Dec 12, 2010
It seems like I'm enjoying my 2 off days too much till I don't feel like going to work..
So happy, so free..every moment slacking on the bed..
Life is full of contradiction..
I remember there is once I'm having 1month plus break, I wanna to work so much because I'm so bored and poor..
And now, I think 2 days break is always not enough and I don't want to work!

The only thing now that makes me look forward to weekdays is Breakout 破天网...
I think the drama is nice, esp got dai yang tian and elvin ng act together..
Like to imitiate Zou Jie Ming, his role is so cute :D
I can't deny I love TV so much that I can run back home just to watch this show :P
Crazy right..hahaha

Time is running faster and faster now..
Maybe wake up the next day, it's Christmas already..
So happy, but I haven't start doing that damn project..omg!

Attachment is going to be over in 5weeks plus.
Just have to endure..endure ..and endure..

Dec 5, 2010
Dear diary,

37 days to go.. exclude OFF days..
I dislike working there but I got no choice.

Christmas is coming~~
Yesterday, I have settled all the christmas presents :D Yay!
I hope christmas is tomoro..and soon end of sip..
Feeling so emo suddenly whenever i think of work and anything..

Haix, I should think more for others and not to be so self-centered.
I have my own reasons for not doing some things and I think I should be more sensible dealing with money.
Forgive me for being such a lifeless person and a bad friend..
My life is born to put family as my first priority and I will not go against them to make myself happy..

I'm trying to save up now....
To repay my debts and next year's presents..
I hope my school fee can be offset by PSEA, so that I can repay my debts soon..
Next year will be a better year :D
A debt free meiwei ^^