Mar 12, 2011
(Still in jobless status)T-T
However, I am obsessed with watching videos!
Hello Baby :D :D :D
Cute Soshi mom SNSD and Shinee Oppa (outdated but it's still entertaining -.-''')
Now I know why Shinee so popular :XX
Nice dance, Nice vocal, "Good" looks and Funny..oops

Then I realise some songs that I always listen to are sang by 2AM..
I start watching their MTV :X drooling over guys again *shy*
Indeed, very very slow becos I not into K pop in the past :P

Haiz,too bad Lee MinHo no new nice drama recently..

Let's count how long am I going to stay at home! It's nearly a month already :(
Job please accept me :D

Look forward to more post.. FIGHTING Meiwei ^^