Apr 9, 2011
I wake up so early today!
So bored, so stalk people in facebook..
Do crazy things like adding people I am not close to or not even my friend!
Waking my sister up is so fun and annoying.
Fun it's because she is defenceless, I can use my toys to hit her, hahahahahah..
Annoying is SHE DON'T WAKE UP!

Later meeting up with peini and ningzhi :D
I wanted K badly!
However, there's no promo or wat so ever, damn..

I really hungry now..
The hunger feeling sucks..
I ate maggi dinner ytd, why am I still hungry so early!

Bored browsing through my FAV tabs..
I realised..
Omg, the polaroid camera I wanted is $104 now.
Inflation, I hate you!!
Becos I gonna buy it soon :)