May 20, 2012
It has been quite some time I last blog.
Don't why..Suddenly got the urge to blog again.
I have been quite moody thesedays.
Keep thinking did I make the right choice to apply for uni, did I make a right choice to stay in RWS..
Seriously, sometimes I feel really upset at workplace.
Everyone always say I'm fortunate to be there but they don't know the dark side of story.
Or am I just too..demanding..too 不知足 :(
However, I never regret coming to this company.
My team, though sometimes good sometimes bad, treats me very well.
Always protecting me when I get in hot water.
I really don't know how long this will last.
Happiness always come and go very fast.
After working for one year plus, I am still as blur as ever.
Didn't grow much, still very childish..But I have tried my best!
I tried my best in everything although I still didn't do well in it.
My future seems uncertain now.
Shall see what will happen next after I do my part time uni. I hope I won't die of study. (GOD BLESS ME)