Oct 23, 2010
I'm waiting for you..waiting for you..waiting for you give me my pay soon!
I'm in need of money because I wanna shopping :D
Today, Friday is the 10th day I work straight!
I survived. Others is nothing la..
We went for tat NATAS "lame" trip to mt faber.
Pretty hot and stuffy even we are not the top of the place.
Sad to say, not entertaining and not fun at all :(
Now planning how to use up my off days! so happy :D finally arrived.
I'm tired but not sleepy at all. don't want to sleep so soon~~
Hope tmr and sun will pass slowly :P

UPDATE you all if there's time.
Bye ^o^

Oct 11, 2010
NATAS winter fair is coming...
Good Luck to me..because I really hate NATAS!
Need to stand for long hours till 10pm..
Today I had a meaningful, well-spent off day :D
Did 2 puzzles, sew two clothes, cleaning up my room, watch TV, play com..
I realised I'm very good at puzzles, something to be proud of..Hahaha
Well use of time :D not just sleep..
Tues I OFF, then all the way until next next week sat! work 10days straight D:
We are cheap labour..no choice just have to endure :(
I am improving day by day and getting blurrer day by day too!
Just hope they don't put me at front counter pls!
Time please pass fast fast during work :D
Sleeping soon~~ Goodnight xD

Oct 2, 2010
Highlights this week:

I'm down with flu and sore throat :(
Initially,I really thought of taking MC on Friday. But I kept thinking of the money I am going to spend to see doctor! Haven't earn money, wanna spend money O.O
I still work as usual..
Morning will be very relaxing, sit there, ask whether my collegues needs any help, pick calls, filing then wait for msyun come to assign me things to do..
I realised every day at 6pm,msyun will assign me a research work, which always drag me till around 7.20pm then leave the office..
Google very lack there..and it's definitely not easy to research!
I see the screen until my eyes turn blur and my head hurts -.-
But I get to flaunt my research skills in front of my manager because she don't know how to search for it :P
Anyway, I got to eat with Shuqi and Deniece again!! because I request to go break with them at the same time xD
However,there's some diff in working days becos I permanently off sun and alt sat but they sales dept diff..

Time flies. It's OFF day now! THANK GOD :D
But back to school at 10 tmr, so it's like going to work but not so stress like that..
Going out with Shuqi and Deniece after classroom session..first meet out with my working buddies xD
Then meet peini, complain about work hahahaha..burst her ears xP

Reply to Yap: Thanks bearbear! You too JIA YOU!

Reply to Ningzhi: I'm not used to it yet hahaha..Tt's why I feel sad..actually I shouldn't think so much la..hahaha..when are you meeting out with us??? This time it's you le wor..not free D:

Going off to sleep. GOODNIGHT AND GOODBYE ^^