Feb 25, 2011
Everyday insomnia...
Thinking of jobs because no money, 21st birthday plan..
I just can't stop thinking about all this!
I feel so pathetic whenever I saw others 21st birthday album in facebook..
They got so many friends to celebrate with..
My friends..so limited.. and no guy somemore :(
Self-pity T-T
I really think I'm a baddie last life, that's why I'm so unpopular..

Besides that, everyone has a dream job.. except me
I never thought of it before!
Even if I really think about..there will also be no answer..
I really think that I'm aimlessly passing time #.#
No goal No life Not much friends.. really pathetic!!

Will my life ever change?
I hope I will find a good job with reasonable good salary so that I can stay there for years!!
No money really very hard to survive $o$