Dec 9, 2009
I'm f***ing piggy..

I slept so much..yet I haven't touch on any lazy to start doing projects..

This short holiday will be a boring one again..except for Xmas :)

Wake up at 6am when sister carol just get on the bed..

Walking aimlessly around the house and decided to switch on the com..

After browsing through Facebook profiles, blogs and yahoo news..

I think I completely lost track of what's happening around..

NZ got back with his bf, and she got meet up with P.. I don't freaking know till I saw her blog..

HY has bf already, and I think I'm the last person on earth to know about it (ytd)..

I feel kind of pathetic when I saw others have interesting itinerary and activities lining up this holiday..

No money, no life.. the saying continues..

I feel kind of sad when I feel completely being thrown aside by everyone..

But whenever they call me out, I will be freaking lazy or busy to reply them..

When it's my turn to ask them, the answer will be "Cannot", "Busy", whatever..

And I hate these sicko questions, "Where you want to go?".. "Where can we go, I don't want to spend money?".. "Go there for what"..

If that's the case, I rather stay home and rot than answering those questions..

I got two comments to say after I "updated" myself today:

C1: Why will someone still wanna look for a job when there are so many projects to do now?

That makes no sense because I just quit for the sake of school work (accompanied with other reasons)..

Makes me feel more guilty for quitting my job..

Besides, I wonder why I always work with those "unreasonable, sickening, fierce and bias" people..

Am I so difficult to get along with or am I expecting too much from them?

C2: Why all my friends around me starting to have boyfriend or caught with "romance spell" thingy?

D, HY, A has just get into relationship. N patched up with his bf. Y gets super complicated with Z. C got more and more suitors of younger age.

Oh no, what's happening here? is dating on trend now?

I feel so sian again because I'm still loner..don't know when will this "loner curse" breaks..

Have to console myself again to "wait longer for golden fish to be hooked"..

没有男人缘就是没男人缘。 连女人缘都没有。真是个可怜虫!

After some thoughts, I decided not to complain so much about my life. Some people's situations are much worse than me. (E.g. WM- everyday a living hell for him)

I should consider myself very fortunate, not ostracize by people in school..

Shall stop writing from here.
Ciao b

Dec 8, 2009
I have done my accounting test just now..

I didn't get to complete all the questions. But I think I will at least pass the paper.

I feel kinda sad after reading this report.

Melting Himalayan glaciers threaten 1.3 billion Asians

Shall cherish every moment having my family around and my good friends..

Live life to the fullest =D

P.S. I wonder why school still
stress us so much..there's not much time left already..

Dec 5, 2009
Well well well.. I'm back to blog!

After so many weeks, I finally got a chance to breathe.

Sem 2 is as terrible as Sem 1. For sem 1, SSM is like hell for me..

For now, there are so many individual assignments to rush..

Worst still, I'm tied up with the stupid promoter job =( ..
Adds more stress to me..

All the deadlines are so packed! I didn't sleep for so many nights to complete all the assignments.

The life in Sentosa wasn't as exciting as what I thought in the past.

I think it's worse than TP. Lousy com lab, everyday eat Koufu,
every time has to waste money for field trips..

The only good thing is: Everyday shopping at Vivo xD

All I hope is to pass this sem and go on to the next stage. I really don't how and why I get to this course.

I realised that I am very stupid.. I scored so badly for my gpa..

I think the laziest guy in HTM can score better than me
.. I feel so demoralized..

I just hope to pass the course quickly and get a decent job..I have no aims for my future T-T

Haiz..I shall not think about it anymore. Makes me feel more useless.

I have a lot of things to blog about, but I don't have time to blog la..

Events that happened, continued from the last post:

ITB Asia-
Although this post is kinda late, just talk about it a littl
It's kinda fun when the tradeshow finally starts..Aiyah.. Let's see photos la!

My part-time job-

Overall, I kind
a sian to work there..

I feel very tired working with my full-time.. And the people there like to say nasty things behind people's back..

Since the day my sister carol came to accompany me for lun
ch, they become super irritating..

"Oh, why you don't dress and makeup like your sister. She's so beautiful. Why you don't look like your sister?" - from my colleagues

My immediate thoughts: "Why must I look like her? Crazy. Working ma, need to dress up so nice for what."

"You thought everyone likes you ar.. Don't act clever.." - from my full-time.

My immediate thoughts: The pot calling the kettle black. I did nothing wrong what!

These comments makes me feel so discouraged to continue to work..

No one ever realise my effort, trying very hard to serve..

Instead, they always pin-point on my weakness, which makes me super frustrated..

I feel like screaming at them.. But I couldn't do that.. No guts to do that..

After some thoughts, I decided to quit this job. Not only because of this, I feel that I couldn't cope with my school work.

And ta ta, I finally have my freedom back..but I have no money already after paying my school fee =(

But I never regret quitting this job!

I love this photo. This trip is kinda boring. Super hot and stuffy there.

Dining at "In the Square" in TAS-
The food is tastier than toptable. But service level is so-so. Price is GOOD.

Rush hour for assignments-

Mad rush to do CSIT report and culture report because their deadline is in the same week.

It's my first time I step into national library because I need 3 book references for my culture report.

I have been staring at the computer nearly 18hours everyday to rush out my report..

I admit that I'm quite last minute..and I'm super slow.. but 3000 words for a report is too much although the topic is interesting because it talks about child sex tourism..

Now, I finally can have a short 2 weeks break.. I can't imagine after this break I gonna rush like hell again..

Let's hope for the best. And I have to start praying again..

I don't know when I got time to blog again..

Maybe next year February haha..Just Kidding..

I am super excited for this christmas..Lots of presents, food and maybe alcohol xD

Keep you all update again ^o^