May 17, 2011
I feel very upset about job thesedays..
Despite reminding my head of dept I need a perm job,I feel that they don't have intention to let me stay..
I told her I need a perm job,she tells me no perm position in HR :-(
However one perm staff started worked last thurs and another coming next week!
It makes me feel so sad because the new girl is going to take over my place and I will become a useless junk in Touch Point..
I work so hard but I get nothing and low pay at work T-T
Why this kind of things always happen to me one?
No one will treasure you or even care about you..becos you are a temp..
Sad life I have to face..However, I will endure..
Becos of the good colleagues in Touch Point, free lunch and easy job..

Have plan the activities on the actual day of my 21st ;-)
We are going USS,the place where I always wanted to go but no money..
Everyone is so excited abt it esp mum and sis caroline..
First time visitor including me :-P
I wanted my birthday cake to be from nydc..
However who's going collect then??? Whole day USS...
Then dinner time will be my treat!! So look forward it :-)
Cannot imagine next week is my graduation,then following week will be birthday celebration?!
Everything is so fast ><

I will update again next time. Ciao^^