Jun 21, 2008
Wao piang!
The 2 weeks holiday is going to be over soon!
But I haven't finish a lot of things yet x_X
So scared, so worried...
I'm so lazy lah!
I did enjoy a little during my holiday~~
Esp. going out with ningzhi and peini!!

Go gym with peini today!
I walk 3.9 km on the treadmill...
Hopefully, I can burn some fats off...
Esp. my carrot legs ~x~
Then, walk walk to Ang Mo supermarket to buy Starbucks coffee!
I'm addicted to it *Hahs*
Then I went home, sleep again xD

I hate IHT,
I hope I can get rid of that project soon!
I hope ms lim won't say anything on my work *please*
I haven't touch on MACRO!

Jun 16, 2008
So sorry if I haven't send you all the photo link!

For Sentosa

For birthday with family

For birthday with classmates

For others, I will update my previous blog post!
So, check it out later...
I got no time to blog much...
Maybe after I finish the projects bah ^^

Jun 9, 2008

So many presents! (compare to previous years)

Hope my dreams come true~

18th birthday seems more grand hur xD

MR CHRIS xP (pata pata pata po GAMER)


Celebration (Part 4)

(8/6) Terrence 弟弟 treat me to Chung Cheng High band concert.
Such a special birthday gift sia..
I didn't take any photos..maybe because shy la..
Somemore his 1H05 friends also there x.X
I hope they don't think wrongly!
He is really my 弟弟 la !!
It's a pretty interesting performance!!
However, there is a idiot girl, step on my little toe w/o saying sorry! (F**K)
Anyway, after the concert, we walked circle circle around city hall to find food..
But all the restaurants are closed la..
Then at last, we landed in Starbucks, drinking coffee for supper ;P
Di Di send jie jie to Mrt station..
Reached home at 12.30 pm.
Daddy is in the living room but he didn't scold me *LUCKILY*
My foot pain like hell!
Moreover,I find it pretty cool to go home so late sia..
x_x bad girl

Celebration (Part 2)

(6/6) Celebrating with my best friends...
Peini, Ningzhi, Peiling and Bibiana O.O

Although I'm kinda frustrated waiting for them so long,

I wanna say a Big "THANK YOU" to them for treating me to watch Kung fu panda and eat sakae sushi!!


It's a really really fantastic movie!

I laughed from the beginning until the end of the show! (although I did cry at some parts =P)

After the movie, we went sakae sushi to have our dinner.

I ate miso cheese udon. Not really nice..

Then took some photos,

Maybe ningzhi birthday we shall go clubbing!

Additional experience xD


Sentosa! Here i comes~~
I went along with Atyqa, Rowena, Trish and Yina..
"TRISH, you very ON lei "
She is being psycho to go there with us *Hahs*
Have a lot of fun there >.< ESP @ underworld world, me and yina took lot of pictures like nobody business! Take until my digi cam no batt.. Super funny sia O.O I really love the dolphins ! So cute~~ But kinda ex to take photos with them -.-

For the photos in dolphin lagoon and underwater world, I will update again soon xP

New updates!
Starting from the last day of test (5/6)...
Stupid POM, make me chiong for the whole night ( didn't get to sleep at all )
Anyway, I didn't badly for all the tests la!
So sad o.O

Argh, I start with first celebration bah..

Celebration (Part 1)

After the test, Yina, me and Atyqa planned to go Sentosa for field trip..
With sleepy eyes~~
Saw shiling mei mei in the Mrt station, and get to know 2 more friends!
Vanessa and erm.. ( oops, I forgotten her name! )
Anyway, after chatting with them for a while, we go CS food court to have our lunch.
When I was happily eating my dessert and chatting,
Sudddenly some people popped up behind me and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEIWEI"
Damn shock sia ^o^
They are so sweet la!! ( I thought no one remember my birthday le )
This is the first time classmates celebrated birthday with me!
I'm so touched *sob sob*

You all rocks!!

Thank you girls ( plus eileen and denise in the background )

A lot of funny expressions I made!

Jun 3, 2008
Finally completed RHT =D

After the test yesterday, I went shopping alone in TM and CS.
So lonely.~~
Luckily I saw xiao wen jie jie at TM.
So great to see her again!
Chatted with her for a while and proceed to CS to find a shoe to wear on my birthday..
MONDO shoes is expensive and not nice!!
So disappointing actually..
However, I bought a ten bucks shoes in the shop opp. MONDO..
So happy now ^^
Also, I bought a very nice nail art at Bluez.

After that, I took bus 72 back to xinmin to take my testimonial with Peiling.
We are stucked at security counter @ xinmin because of that stupid NEW rules- not allowing visitors to wear slippers.
It's kinda ridiculous somehow.
Anyway, the people working in the office also kinda weirdo.
Then we went ang mo supermarket to buy some groceries.

Back home,
Looking at my testimonial, I wondered if Miss kuck's nose got grow longer every year!
Suddenly thought of the days in secondary school..
I MISS "GO AWAY" ..wahahah

At night,
Chatting with sisters and I did some story-telling about the "Cyber Chicken" movie..
I didn't know I'm so good at humorous way of story-telling!

Studying macroeconomics..
Although I like to drink mug, but i don't mug on studies..
I hate to study somehow..
But I no choice.
I have to compete with my intelligent classmates for that A in my test paper..
So sian so sian..

Got to go study le ! x_x

Jun 1, 2008
Mid term tests coming!

I am all ready to be there with a empty brain!!

Events coming up..

5 June - Go sentosa for field trip
6 June - Celebrate birthday with Friends
7 June - Celebrate birthday with Family
11 June - Shiling mei mei birthday!
15 June - Daddy's day celebration

Wahh.. I gotta be fatter this month~
And also my pocket will explode!!

Talk about Caroline's graduation

Saw many many many cute guys!
OMG..wahahhaha xD
But I didn't saw any of my friends at that moment..
NP is so big compared to TP
And the convention centre is so WOW... (however, NP is richer)
Truthfully saying, I am there for the buffet and phototaking session =x

Saw my sister with that weird looking graduation uniform?

After that, we return back to Heartland Mall for dinner @ New York..


Then, after having dinner,we went back home, feeling SINFUL fat fat=D

YESTERDAY my sister and I watched the HOTTIE & the NOTTIE.
It's a very nice touching movie about a hottie (paris hilton) and a nottie-a very ugly girl ..
Shall send this movie to my friends *heehee*

After all, I did learn RHT, but nothing gets into my head..haha
I will update again with photos! =P