Apr 30, 2009

I'm looking so happy, but I'm not.
I don't anticipate going to school anymore..
One year worser than another..

Apr 27, 2009
Hey, starting of school is boring..

Nothing really interesting that happened...

Staying with deniece and my old cliques..one week has past..

Friday, I got SSM.

It's quite ok except that's very tiring..my feets feel like breaking into two..

Toes like having blue-black..Left arm aches like hell..

And surprisely, my grooming failed. OMG >_<

I woke up at 4.30am just mainly gel-ing up my hair until 6am..

When I was about to wear my shoes, my father woke up and gave me a shocking look..

As if I look like alien..(though I really do)

Everyone is so scared of Mr goh...

He scold people like as if the skin of the face and hair is flying backwards..


On sat, me and caroline went Yiling Confectionery to order, but we change our plan..

they are so inflexible..my sister just wanted the snowie and friends but they can't make it..

So disappointed..Thus we went to hougang mall to see whether bengalwang solo got snowie cake or not..

But ended up the auntie very bad attitude and we finally ordered four leaves snowie and dwarfs cake..

We are so happy and we ate a bowl of delicious laksa! YUMMY ^^

However, happiness is short-lived..

The four leaves people called the next day and say they only produce mothers' day cake for that week..

And most ridiculous thing is that they don't want refund us the $50. They wanted to give us $50 four leaves voucher..what the fuck!! $50 buns..impossible =(

Ended up shouting at them then they scared..give us back our refund...

So IDIOTIC! so upset for carol..

On Sunday, we went to take our refund and went to heartland mall to order snow white cakey from prima deli..


Joshua and the milo team is there and we can take photos with him for any purchase..

Caroline, being so auntie and comical, grab the two milo products to that we both can take photo with him..

I'm so blur and shy at that time..tt's why I appear so calm..

He is cute..quite same in person like jump out of the tv..but very act cool..

There's a photo of me with joshua! I smiled until so happy as if sees gold =P

But pretty sad when peifen the host said that I'm my sister friend..

I have really a lot of fun this weekend spent with my sister..

It has been so long she never had so much fun since she starts working (maybe)


Ok, end of the happy period and we have to start working hard on our own things again..

Jia you to sister caroline and meiwei!


Apr 18, 2009

It's a damn busy week..
Suddenly so many things to do this week..

Monday- when to take SSM uniform & work

Tuesday- went out with peini and ningzhi for shopping (yay, I also bought my sister's present!)

Wednesday- went to gym >_< & hougang mall to eat & walk walk

Thursday- went down to DAMN kellyservice, bought 3 heavy bags of snacks for my sister's birthday celebration, after that go rebond fringe, then go hg point to look out for party stuffs & walk to angmo supermarket to buy some groceries..

Friday- sleep sleep sleep & book caterer & accompany my mummy..

Looks very busy right..but it's better than nothing to do bah..
Though I always complain tired but it's very meaningful to do these things..
I'm currently the planner for my sister caroline 21th birthday party..
I got so many ideas and I wanna to fulfil all these plans =D feeling so excited and happy~~
I hope the celebration is a success..regardless of cost, I must make it a perfect birthday for carol! It's her first time having birthday party and I think she's very excited too..
So must pray now liao~ hahahaha =P

I just know my new class and timetable..
So happy to be in same class as deniece! but sad for jiamin..she's so far away from us!!
I'm in 2H12, so if you got any friends same class as me can intro..
I finally enroll into jap class liao and luckily my SSM is on friday..at least not wed, Mr goh class =X..

So glad to see my schoolmates soon after 2mths of boredom..
But damn SSM is starting..I'm kinda scared..
Hopefully can get over soon =)
I shall stop there..Ciao ^.^

Apr 4, 2009
My hair has been pretty neat because I always pin up my fringe and tie my hair..
Otherwise..my damn hair will be so messy until I get really fed up of it ><
And I also have to dye my hair back to black..look so ku ku :(
Haiz..anyway, I already look very ku ku w/o fringe thesedays..
I can't imagine if I dye black, eww~~

I got a temporary job already! finally Hahs..though I only work a few days, but it's pretty cool..
Recently, I ate a lot of good stuff..
I think I look fatter now..
Just not long ago this week, tuesday, we celebrated mummy's birthday..Next week is my daddy's birthday on the monday.. 2 cakes within one week..
OMG. I got to eat a lot again -_-'''...
I think this holiday I also lack of exercise..but I'm not motivated to do it because everyone is so busy with their own thing..
Feel so lonely sometimes..
No one accompany you to do the things you like..

Although I really hate that SSM thingy, I hope to go back to school soon..
I have to get my bones working, otherwise my body will nua nua one :P
OK, end of the post.
I will update again.