 21 nov night @ changi aloha..I think now are you feeling creepy? lol. It's very quiet and quite deserted there.Some went to old changi hospital to explore and some including me were left in the bungalow. It's quite boring, not like those chalet when we have lots of fun and entertainment. The onli funniest thing i remembered is when we met the "ah gua" @ changi village after eating our supper! He..she is interested in samuel wor~~ damn funny la. +*hee*+ kinda bad..After tat, all things are boring for us becos the guys and some girls played games and drank lots of beer. Some were drunk and created lots of noises..Obviously, i can't sleep throughout the night. At last, i slept onli 1 hour and i have to work on the next day..DAMN TIRED LA! I'm feeling tired, sleepy and unwell on the next working day plus having headache due to the coldness in OG orchard point and i think the lack of sleeps bah. But i endure through the day liao..Finally going to work in toy r'us liao. I hope we can do this job well tomoro! luckss to myself!! I pending on the chalet on 27th. It's our dear friends chalet with peini, ningzhi they all..loook forward to see peini.. long time didn't see her since O-level starts! Let's chat through the night hur~ but i hope i won't be tat tired on the next morning nah zZz. I shall go le, otherwise i can't wake up tomoro. SEe ya, after tat chalet i shall blog! PROMISE xP

Nov 13, 2006
Today, i went shopping with my sister @ amk central ....
I bought one top which i think it's very nice and my sister bought two tops and a bag..all from the same shop!! There's lots of stylish clothes & we really love it!! Plus, we bought some cakes back home^〇^ Back home..I thought my mum and eldest sister will say it's nice too.. But their sarcastic and bad remarks towards those clothes we bought make me feel so upset and angry! Feel like eating all the cakes and left nothing for bad to us `。´ aRrr... seething with rage~~ Anyway, i won't care whatever they long as i like it can le! Memories filled my mind..Becos tat's the place he stay..haizZ..Christmas..Christmas.. Where's my job? I need money for christmas lor!! We love to exchange presents every christmas..this time will be the same ^o^ A lot of chalets will be going on ard 20 nov onwards.. i also quite confuse of all the timeslot of those chalets! I need to arrange my schedule these days le.. ok, i will end here ­­­­­­–.– zZz

Nov 11, 2006
Hey guys~
Got miss me? hahaha -.- zZz
My blog has not been updated thesedays all becos this sleeping beauty who is the owner of this blog. Beauty≠Beast ^ô^ 
Recently, there are a lot of things that happened on me. I quitted my cookieman job because i thought i can bear with the anger or watever the boss did to me, but i can't. BSC job is just temporary. Thus, i'm jobless now! Don't ask me for job liao. I told you all the jobs available but none of them do something. Anyway, the interview date is just over yesterday. Too Bad. Luckily, me, francesca and michelle didn't miss the train. We went to fill in form after school @ Toy r' us. Have a great day laughing and playing after filling forms. Before that, i ate pizza hut with Bibi. So ex yet not nice. But no choice, bibi wants to eat ma -.-HaizZ. Yesterday, we took our report card. As usual, i'm being suan behind. Nvm, i shall look on the bright side of life. I'm not surprised for my remark:"I'm a motivation to my peers" Yeah, i find that's true. For those who wanna to win me in studies: "i can let you win if you give me $250(bursary). Who cares abt winning? I'm just doing my part because my family has financial difficulties. Despite of the difficulty, they still have to invest in my education. Am i really that proud or bad as you think. Why you all have to shoot me instead of samantha or vanessa or watever?". This kind of backstabbers are often found in my class. Everything cannot be turn back anymore. These people isn't worth my tears or care anymore. But there are still small little moments when we can really see someone's true self. A kid in heart. That's when we played PREXIS!! and MOVIE SCREENING: SINKING OF JAPAN!! Enjoyed learning as we play..esp that comedian Mr Frank, who is super funny in his action and words. The movie is good but a bit boring in the beginning ・。・

I WON'T EVER GO LUCIFY CONCERT! That's what he forced me to say. He really 吓倒我(scare) la.. He is weird and deseparate now. Keep forcing me to go. When i say i'm not sure, he scolded me. WtF man. I'm not girlfriend or so hor, you don't need to scold me for not going bah!Hmph`・´

Leg pain Leg pain..Yesterday jumped and danced too much until my leg got blisters! Ending here. Wow, christmas coming wor! prepare some presents for me la..hee ^∇^ 再见