Mar 7, 2011
Stop daydreaming meiwei!
Really feel so confused and upset whenever I talk about uni..
I give up in UNLV alrdy..totally give up..
Firstly, it's because my parents object the fact tt I need to go overseas for a month in order to graduate.
In the first place,they don't even can afford it if they let me study in UNLV :(
Secondly,the problem lies with me..
I don't even have the passion for hotels at all!!!
I just wanna a degree cert..but I don't want to regret in the future..
So confused, troubled and Haizz..
When I really feel upset, I got no friends to talk to..
Tatty sleeping, NZ not responding..
Only deniece replied, and I really thank you so much for talking to me ^^
I feel better now!

Now all I think of is to get a job :D
It's like back to where I initially thought..

Lastly, thanks DH for the meal today! I will treat ya back XD