Feb 4, 2011
Random Updates

Chionging Project at AMK NLB

^Laopo deniece

^Shuqi darling

^ME :D

^Happiest Couple Pic

^Shuqi nearly poke by me!

There is a lot more updates with deniece and shuqi...
However, I decided to skip it because uploading photo system is damn slow.

My new dog son

^so cute, they are friends now!

Crazy Farmosa
This photos are taken on my second last day of internship!
First and Last I think >.<

^Jovian and me (miss u)

^Bad to me at times so must struggle her on my second last day of work :P

^Kind people

^Catherine me Andeline

^My tour assistant manager, young right!

^Dear Sylvia; one of my best colleagues at work!

Last farewell to Farmosa! I will not come back again except getting my salary cheque!
Thanks Ms yun, my ticketing manager, for your gift!
Thanks Accounting dept, for helping me cover my mistake :P
Thanks to Jovian and Andeline for guiding me, I know you both like me (pukes) :D
I generally hope the best for Farmosa and treat ur staff better please!
End..Bye Bye Sayonara Forever!