May 30, 2011

Attention to all my friends:

I'm celebrating my sweet 21st birthday@ Royal Plaza on Scotts!

Meeting place:
Royal Plaza on Scotts lobby :D
Call me @ 92321928 and I will send my bodyguards to bring you up :P

Actual event will start at 7.00pm.
However, I will appreciate if best friends can come early and help me @ 2pm please!!
Cut cake: 10.00pm ♥

Dress Theme:
Pink, White, Purple and other soft colours..
No black, casual shorts and slipper. Please don't be extra, odd one there!

*You are allow to bring your partner/friends, however they must follow the dress code and bring presents! :P The more the merrier! Just let me know in advance*

Things to note:
For those haven't buy presents, I accept all Hongbao $$ *Money Hunger*
For those staying, please bring clothes and toothbrush :D
Take note there's a change of plan, my family will be coming and one room will be reserved for them. So, let's squeeze into one room :)

Those who must stayover:
1) Ningzhi 2) Peini

Those who invited to stayover:
1) Deniece 2) Shuqi 3) Jiamin
4)Others if you don't mind to squeeze, you're invited, Hahs >.<

Please be punctual and remember to bring your presents!!
I appreciate if you can reply my invitation via facebook,mobile or email!
See ya on 04 June this coming satuday :D :D :D